Canadiens Send Leaf Fans Home Unhappy

I’d say that was a little too close for comfort, wouldn’t you?

Habs win 3-2 in overtime in Toronto on a Andrei Kostitsyn shot, but that only tells a little of the story. It was a game where the Canadiens looked just fine in the beginning, and owned a 2-0 lead to boot. But then the turkey tryptophan kicked in, the boys went to sleep, and it was only Jaroslav Halak who kept the Leafs from winning about 5 to 2.

Just another night at a Habs game. 49 shots to 23 for the bad guys. I don’t know about you but I’m getting sick and tired of all these shots on goal.

Why are we getting outshot like this? Our defence is an experienced group, and Andrei Markov is back to make it that much better. Jacques Martin’s forte as coach is to create a solid, defensive system. Habs forwards can play both ways, they’re not just an offensive team up front.

So why the inordinate shots on goal against every night? Help me, people. I don’t have any answers.

Habs win their forth straight, although the Leafs played really well and I’ll just come right out and say it, the boys in blue deserved to win. The Habs didn’t deserve this. They need to buy Jaroslav Halak a big steak tonight.

Random Notes:

Scott Gomez and Tomas Plekanec scored the first two goals.

Monday in Ottawa, then onward to Florida for games in Tampa Wednesday and against the Panthers on New Year’s Eve.

Thanks very much, Jaroslav Halak.

12 thoughts on “Canadiens Send Leaf Fans Home Unhappy”

  1. Hey Dennis;Well the Habs didn’t deserve that one,Mr. Halak did but the rest of them didn’t.The forward are allowing the other team gain the zone and set up.The defense blocked alot of shots,the forwards arent covering their points to very well.I was glad with the win but holy shit we have to tighten up and not depend on our goalies as much,saying that we seem to be winning more when we do allow a shitload of shots.This was a great way to end 09,lets carry on into the new year with our winning ways.

  2. They didn’t deserve it, Derry. Very little pressure after they went up 2-0. I have no idea. But I do know that Gionta would create more offence. But they won and on paper it looks great.

  3. The ending was tense. They and I were just hanging on for overtime. During the after game interview, Wilson shut down a comment that many of the Leaf shots were low probability.

    22 regulation shots definitely don’t make an offence only team. With Markov our power-play is definitely better now, but with Hamrlik and Mara still out, we’re barely ahead from before defensively. We’ll really start rolling once we’re done with these injuries.

  4. Good game and all, but we didn’t deserve it, as Derry said.
    Halak played stunning (picked him up on my pool)

    I’m wondering when will Pleks slow his pace down. he’s racking up a point per game; his goal was a beauty too, powered through the Leafs player and shot short side. He’s definitely the biggest surprise this NHL season.

    Kostitsyn saved the day, that shot was amazing; Gustavsson had no chance. (picked him up just time)

  5. Ha ha it was the shirt Dennis, it was the shirt! It was my intention to wear my habs shirt for tonight’s game. Beating the leafs ranks up there as a special game so that was my plan. Of course I completely forget to put it on until the end of the third period so I ran to my room and threw it on and well you saw what happened. Shirt 2, bad guys 0!
    By the by my family gave me this incredible hab’s centennial package that includes 3 gold coins, a plaque with the names of all 761 players to suit up for the team, stamps and I can’t remember what else but it is so cool. Happy New Year.

  6. glad the leafs got that one point and we won. Would hate to see the bruins get a high draft pick. Glad Martin started Halak. Ride him for a few more. He is more solid than price, more mature. I think price has upside but we’re probably 2+ years from seeing that. Halak is too good to let go. I say let him play 60% more of the games. He deserves it right now. Manage him til the trade deadline. Would hate to lose him.

  7. Montreal had only flashes of playing well. The Leafas got going in the second and the Habs didn’t. But we won anyways.

  8. Dennis, I’m convinced my dad’s magic carpet was the difference.
    Scott Gomez summed it up well: “After a game like this you try to run out of the building as fast as you can.”
    Ugly wins happen. They are much easier to take than ugly losses. So let’s just hope they learned from this one and go on to beat Ottawa and the two Florida teams to make this road trip a seven-game sweep.
    Fact – Habs remain undefeated this season with Markov in the lineup.

  9. The System that Jacques uses is to have the other team take more shots than his team, but hope that his team scores more! Saw this personally here in Florida for three very aggravating years.
    He preaches defence, but I’m not sure if it’s actually applied.
    I feel your pain and continue to question his philosophy!

  10. Well there you go. Thanks for that. That’s quite a system. There won’t be one Hab fan happy to hear this. But I appreciate you filling us in, although you’re not making me feel any better.

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