Canadiens Say Goodbye

That’s it for the Habs after falling to the Rangers 3-1 in game six, and I’d say I’ll now start getting excited about the Blue Jays’ season, except they’re 4 and 12 and about to lose another as I write.

I wish the Expos would come back.


Still no Stanley Cup since 1993. Will it happen again soon? Will it happen in my lifetime or yours?

I don’t have favourite players on my team. That time is long gone. When I was a kid, the Rocket was my hero. And Beliveau and Harvey and I guess, every player on the team. As a guy in my twenties, I was happy about Lafleur and Dryden and Robinson.

But it’s only about the crest now. I liked Subban for example, but it didn’t bother me one bit when he was traded because  I thought Shea Weber was an upgrade in many ways. I still do.

It’s about the team only. Players can come and go and I won’t bat an eyelash.

A few days ago I saw a film clip of Andrei Markov coming out of a NY hotel (or maybe Madison Square Garden) and a kid, the only person in site, approached him for an autograph. Markov shook his head and casually walked across the street.

Players can say no all they want to adults, I understand and accept that. But there’s no excuse to say no to a kid.

No excuse. It would’ve taken all of about four seconds to sign the kid’s piece of paper.

And so, I finish off a season of game reports complaining about Andrei Markov.


Thanks to everyone who read my posts this season. I hope you liked some of them.  And I also truly appreciate anyone who took the time to sometimes comment.

We thought the team had a decent chance this year to make a serious dent.

But without naming names, they let us down.





18 thoughts on “Canadiens Say Goodbye”

  1. Hey Dennis, I would think it was a good season. They were in first place the whole time and did dominate quite nicely. They started the playoffs with a loss but bounced back for a bit. Tou know when it comes to winning in the playoffs the team has to come out strong together. Cant be missing anyone…especially the top scorer and a young hotshot. Didnt mention any names either buddy.. keep in touch.

  2. Thanks for another year! It just gets tougher as I age because I wonder if I’ll ever see another Cup. We have the right coach and GM. The team will get better… but it’s going to be a tough six months until opening night 2017-18.

    We caught Markov before a game in Nashville and doesn’t pose or sign for anyone, but he is polite when he says “no pictures, please.”

    Next season my friend, next season!

  3. C’est la vie!…so ends another season of the Montreal edition of ‘Millionaires on Ice”..I am not left speechless or disappointed with the outcome.
    Win or lose…i only hoped to watch some exciting hockey involving les tricolours this past season…there was the odd game when that was accomplished..but not many…too bad!
    I think tomorrow i will dismantle my Habs shrine…i’ll leave up the autographed photos of the Richard brothers…who took time to sign and whose signatures you can make out..unlike today…if it wasn’t for the player adding his jersey number you wouldn’t be able to make out the signature…sorry i digress. Dennis thanks so much for the time and energy you put into your game recaps..enjoyed seeing the images from your vast archives, reading your posts and comments from your loyal fans.Enjoy the summer in Powell River with your family…please check in every once and awhile and regale us with stories of your adventures off the ice. Take care. Ed

  4. I discovered your site in time for this playoff round with the Rangers. Great material here,,I have a Aurel Joliat story that is nowhere near as good as yours but I’ll share it sometime anyway.
    The Habs just don’t have the horses right now. They are a very good to great regular season team that can win with team speed, goaltending and (in a good year), special teams play. This year the PP abandoned them and the PK was mediocre except in fits and starts, although it was very good in this series.
    But the playoffs bring out the obvious weakness (more like a glaring hole) at center ice that they’ve had since..forever. You might have to go back to the Bobby Smith days, or Damphouse days to find a consistent, every game center who can play those minutes for you and produce points at the same time. Galchenyuk is on very thin ice at this point, especially if they can package him and MaxPac for a center. They can’t find one any other way, it would seem. So many first round busts this team has squandered and I’m starting to think AG27, considering his 3rd overall draft position, can be considered a bust since he’s now probably a winger and not a first line one at that! That’s not what you need to get from that high a pick. OK, he’s not a’s just an enigma at this point.
    I read another site and this guy was going on and on about how Price sucks..etc. Then he says, “we could trade him for a first round pick the next two years, and a center AND a promising 2nd year guy” So..he sucks but you want some other team to give you the world for him? lol…it’s one or the other. And for the record, Price is still one of the best 3 goalies in the world this year, if not up to his impossible Hart Trophy standard. He made a few saves tonight to keep them in the game that most goalies wouldn’t have. His team can’t score more than 1 goal and he’s the problem? OK fine…lol..he’s not perfect, but he shows up each and every game prepared. LOve the guy.

