Canadiens Squeeze A Little Tighter

No Zdeno Chara in game two? That’s okay, we haven’t had Max Pacioretty for 18 games.

Habs win 3-1 in this second game on the road, and how deadly is that? The Bruins can’t be feeling great, and I’m guessing their fans just want to get drunk and listen to the blues. And when most of Boston is down and depressed, it just gives me a warm glow all over!

It began 43 seconds in when Mike Cammalleri opened the scoring, and we know how important that first goal can be. Still in the first period, Mathieu Darche converted from Cammy on the power play and once again I apologize to my cat for scaring the daylights out of her when I cheered.

Up two goals in the opening frame after Boston had promised to come out in full force. Then in the second with the score narrowed to one, Yannick Weber, replacing Andrei Kostitsyn who is out nursing his sore foot, notched the Habs third goal and from then on Carey Price and the gang shut ’em down.

Like the Dave Clark Five used to warble, we’re feeling glad all over.

Montreal is doing again what they did last year, taking advantage of a few scoring chances and keeping the enemy at bay the rest of the time. And Price, like Jaroslav Halak a year ago, is there when needed.

All this goes against what many thought, including Gerry the turtle. But we wanted at least a split and instead we got both games. I’ve got to find my Habs car flag.

The team just has to continue doing what they’re doing. This thing isn’t over yet but if the scorers score, Price is Price, and everyone comes together and frustrates the Bruins, stays disciplined and doesn’t relax, the series will be won. I love it when a plan comes together.

Relaxing is what can be done in July and August.

Don’t let Boston back in it at all. How great would a 3-0 stranglehold be when all is said and done on Monday?

28 thoughts on “Canadiens Squeeze A Little Tighter”

  1. I scared the shit out of my little budgie (PomPom) and my cockatiel (Ringo) when Yannick Webber scored the insurance goal.

    I think we should say a word of thanks to all the pets of Habs fans for putting up with our insanity during the playoffs.

    The Habs looked totally dominant in every aspect of the game.

    The next game will be huge. If we beat Boston on Monday I’ll be bringing my little broom to Montreal on Thursday.

  2. What an enjoyable, non-stressful game it was. Of course Price was great, but it was a complete team effort, every player, every shift. We were always in control. Except for a single blown defensive coverage the Bruins would have been shut out two straight. OK, maybe one bad shift.

  3. Just shocked, is all. BB now have to win 4 of 5 games. not gonna of 5 for us but they have to win 4.

  4. hate to be a bruin now. always knew they were weak and young. cam neely is not a leadeer. always knew that, he was a great player. just not a leader. bub-bub-by bruins you …

  5. It’s a beautiful thing, Mayo. And all those “experts” who said Boston in five or six.

  6. Could it be that Chara is faking it because he’s hiding out from the Montreal police? The investigation is still on and maybe he’s afraid to face the music.

    Or maybe he’s just tormented with guilt and can’t play because of it.

    One of the most beautiful moments of the game was the time when the camera was on Jacques Martin who was praising Ryan White and patting him on the back for being so disciplined and taking it for the team — which lead to a Boston penalty and Cammallery’s goal.

    Here’s an interesting statistic from RDS’s Luc Gelinas:

    When the Habs are ahead 2-0 in a series their record is 26-0!

    Song for the Bruins…

  7. Correction #2 – The Bruins have never won a series when they are down two games to none and are 0-26 . I had it the other way around up there.

  8. Two really great comments from other people. ” Is Julien the next ex-coach on RDS?” and from Glen Healy, “He’s Danish, you get that in a coffee shop!” Some people took offense to Healy”s remark but I thought it was dead on. Here’s a rookie, from Denmark no less, and he’s outworking 3 Booins in their own end. Habulous!

  9. I liked the nickname they gave to Yannick Webber this morning. They called him the Swiss Army Knife because he does everything, anywhere, anytime – forward, defence whatever.

