Canadiens Should Have Won This

The Canadiens lose 3-2 to the Ottawa Senators in a shootout, and the depressing beat is starting to wear on my mental state. How much more of this can a good Habs fan take?

Montreal should’ve had it won in regulation time. Tomas Plekanec on a failed breakaway in the first, Andrei Kostitsyn, Erik Cole and Josh Gorges came within a whisker in the second. All kinds of guys had good chances and if they knew how to score like normal hockey players, this one would have been in the bag and we’d be shouting and rejoicing in the street.

But the guy in the Ottawa net, Craig Anderson, came up big. I hate it when enemy goalies come up big. It makes me sick.

So instead of shouting loud and clear, and rejoicing like crazy and lighting up cigars and high-fiving the cat, I’m sitting here mumbling to myself and keeping one eye on Mike Cammalleri as he skates for the Calgary Flames in CBC’s second game after our guys headed off to the dressing room to make sure their wallets were intact.

Plekanec finally lit the lamp just seconds into the third, on yet another breakaway, as it seems he gets about three per game, to make it an exciting 1-0 lead for the home team, but not long after Ottawa rebounded to tie the score after banking one in off Tomas Kaberle. Get the f**k out of the way, Kaberle.

Late in the game it all went crazy. Plekanec took a four-minute high sticking penalty, and of course the Sens scored. But with just 39 seconds remaining, Max Pacioretty tied it up and for a brief moment in time we had reason to perk up and ask ourselves if the team can actually win this one.

But then, with just 28 seconds to go, Josh Gorges fired the puck into the crowd for a delay-of-game penalty which kind of took the shine off things, and killing the thing took almost two full minutes out of the overtime period, thus eliminating any kind of offence for almost half the extra time.

They did kill it, overtime ran out, and after Lars Eller, Kaberle, and Pacioretty failed to score on the shootout, the Sens managed to beat Price, and it becomes another loss on another night, and if this keeps up, I’m not even sure I want to be stick boy anymore.

Tomorrow it’s the Rangers. I don’t see a problem there. Do you?


9 thoughts on “Canadiens Should Have Won This”

  1. One of the almost weird stats that probably isn’t a real stat: Pleks never dekes on a breakaway. He always skates in and shoots (three breakaways tonight, no dekes). It might also explain why he is so horrible in the shootout.

  2. Good point, Tom. I wasn’t aware of that. Then probably the goalies have him all figured out. Other teams might have a good book on Price too when it comes to shootouts.

  3. Oh man, if we actually win tomorrow I’ll be amazed. I think we had to win 3 out of the next four to be able to stay in the race for a playoff spot. So far we’ve lost two. So I think we’re pretty screwed. I know we’re only 8 points out of a playoff spot (or is it more?) but I can’t see this crew making it.

    I felt the game was pretty lousy overall. Flat boring play with some moments here and there were it was kind of exciting. But putting Kaberle on the shootout? Awful.

    They had a segment about Cammy tonight on HNIC and I could barely watch it. After reading some of the stuff about him lately, I’ve really soured on the guy.

    Glad to see Gomez back. Naturally he was shown laughing it up on the bench.

  4. Darth, I’d heard too that Gomez was laughing on the bench. It’s not the first time he’s done this when things are at a crucial stage. Geez he needs to leave as soon as possible. And Kaberle on the shootout was strange with Cole and a few others sitting. But I guess if he would’ve scored Cunningworth would have looked like a genius.
    I’m not giving up just yet. If only we can put together a few wins. Is it too much to ask?

  5. Pleks tried a deke on a breakaway against The Blues/Halak hence shooting against Ottawa ? What is getting frustrating is the number of one goal losses Montreal has put up this year not sure of the numbers but it must be near the tops in the league….

  6. I think it should have counted too, Danno. It sure wasn’t a clear-cut infraction. It’s a year to forget so far, but I’m still dreaming of that win streak.

  7. Hi Martin, they’re just a high-scoring bunch and it’s frustrating as hell. Just wish the PP could get going.

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