    I could go on about the lack of development of talent at the minor league level, the failures of the talent scouts to find steals and gems in the latter rounds and even their multiple failures in the first round (Louis Leblanc, Tinordi, McCarron (he’s a 3rd line plugger at best), and it would be futile. This game is about winning..finding a way..and the Habs failed once again. Losing that game in Mtl. took all the fight out of them and tonights game felt like a given before the final whistle. There’s a decent group of players on this team but there is also a lot of guys who don’t have that 2nd gear you need in the playoffs. We need to find some new blood soon…And we may need a new GM /scouting staff to do so. 5 years in and we are singing the same sad tunes at playoff time.
    OK…enough from me..Thanks for the forum, Dennis..and I hope my fellow habs fans have a great summer. Chin up,,there’s always next year and that’s why we watch.

  5. We lost……the series……some players[I hope]……our hope for a deep run [16 wins] and much more as we watch another collapse. But just as sad we might lose the voice, wit, sense humor,and all else Dennis gives us on this site! I read other sites with they’re in-bickering etc. I like it here. Wish we had more to cheer for.Wish the opening ceremonies at Home Games would be able to celebrate more recent events/players instead of 40 year old reruns……as great as they are. We’re losing hope. Somewhere there’s an answer…. new scouts, new coach in St. Johns to better develop our youth? I want again to say THANK YOU Dennis for your input here and THANK YOU to your readers for being here also!!!!May the pain of this loss be replaced with other valuable events in your life….family, friends and neighbors who need our love. G’nite all.

  6. Really sucked last night to see the boys lose and now I wonder like you do if we ever will see another cup in our lifetime. I will get controversial and say that I hope we trade a certain all world goaltender before we have to pay him 10+million a year. Before everyone jumps down my throat please hear me out. Of the last 10 or so cup winners has any team had an all world goalie who they relied on to steal games for them. Answer is NO, but they have had very good goaltending from guys. We need OFFENSE and if by making a GREAT trade we can get back a number 1 center and some offense plus a pick that is 3 for one and hopefully all 3 will cost us about 10 million. Chicago has about 28% of their cap hit tied up in 2 players and going forward that will be a tough thing for them to overcome. We need to stop rewarding for the past and pay for performance like big incentives for winning and goals and cups. Not sure how many players will go for this approach but would like to start thinking outside the box and have a new way of doing things. I also believe we have the goalie depth now in a certain AHL player as well as an up and coming OHL player. I really hate living and dying by one player stealing games for us and watching our offense be nullified by good goalies on the other team getting hot at the right time. Henry had a soso year and he got hot at the right time and was the difference because we have no offense.
    As to #27 I hope he stays and that we can talk his mother to come back and living with him because when she was around he was more focused. Letting young men live on their own in the big city of Montreal where hockey is king is a tough thing for any young adult with all of the outside distractions it’s easy to see how they can fall face first. If people would remember a certain all world goalie hung out with a couple of boys from Belarous and they really had a good time while they were young for a couple of years. Luckily things worked out well but 27 and 28 are young and need guidance. Too bad our contracts don’t call for them to have surrogate parents till they mature more. I have rambled enough. Thank you Dennis for another great season of work. Hopefully soon I will be proven wrong and we will all be happy again.

  7. I agree with Dra58. The time is right to part with Price. We need talent up front like McDavid, Matthews. We need a few young stars and we never seemed to have that up front.

    I wish we hung on to Condon, he would have filled the net well. Forget who we got for him.

    Thanks for your blog Dennis although I have not visited here in a long time. I’m not cheating on you and getting my Habs kibble from other bloggers, just don’t spend that much time watching hockey anymore.

  8. Great blog you have here Dennis. I am like you in that i can no longer identify with these players (only the logo). Gallagher, Price and Radulov…..the rest are ho-hum. The Rangers totally out worked the Habs. They couldn’t handle the Rangers speed and desire to win. Yes they brought in toughness, but toughness who couldn’t score. And that’s been the philosophy for the last 25-30 years. …we don’t want any stars. The problem with trading Price is that they would probably trade him for two small forwards who can’t score, but who are fast. Or a star (Vanek or Semen) who is soft. After we scored the first goal, i told my wife they won’t score another because they don’t know how.
    Someone said on the HNIC panel that the Habs do not have a first line center; heck not even a second line center. Their problem is scoring.
    Unlike you Dennis I do not think Weber was an upgrade. The proof is in the pudding. Subban is part of a good team that is going to the second round. He is not being blamed for everything that is wrong with the team and when he makes a mistake that leads to a goal (like every defenseman does) he is not being benched or made an example of. But if he was with Montreal they would not be going on to the second round because Montreal does not have a playoff team.
    The biggest fear is that management will think that because they had a good regular season not many changes will be made. I think a whole rebuild is in order.
    One last note; New jersey hockey doesn’t work any more. Just ask Minnesota and Montreal. Every team that is winning has at least two or three stars that can score.
    Thanks for your blog Dennis

  9. I’m sorry to see the Habs bow out too. I really thought they had the Rangers in hand but somehow let them off the mat.