    And of course he’s from Switzerland.

  10. Dennis

    Its the world snooker championships over here a sport I don’t follow. Heard on the radio a Agguy called Campbell got beaten 10-1. So what? Well if he won he would have met the mercurial, brilliant but ever so bonkers Ronnie O Sullivan 3 times world champion and nicknamed ‘The Rocket’. Sadly such nonsense lights up my sad life

    They’re covering the Blue Jays v Boston live on BBC radio today. Maybe they’ll do hockey one day. We live in hope.

  11. Hey Mayo, did you wake up on the wrong side of the keyboard today? Oh well we all have those kind of days. I feel the HABS played two great playoff style of games, and to win both away games is like a present from DK! Lets hope WE keep the skate on their throats!! Raise # 25 to the sky!
    Les Canadiens sont la!!!!

  12. Got to hand it to your Habs…they sure can drive Boston Fans crazy …

    That I do not mind ……

  13. Dishonest John, the Julien one especially is funny, He’ll make a decent ex-coach TV guy I’m sure. Maybe his TV colleagues will get dehydrated! And the Great Dane? Someday soon he’ll be called that. He’s been getting better and better over several months.

  14. Danno, Weber’s one of these guys who really contribute to Stanley Cups. I love these kinds of guys. Kostopoulos was like that too.

  15. Blue Bayou, another pretender to the throne. There was Rocket Ismail in football, Roger “Rocket” Clemons in baseball, and now Rocket O’Sullivan in snooker. But as we all know, there’s only one Rocket.

  16. Mike, I laughed when I read Mayo’s comments this morning. He’s in delirious shock. He’s a happy man like the rest of us Habs fans. I now appoint Habs fans as the smartest and best-looking fans in sport.

  17. C’mon aboard Leaf Fan in Ottawa. It’s never too late. And by the way, we missed you at our night out in Ottawa recently.You would have been very welcome even though you’re a Leafs fan. Heck, we had a couple of Sens fans there and we behaved ourselves. I don’t know how we did it.

  18. Great effort by the habs. I’m liking it. They seemed to falter a little in the second periods of both game one and two. Boy Darche has come to play. The Bell Center will be rocking tonight. Hope they can keep it up until June. Great strategy of not letting Boston get under their skin and walking away from fights. Boston cannot beat our Habs when playing hockey.
    In Keeping with the Dave Clark Five theme. “here we come again.

  19. Interesting, I pressed Shift C and it posted my comment. (At leat that is what I thought I did). Anyhow I meant to say, in keeping with the Dave Clark 5 theme “Here we come again CATCH US IF YOU CAN.

  20. Good morning, Frank. Yep, so far so good. And you’re right, it’s nice to see them so disciplined. Tonight they can tighten the noose so tight the Bruins will be able to barely breathe. And Dave Clark Five – at one point for a year maybe, they were the Beatles’ biggest rivals during the British Invasion. I used to have a magazine and the headline read “Beatles or Dave Clark Five – Who’s Better?” They were on the Ed Sullivan Show many times. But they just faded away into oblivion. So Frank, for you to recall them is pretty impressive. We rarely hear their music anymore.

  21. Hi Dennis! Well, I must say the better team won and I expect the Bruins to get swept in 4 game and lose in Montreal. Serves them right, the Canadiens won fair and square. I saw P.K. and Carey hugging each other and chatting by the net, during a commercial break. Habs are fast, play as team and take advantage of turnovers. Well done.

    I even chatted with Habs fans and wished them well and for a good game. So just showing my appreciation for good hockey all around to one and all.

  22. The DC5 were really good and had a Motown-type sound strangely enough for a bunch of lads from across the pond.

  23. Diane, the series is getting tense now. All I want is for the Habs to end it without injuries.

  24. Danno, that was great to see. I was about 15 at that time and we’d see bands on Shindig, Hullabaloo, and Ed Sullivan. That video brings back memories.

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