Canadiens Sit in Sin Bin And See It Slip Away

Way to shoot yourself in the foot, boys.

You were doing fine, too. Playing the Flyers in their barn, skating well, going head to head with this first-place club and the crowd booing Pernell Karl.

Then, it all just slipped away. Like that night you got a beautiful model drunk and then she found out you have a rash.

Damn I miss the good old days – last Friday when they played Ottawa.

That was also the night Brian Gionta had his one assist in the last eight games.

The game can be recapped as this:

Andrei Kostitsyn at 16:03 of the first period – slashing penalty.

Jaroslav Spacek at 17:14 of the first period – holding.

PK Subban at 17:34 of the first period – slashing.

Two goals by the Flyers with a 5 on 3 advantage. And while the Habs were still reeling as the second period began, that greasy worm Dan Carcillo scored to make it 3-0 and the contest was as good as over. As it was, Philly scored yet another power play goal to make this affair 4-1, and in the end it became a dismal 5-2 win for the Philadelphia Rashes.

You don’t give a good team the game on a silver platter. But the Habs did.

I haven’t been this angry with my team in a long time. It was just plain undisciplined stupidity to take these penalties one after another like they did. If I was Jacques Martin, sticks would be flying around people’s heads, trainers would tiptoe out, and the boys would get a blast that could be heard into the next county.

Random Notes:

David Desharnais and Mathieu Darche were the Habs goal-scorers.

Now a week off. A week to think about what could have been.

Next game is Tuesday, Feb.1st in Washington.

22 thoughts on “Canadiens Sit in Sin Bin And See It Slip Away”

  1. Hey Dennis, I dont have a lot to say on this,well maybe.I came into the game with 5 minutes having been played,it looked like the Habs were taking control and Carey was going to have an easy nite,then as you mentioned, the calls by the not so impressive ref.I didnt think the first slash call was legit,nor the holding call on Spacek.The slash by PK was obvious of course.these are what cost us the game for sure.I have watched the Reffing in this league for years and it only gets worse,Gary Bettman can blow smoke up anyone’s ass that will allow him to but the NHL,was a better place without him.

  2. DD is a younger and cheaper Gomez. He’s already scored half as many goals as Gomez in less than a quarter as many games while on the third line. He is playing a more prominent role as time goes by and he isn’t appearing to be intimidated by the bigger players. Cap wise if Gomez was off the books the Habs would be in an excellent position. I’m hopefull that DD stays and Gomez goes however that can work. Mueller needs to stay as well in some capacity preferably as a head coach with the team. But the thing they need the most is a player who is the meanest SOB on skates who can pound the crap out of the opposition when they take liberties with the Habs and teach his team to have confidence and attitude like Pronger has done for Philly. The days of Ferguson, Beliveau, both the Richards, Robinson, Savard….. They would not have put up with losing and if they had lost the other team would have earned the win and blood would have flowed. Philly MAY have a more talented team but I do not feel Montreal lost based on talent.

  3. Habs can compete with the leagues best (for 13 minutes) but the wheels eventually fall off once stupidity and fear kick in. Even if they didn’t take those penalties, the Flyers would definitely have started their intimidation tactics and the habs would be running scared. They’re too small to compete. Gill is the only bonafide D-man with any balls. Subban can hold his own once he’s more seasoned (another couple of Flyers games and he’ll be ready – gotta admit he is special but just not quite yet). Gomez should do us all a favour and take a night off as he is scared of the rough going. Bring up Alex Henry for fuck sakes. I liked Ryan Whites muster. Moen too. Gill for the way he sticks up for anyone. Much more valuable than both Hammer and Spacek combined. Eller played with a slight edge surprisingly, other vets should take note. Pretty shitty game, thank god for ‘fast-forward.’ Will be a long fucking week.

  4. Dennis, the highlight of the game was when Weber creamed all 230 pounds of Jody Shelley into the boards. Things were going great until about that time. Then the wheels fell off the wagon.

  5. Danno, three penalties in row, late in the period, when it’s a 0-0 tie, against the league-leaders, is one of the most frustrating things I’ve seen in awhile. This loss hurt.

  6. Mayo, you’re right – White and Moen showed some moxy tonight which was nice to see. Eller too. Gomez – grrrr. Almost 8 million a year for this dude? It boggles the mind. And Gionta? This is a guy who has become a very mediocre player which sort of coincided with the C getting put on his sweater. Some economic site did a thing about NHL players worth their money and those who aren’t, and Gionta was in the top three of those who aren’t.

