Canadiens Sock It To Sens

The Canadiens may have gotten multiple points from several players in their big 6-2 win over the home team Ottawa Senators, but it was the difference in goaltending that gave Randy Cunneyworth his first head coach win.

Ottawa goalie Craig Anderson allowed four goals on just seven shots before he was yanked for Alex Auld, which became a nice Montreal cushion after giving up the game’s first goal to Ottawa just 1:42 in, while at the other end, Carey Price came through a dozen times in a big way by stoning the Sens to keep his team in control.

It was a hot goalie versus a cold one, and the hot one was wearing the CH.

And of course it wasn’t just Price who had a big night. So many chipped in, and this is how games get won, by having a bunch of guys get it done and not having to rely on just one or two every night, or only Price. Raphael Diaz assisted on Montreal’s three first period goals. Mathieu Darche had two assists. Mike Cammalleri, playing a stronger game than what we’ve seen lately, had a goal and an assist. Louis Leblanc had a goal and an assist. So did P.K. Subban, Tomas Plekanec, and Erik Cole.

Lars Eller also scored and played well, but unfortunately it wasn’t a multiple-point night for the Dane so I mention him almost last. (just kidding). And Hal Gill had just one assist so he gets mentioned even later than Eller.

It was just so nice to see things spread around like that, with guys earning their keep, helping the team grab two big points, and probably feeling pretty darn good as they shower, dress, and prepare for a Florida jaunt to take on the Lightning on Thursday and Panthers Saturday.

A big win like this has to help in so many ways. Randy Cunneyworth finally gets that giant piano off his back. The boys snap a five-game losing streak. Mike Cammalleri woke from his slumber. Guys all over the place had big nights, and Carey Price was as strong as strong can be.

Random Notes:

Ottawa outshot the Habs 35-28.

On to Florida. Let’s hope the team can make those tanned snowbirds delirously happy.

Alexei Emelin had another handful of big hits, and PK Subban played a lively game, although he gave up the puck a few times, which he does almost every night it seems. But this is PK – wild and wacky.

The Habs have had me so jittery lately that it wasn’t until they made it 6-2 that I felt confident they would win.


17 thoughts on “Canadiens Sock It To Sens”

  1. The biggest thrill for me was the fact they didn’t sit on the lead and go into that oft seen shell……… Which way to the parade?

  2. Hobo, when Ottawa scored their second goal to make it 5-2, I began to think that if it was suddenly 5-3, we could be in big trouble. But Price held the fort and came up huge when he had to. They have to feel good about this game.

  3. I was at the game tonight because I was a good boy all year round so Santa was good to me. We had a ball. And as usual the Hab fans occupied the place and made it sound as if it was a home game for Montreal.

    hobo is right Dennis. There was a difference in the way they played in the third period. They didn’t let up. Cammalleri looks like his good shot is back. I was watching him during the warmup and his shots were very quick and accurate. So watch out.

    The Senaturds unveiled their new scoreboard tonight and I thought it was really nice of the Habs to break it in by lighting it up like they did with six goals.

    Habs win and Leafs lose all is good in the Universe once again.

  4. Danno, that’s fantastic. Santa sure can be nice sometimes. What a fine game to be at live. You saw the Canadiens pick it up several notches, with so many guys having good games. How were your seats? And how was the beer?

  5. Dennis, we were seated way up in the central part of the arena in section 321 almost at the very top row.

    Gail was a little freaked out at first, since she’s not too crazy about heights, but got used to it pretty quickly. I really liked the view from there and the new scoreboard was really impressive and a nice little bonus. The old screen was tiny and the replays were hard to make out. This screen is supposed to be one of the biggest and brightest in the league and it is definitely an improvement over the old one.

    We had a good view of the players’ benches and I brought a pair of small binoculars which allowed me to zoom in on cool things happening there – like a conversation PK was having with Hal Gill after he scored.

    The weather was horrible going down to the game but we took the OC Transpo shuttle from a nearby park & ride so that was a good move.

