Canadiens Say No To Wiz

James Wisniewski’s rights have been traded to Columbus for a 7th-round draft pick, and quite frankly, I’m not sure what to think about this. Yes, Montreal seems to have a glut of defencemen now, but Wiz came in last year and I liked his style. He’s a fine, point-getting defenceman, a good skater and passer, a guy with a great shot, and one who can dish out solid checks.

Now he’s worth a 7th-round pick. (or 5th-rounder if he actually signs with Columbus).

But it’s life. Wiz was an unrestricted free agent, was looking for big bucks and security, and Montreal wasn’t willing to give him that.

When Wiz joined the Habs, he was a revelation. He garnered almost a point a game for the first half, although he slowed down considerably in that department later on. And who can forget when he decided to block a shot with his face in a game against Edmonton, and then played a few nights later in Calgary looking like he’d been run over by a bus.

In my book, Wiz was one of the key performers on the Canadiens last season, and I’ll miss him. Maybe he wasn’t really appreciated by some fans either. A friend of mine told me that he and his son saw the Habs in Vancouver last year and were by the team bus after the game. Throngs of autograph-seekers swarmed the players, but Wiz, for some reason, wasn’t approached by anyone and sat in a cab by himself while the others signed away. I thought it a little weird. He’d been contributing in a big way, and just about had his face taken off two games prior.

But no one was interested in his autograph.

Thanks James Wisniewski, for your nice contribution to the Montreal Canadiens, and good luck in the future. I enjoyed your play very much.

7 thoughts on “Canadiens Say No To Wiz”

  1. I’m going to miss the Wiz. He gave it everything he had almost all the time and seemed to be a nice guy too.

    Who could forget that moment he had with Sean Avery?

    A classic…

  2. I think we still need one more experienced D. Does this mean we’re getting closer to re-signing Hamrlik? I think he has one more year left in him. But I hope we’re not overspending on him, I’d much rather we overspent on the younger Wiz. Any ideas how much he was looking for? I think $8-9M over 2 years should have been more than enough. Maybe $13M over 3 years.

    Gauthier better not be saving money to reunite now UFA Chris Drury with Gomez.

  3. Chris, I don’t know what Wiz wanted but Hamrlik appears to want more than one year and Gauthier isn’t fussy about this. So unless I’m behind the times, they might not be signing Hamrlik.

  4. There’s no money or space for Wiz. And the pick is pretty much the market for rights considering the teams will just say “no, we’d rather wait and sign him without giving you anything”. I like him, and know he would love to stay here, but the way this ridiculous market price is going he’s gonna make 5-6 million dollars @_@ And the team is committed to their drafted talent already.

    All stocked up on D. Don’t really need another vet for Martin to overwork… LET THE KIDS PLAY!

  5. Thanks Dennis, I hope Gauthier holds firm on the 1 year. Hamrlik is noticeably slowing down. Gauthier can go shopping this weekend and pick up someone good.

    I just noticed that the rights to Christian Ehrhoff were twice traded for unconditional 4th round picks. Only getting a conditional 5th or 7th round pick for the Wiz doesn’t seem fair.

  6. Hi #31, I hope you’re right about the kids. I worry what will happen if one of our top 4 gets injured. Spacek is barely hanging on as the 6th D. I think Yemelin is considered our top prospect but he’s never played in North America.

  7. Whoa, $33M over 5 years! I thought I was being generous at around $4.5 per year. Well at least we’ll get the fifth rounder.

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