    Athletes that don’t sign autographs for kids are total a-holes. I was thinking of this very thing just a few days ago so its funny that you’ve brought it up. Do the jerks that disappoint kids forget that they themselves were once starry-eyed youngsters? How can a grown man that is paid like a prince to play a kids game just shake his head at any fan, since its the fans that ultimately pay these idiot’s salaries.
    The funny thing about autographs and athletes is a mind-blower. Rock stars will sign any autograph any time. They’ll sign record jackets, t-shirts, even guitars that fans bring to shows etc. They don’t even care it those items find their way onto e-bay and the guy makes a few bucks out of it. Athletes on the other hand get irked to no end thinking that someone might make a buck or two. It’s sickening enough that athletes diminish themselves by sitting at a desk at a sports show and charge $5 per autograph. Even Wayne Gretzky is not immune to such petty behaviour. Wayne Gretzky will sign a hockey card for a fan but then he bends the card in half, putting a crease into it. Why? Because then it will have no value to collectors so the recipient can’t sell it for a few bucks. Petty? You bet. The Great One, with all of his millions of dollars, his winery, his restaurant, and his shopping plazas, worries that some sap might make $20 off a signed hockey card.
    They all make me sick.
    PK Subban is a gentleman. Knowing that when you earn millions of dollars each year, that you lose about half of that money to the tax man, he wisely donated much of the money that would be lost to him anyway, to a children’s hospital in Montreal. Why more of these spoiled bozos don’t do the same thing is mind-boggling.

    Anyway…Go Jays!

    (But fire Gibby!!)

  10. Another season gone. There’s a fine line between a win and a series loss. A goal from 27 and 67 could have made all the difference in those 6 games… then… we would be smiling and happy waiting for Round 2. A zinger off the post, a last second dive, a stupid penalty… outcome could have changed. But instead, media and fans (some) want to trade Price, Patches, and anyone else who didn’t live up to their expectations. They played in the playoffs like they played all year… ups and downs… Unfortunately, they lost 3 in a row.
    See you next fall! Thanks for your blog!

  11. Thanks everyone for such fine and smart hockey comments, and also for saying some nice things about my blog.

  12. Hey Dennis – followed your posts this season and post-season. While I didn’t write any comments this season, I sure enjoyed your posts and thank you for great updates and sense of humour. When I want to read about Habs games, I don’t go to the Globe & Mail or Montreal Gazette – I go straight to your blog first! Have a great summer and look forward to reading your blog again in September.
    Best wishes,

  13. Hi Dennis,

    So disappointed with the Hab’s cameo appearance in the playoffs. But until they get decent at center and another top winger nothing will change. Keep up the good work and enjoy your off season!

  14. The part that bugs me the most is the Habs went out with a whimper, not a bang. With few exceptions, they pretty well gave up after the Rangers took the lead. The team lacks that killer instinct and big changes will have to be made and I’m afraid we are in for many years of mediocre hockey because it’s going to get worse before it gets better unless Marc Bergevin can somehow pull a rabbit out of his hat. Most of all they lack a reliable clutch goal scorer. Can Bergevin pull off a magic trick or two in the off-season? Stay tuned.

    Thank you Dennis for your wonderful blog and thank you to everyone who comes by to comment and share the joy and sorrow of being a Habs fan.

  15. Relieved the Leafs didn’t go farther than our Habs….no hatred towards them ….just relieve.

  16. I think the season can be summed up this way. I attended 2 games this year and the Habs scored a total of 1 goal. They were shut out at the Bell Centre by the Islanders and summarily booed off the ice at the end of the game. Scoring is the problem. Everyone knows it. If Bergevin does not address it in a timely manner, the paying public will revolt.
    We can speak about how money has changed everyone’s motivation, but that would be flogging a dead horse. Thanks Dennis for all the time you invest in this entertaining site. I only wish the Habs would spend as much time trying to score goals.

  17. Again, thank you to everyone. I’ll be back, and may post a few times during the offseason. All of you are awesome.

  18. Hey Dennis, another great year of your post game take on things, too bad our team didn’t take some of your advise to heart. I agree with Danno & it pisses me off that the Leafs fought a better team to the bitter end in every game!
    Oh well another waisted season, have a great summer & I’ll be looking forward to your return in the fall. All the best wishes to my fellow commentors.

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