    I was surprised to find out the beer they sell at Scotiabank Place is cheaper than the beer the same beer they sell at the Bell Centre (for $10.50) is sold there for $8.75 a can. Still, it needs to be replaced by a superior product such as DKRSFB – just make sure there are plenty of St. John’s ambulance people standing by to deal with the casualties.

    I liked the way we came back after being behind the eight ball so early in the game after the Sens scored the first goal. So it was a nice Xmas present and even nicer that the Habs dominated in almost every way and finally won in such a convincing manner.

    Is this the Habs we will see from now on and into the new year? If so, all the gloom and doom scenarios will have to be rewritten. And maybe Randy Cunneyworth will still be around if he can keep this team on track like he did last night.

    Santa also got me a nice Habs toque and a beautiful Habs sweater for Xmas which is the REAL reason the Habs won last night. When Habs merchandise sales go up they win more games. Don’t ask me why, that’s just how it works.

    So come on Dennis. Do your share and start buying more Habs crap! 🙂

  6. I should add that Randy Cunneyworth, in getting his first victory as the new coach, should get some credit for waking up a team that seemed to be on life support. Sitting down Eller and Subban against the Jets seemed crazy (and maybe it was) but maybe it’s just what was needed to get the Habs to pull up their socks. The new line changes he put together seem to have some really good chemistry going too. I hope he doesn’t mess with them à la J-Mart the Juggler. Please let them gel and excel!

  7. Wow, 10.50 a beer!!! I’ll consider myself lucky my drinking days are long gone. I couldn’t afford it……… Love the combo of weber and campoili in the press box…..pls. let them gel and excel at that position.

  8. I think sitting Campoli and Weber was a good move, nice to have during injuries but I’m not sure either is a big difference maker. Eller got the game on our side. That is exactly what we need him to do.

    They seemed like a different team. Credit to Cunneyworth; I know boxing day was only his second full practice as coach. Looks like it did the trick!

  9. DK, I think the day’s they had off gave RC a chance to vanquish the JM sit on a lead game. I think it was Freidman who said that this team was put together to be an attach,attach team, not a poor mirror image of the Devils! Can you imagine Scotty trying to rein in Guy to become Gainey, Carbo or the two Dougies, play to your strong points. It felt good to watch the game for a change because it’s be awhile since I had a smile!!!
    Cheers from the East!!!!

  10. I actually had to rub my eyes and blink a few times. They seemed different but it is only one game. I amoptimistic as I think they do have potential and are far better than they have shown. I did notice a new style and it seems to suit them better. And its about bloody f****n time the boys awoke from their JM slumber. $10.50 a beer? I was just watching a western where a pint was a nickel fps! Oh, well, at least we benefit indirectly with Molsons getting richer. We still have a chance for playoffs. Any word on Markov?

  11. Danno, those two had fine games after being sat and Cunneyworth deserves credit for doing it. Now in Florida we get to see if everyone can do it again.

  12. Hobo, when I’m owner the beer will be five bucks. It’s funny about Weber. He was the darling for awhile, the new Mark Streit, the guy who could fill in everywhere but goal. But I don’t think he plays tough enough and been giving up pucks this year and making other mistakes. I much prefer a guy like Emelin. We’ve already got too many Webers on the team.

  13. David, they were an absolutely different team and was it ever nice to see for a change. It’s always interesting with this team, and now it’s the trip to Florida to see if they can continue on the upward path. Wouldn’t it be nice to see them play both games down there like they did in Ottawa?

  14. Mike, what I liked about that game was so many had points. Nice to see it spreasd around and have lots of guys showing up for a change. Now they have to show up again and again. When you’re making so much money, it’s not too much to ask.

  15. Mayo, when my friends and I were teenagers we’d order beer by the tray, and we never had much money. So it must have been awfully cheap beer. Certainly not $10.50.

  16. DK, it was 25 cents a glass at the “First” so 20 beers were only $5.00!!
    les Canadiens sont la!!!!

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