Canadiens Reverse The Tide

After three dismal games in which the Habs were shut down with zeros across the board, they came out Tuesday night against the Atlanta Thrashers and finally scored not once but three times, beating the visitors 3-1 and ending for now, misery of extreme proportions in Habsland.

One thing that has always remained constant for me over the years is that as long as the Habs win, I don’t care how they do it. I don’t care if they didn’t deserve it, or if the goalie kept them in it, or if the puck played pinball with five noses before going in. 

As long as they win. Which they did.

It’s another inch closer to clinching a playoff spot, and soon, when the boys begin their post season surprises, being shutout in three straight games will be long forgotten

Many of you know I’m preoccupied at the moment, in Ottawa with other matters at hand, and so I didn’t see the game. I didn’t see the Hal Gill controversy, and I didn’t see how the team looked. All I saw was the score, and that’s good enough for me.

I know the game was and is analyzed on several dozen sites and Twitter and in newspapers throughout the land, and you can’t get the same sort of thing from me now. All I can tell you that I spent several fine hours in a restaurant in Gatineau with friends of 40 years, eating and drinking and telling old stories, and missing the game in the meantime.

A 3-1 win? I’m happy. Just imagine if they would have been shut out again. Holy smokes.

Random Notes:

Roman Hamrlik, Mathieu Darche, and Andre Kostitsyn were the Habs scorers on this night. I know because I read it at

Next – Montreal plays Wednesday night in Carolina and this is not only a big night for the Habs but also a big night for me. Because this is the night when some of us gather at Liam Maguire’s in Ottawa to enjoy the game and meet for the first time after chatting on this site for so long. Join us if you can. You’re surely welcome.

The Hurricanes are three points out of a playoff spot and so Montreal will face a desperate team. Canadiens remain in sixth and are still in a situation where they’ll meet Boston in the opening round.

11 thoughts on “Canadiens Reverse The Tide”

  1. The Hamrlik and Darche goals show how easy it can be if they just go to the net. Cammalleri and Halpern were fighting in front of the net and it popped out to Hamrlik who was also cruising around. Darche’s goal was even clearer, he went in front and there it was.

    Unfortunately the Thrashers found an even easier way. Swing the stick high, blind the defenceman and then skate on by. I thought there was a rule against it, guess not.

  2. Dennis, please save me a seat. I may have a hard time getting there for the 7:00 puck drop, but I’ll definitely be there.

  3. Hey Dennis,Like Christopher said,there is a rule that applies there,this happened after P.K. was pulled down but also sent off for a dive,reffing was veery spotty.Liam doesn’t own that bar anymore ,but he does make appearances occasionally,enjoy the game and another Hab’s victory we are hoping.

  4. Dennis, have a fantastic time cheering your beloved Habs with other fans tonight, that’s great to meet each other now in person.

    Enjoy and I am looking forward to your next blog.

  5. Hobo, it’s going to be fun. And you keep practicing that national anthem on the guitar. See you tomorrow!

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