  7. Hi Don. Desharnais has looked absolutely fine. And what you say about the Habs needing a mean SOB is exactly what I’ve been harping about all year. It’s what they need. Moen isn’t enough of a heavyweight and there’s no one else. Ferguson would take Carcillo and Richards and throw them about three rows up. What a difference it would be if Montreal had one true intimidating player. They could get two or three of them for the price of one Gomez. Imagine.

  8. Derry, on some nights we can really blame the refs but I think tonight we can blame the Habs mostly. How ridiculous to take three in a row late in the period. Talk about giving the game away. Now they don’t play for a week and have lots of time to reflect on what could have been. If they miss the playoffs by a point or two, I’m blaming it on their stupidity against the Flyers. And I agree with you about Bettman.

  9. so, how do they get rid of gomez? nobody in their right minds would take him. send him down? that would send a message but better than that it would get him out of there. gomez is not tough enough to play in the minors tho.

  10. I thought we had the making of a great game on our hands…. then it completely imploded in about 3 minutes…

    I’m hoping that they keep Desharnais… he looks like he belongs… and he’s backing it up with goals.

    Watching “Bobby” in the Flyers goal…. he looked beatable…. a little shaky.. about 3 or 4 posts…. but… I guess we have to “hope for next time”.

    I’m with you Dennis…. big mean forward. Surely wouldn’t hurt at all.

  11. Here are some Alex Henry moments. I like him as he steps in when teammates go down (like Weber): (beating on Steve Begin) (beats up Brad May)

    I think you get the picture. This guy does fight a lot and is a captain in Hamilton. He can fight but loses some but is better than what we have right now. He would do a better job than Laraque whom we’re still paying for!!

  12. Hi Yves. The guy was beatable but we need more traffic around the net, and a big mean guy would create that. What a disappointing game. Yes they did – they imploded in three minutes. Now they have a week to think about it.

  13. He looks like he could help in this department, Mayo. Thanks for sending these. Very interesting. But why aren’t they bringing him up?

  14. Alex Henry could be just what the doctor ordered come playoff time. Those are good clips of one tough hombre.

  15. Danno, you’re right. Those are good clips. If he can add valuable toughness to the club, I say make room for him. His stats – 6’6, 231 pounds, and is from Elliot Lake, a place I was at when I was about 11. I think there’s a bunch of uranium mines there but might be all closed down now. Anway, that’s a beautiful size, a nice round number – 6’6″

  16. plus he’s 31 so likely at the peak of his strength and toughness. He may not be the best defensively but just his presence will help Pleks, AK47 et al. I notice they play small when intimidated and I don’t blame them because I hate getting beat up. All they have is Moen who is a lightweight and Gill who is a marshmellow. Henry is right between these two. Not the best but enough to scare Colton Orr, Carcillo and a few others. It would be interesting. He had a tilt with Shawn Thornton. He lost but it was close so it would be like having a Shawn Thornton in the lineup.

  17. Mayo speaks the truth. And I would also add that the addition of Henry alongside the Wiz would make other teams think twice about pulling off some funny stuff on our smaller players. The Wiz adds an element of toughness which has not been displayed since he’s been a Hab. But he is quite capable of taking care of business when need be. There is no doubt that adding Henry to the lineup would enhance the grittiness of the team in a very positive way.

  18. I’d love to see Henry get a bit of time with the Habs. Seems to me he also had a strong pre-season. If memory serves, I remember him clearing the crease on several occasions.

  19. He’s sure big enough to clear the crease, Yves. And it’s exactly what we need. But maybe management doesn’t feel this way because they’re sure taking their time in using him.

  20. Danno, you’re absolutely right about the Wiz. He hasn’t shown that hardrock side o9f him that he showed with other teams. C’mon Wiz, show your stuff. Just don’t take any bad penalties while doing it.

  21. Mayo, it all goes back to Georges Laraque. Here was a guy who was one of the toughest in the league, and huge. But he didn’t like fighting so much. He wanted everything to be peace and love. He didn’t want to crush noses. He didn’t want to get angry at his fellow man. All the reasons he was a Montreal Canadien, he didn’t want to do. We need someone who is mad at the world when he puts skates on, who hates the enemy, and who sometimes can put the puck in the net. Someone like…….John Ferguson.

  22. Henry needs to be getting some NHL game time now. I believe there are restrictions on callups at the end of the year and if JM/PG are unsure how he’ll play they will never risk it during the playoffs. His bigger problem is that we’re already carrying 7 defencemen.

    FTI, I believe Elliot Lake is now a big retirement village ever since the uranium mines closed. I’ve never been, but I hear nice lake, golf, wilderness.

    Gomez can be traded; he used to be the Rangers’ problem until Gainey decided to make him our problem. We got better players in the trade, but got worse value.

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