Canadiens Respond

They pretty well had to win. We demanded it. And how could they say no to us?

Canadiens shut down the Carolina Hurricanes 3-0, led by some great netminding by Carey Price, who surely must have been as fed up as anyone with the four-goal games and losses lately.

The cowboy played a big part in stopping the madness and lassoing a big win.

And although it wasn’t exactly a great game by the home team, it was a solid effort, as they came out more determined, more aggressive, harder on the puck instead of soft and lackadaisical.

You could see they were alive and on a mission, even though it wasn’t a classic. But it was a darn sight better effort than what we’ve seen lately, and that’s all we can ask.

A nice change, and it’s a step in the right direction. Now they’ve got the Bruins in Boston on Thursday, and if they liked the sweet taste of victory on Tuesday, imagine the taste buds on Thursday if they can whup those Beantowners?

But I’m not getting ahead of myself. It’s a win right now and it’s good. Carey Price played like he has for most of the season aside from the past six disasters. He was in form, often spectacular, and the boys blocked shots, a few posts got hit, and they got the puck out and wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Brandon Prust opened the scoring in the first period, he played with vim and vigour in that first frame, and Brendan Gallagher in a scramble in the crease made it 2-0 before the siren to end the first was sounded. Max Pacioretty widened it to 3-0 in the second, that was all they needed.

Hard work and Carey Price took care of the rest.

Price held the fort when called upon, and the boys have the heat taken off them for a brief time. They just have to play well on Thursday to keep the mood light.  And to keep themselves from falling further down the standings.

And of course to keep us happy, which is the most important thing.

It’s a time for us to enjoy a fine win by the boys. Lord knows we deserve it.

Random Notes:

Canadiens went 0/2 on the power play, but only took three penalties, all in the second, which is mighty fine discipline if you ask me. But they have to get that power play going.

Carolina outshot the gang 36-30, but Price didn’t get that first star for nothing.

So nice not to hear sarcastic boos because of lack of shots. Canadiens got 10 shots in the first, 11 in the second, and just nine in the third, but they only allowed 8 Carolina shots in the final frame.

Nathan Beaulieu seemed to play with confidence and skated well. A great skating, puck moving defenceman is a beautiful thing and hopefully Beaulieu continues on this upward path.


9 thoughts on “Canadiens Respond”

  1. In the hockey-world section of my life– it’s easier waking up knowing Dennis can have a win to report on.Makes for a better day.Glad for the boys who put in a good nite so we can put in a good day at our work place.

  2. Hey Dennis, Yes that was something to wake up the taste buds and take a bite out of the some of the teams that have sprung ahead of them in the standings.Carey Price played as he usually does,solid goaltender he is for sure.One of the things Mr. Gainey did do right for the team was picking this guy # 5 in the draft.

  3. Yes Peter, they played better. Now all they have to do is play well every night instead of looking terrible so often. Maybe they need a shrink.

  4. Derry, they have to make some space in the standings. They’re only about four points from being out the playoff picture. That’s way too close.

  5. Marjo & Darth, just a question for two Montrealer’s. Does RDS not believe in TV schedules? I’ve learned from the past not to trust their schedule, if it says it starts at 11pm the sport show runs at least a half hour longer than it should therefore I add 1 hour to my taping as to see the entire CH/Express. I have to fast forward trying not to see the scoring hi-lites on the sports show!
    I need you guy’s & Dennis to storm their office & let them know a guy in Pickering Ont. is not impressed. Oh & it’s about time I got to use the yellow hi-liter!!

  6. Mike, it’s the same with the 24 CH series. I never know when it’s on. It’s all over the map. They can put a man on the moon but they can’t make a TV schedule right. And get that yellow hi-lighter out and ready for the Boston game.

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