Canadiens Smoke Stars

Ready? Take a deep breath:

The Dallas Stars scored just 1:47 into the game, but that was it for the visitors as Max Pacioretty’s 34th of the season tied it in the second, while in the third, Gally, Lehkonen, and Radulov broke it open and the big win gives the team 95 points on the season, four better than Ottawa which got a loser point in their SO loss to Philly, and now the Canadiens hope to make it three straight on Thursday when the Florida Panthers, another team like Dallas that has no hope for the postseason, pay a visit to the Bell Centre, home of $12 beer even though the team is owned by Molsons, which I don’t think is right but I can’t buy beer at the Bell anyway because I’m 5000 km. from there and I can drink pints right here in Powell River for $4.50, and if you’re still with me, the Canadiens outshot Dallas 36-28 and Carey Price was as solid as can be throughout.

Whew, a one sentence recap. Maybe I’ll just move on to something less tiring now.

I wish I had one of these early-1960s bobbleheads.

Oh wait. I do!

8 thoughts on “Canadiens Smoke Stars”

  1. Really enjoy your write-ups after a Habs win Dennis, [can also relate to your pain after a lack-luster snooze fest. They are capable of so much when they come to play, yet so unpredictable on which nites that is. I’ll take the 2 points and trust CJ’s ability to have them ready for the playoffs. Teams with heart sometimes unravel teams with skill/less heart.

  2. Thanks Peter. Two big points, and it would’ve sucked if they were flat again against a lesser team. But they picked it up and got er done. In the playoffs will they thrill us or make us want to throw bricks at the TV? I feel they’re gonna go a roll.

  3. Great to see the Habs back in the saddle! One more win away from a spot in the playoffs! I missed the recent controversial remarks on yr blog about French Canadians/Quebec ers etc. But gotta state that as you know and most fans know a large majority of the Habs best players historically were French-Canadians. No need to list them. Buy bigotry has no real place in authentic sports commentary. Strong differences of opinion yes okay the more the better .anyhow!take care ! We need one more win this week!

  4. Just watched the high lites of the Dallas game. Radulov seems to get more excited/pumped up when a teammate scores then when he scores the goal. Is that good for giving the bench some zip or what!!!! I’ll never tire of seeing his hugs, kisses ??, leaps etc. after the fog horn blows. A man playing with the ex-su-ber-ence of a kid!!

  5. A bit off topic….
    $4.50 for a pint in P.R!….pretty good…here in Barrhaven (a burb of Ottawa) deal is $5.40 for a 20oz glass…downtown expect to pay up to $8.00 with tip…i remember the good old days at Toe Blakes’ Tavern in Montreal…20 cents for a six oz glass…you’d sit with a buddy at one of those small round tables and order a “table of draft”..wouldn’t cost more than $10!.
    Now with so many players in the league sporting beards..what will they do for the playoffs?…shave their beards and start anew?
    Last item…that bobble head looks like a young Dennis Kane!

  6. Dennis, I think your bobble head doll looks a lot like Artturi Lehkonen although Ed is right. He does also resemble that small but shifty right winger from Orillia! That game surprised me. The bad Habs came out flat as a pancake for the first half of the first period then it was like somebody flicked a switch. Looks like they can turn it on when they want to which is good. Better yet would be never to have the switch in the off position to begin with.

  7. To DK’s Montreal and Quebec followers I for one like to apologize for the ignorant and racist comments posted earlier this week. Yes there are some things that bug me but minor ones. I now live down by Windsor and if there is construction ahead it’s posted in both official languages same in Toronto were I worked for over 30 years as an Elevator Mechanic the signs indicated downtown or Centreville. I wish for Quebec tourists to know ahead if there driving into a nightmare and are totally unaware because there’s no signage, no big deal but Zig offends not only you but a very high proportion of us who are not from Quebec but are never the less Canadian and love are Bleu Blanc et Rouge!!

  8. Thanks Mike, thanks Dennis. My Canada includes Quebec. Had great times with those guys while in the Yukon. Also in my Canada are folks from lotta countries including my Dutch heritage . So drop de puck, take it up the ice and pop the red light!!! Too many folks here starving for a good-‘ole- hockey game.

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