Canadiens Pull It Out As ‘Another Night, Another Hero’ Continues

Sergei Kostitsyn , you rascal! Scoring the winner with only 21 seconds to go in the game as the Habs inch closer to the Capitals in the standings with a 5-4 win that makes all Hab fans jumping for joy.  And doing it not long after taking a poorly-timed penalty which led to Washington tying the game up at 4.


Tomas Plekanec, you son-of-a-gun. Invisible for most of the first half of the season, but now playing firewagon hockey, and scoring a short-handed goal and another in the third.


Robert Lang, you ‘happy-to-be-a-Canadien,’ you. Scoring another big one tonight and lighting the dynamite stick that saw the Habs pot four goals in the third period. You came to the Habs when they couldn’t land Mats Sundin. And now you’re a star.


The Canadiens keep it rolling, having now won nine of eleven games, and on almost every night, a new hero does the deed. Maxim Lapierre on one night, Andrei Kostitsyn on another, brother Sergei, Lang, Plekanec, even sometimes Alex Kovalev.


And of course, Jaroslav Halak, who’s coming through in a big way. Good for RetroMikey in Hamilton for defending this guy all along and telling all of us that Halak is an excellent goalie who just needs a chance. It’s great to see something like this happen. It’s a real feel-good story emerging.


And regardless of what CBC colour man Craig Simpson said about if the Habs want to go far in the playoffs, they have to make less mistakes and keep it simpler. Simpson forgot to mention that these young guys who make the odd mistake are also chipping in in a big way while other regulars are sidelined.


He should be throwing kudos at them, not picking them apart. Don’t worry, Craig, they’ll have it all together by playoff time.


The Capitals played well also and had their chances, but couldn’t get it done. And geez, I make a couple of jokes about Alexander Semin and his fighting ability and the guy comes out and scores two goals. I’m not gonna do that again.


Alex Ovechkin had his chances but that’s not anything unusual. He has his chances every game, against every team.


This is a big, big win. It sets things up for Tuesday’s game in Boston. The Bruins won again today, and they need to be slowed down.


And Montreal is just the team to do it.



9 thoughts on “Canadiens Pull It Out As ‘Another Night, Another Hero’ Continues”

  1. Well, will the Bruins be seeing a recently refurbished Kaptain Koivu on the ice? Lets hope. That could be a pretty sweet finishing touch on a solid team.

    To Jaroslav Halak: I apologize for criticizing you a few blogs ago. My bad.

  2. Sergei has always been a lovely, intense little player. He’s the gritty battler to his brother’s finess.

    And CBC’s commentators are so bloody clueless when it comes to the Habs… But I guess when you’re stuck with the Leafs for most of your life, this kind of hockey team is a foreign entity!

    This game was great firewagon hockey from two firewagon teams. I was thoroughly satisfied!

  3. Yeah, good game. Either team coulda won it. Seemed to me Washington had a few lapses but overall played very well – they are a good team. We’re okay but we’re simply not there … yet. We caught some breaks – 2nd and last goal – but I don’t see how we can be happy with our effort. We really need to play with more intensity and focus. As things stand now, we aren’t nearly as consistent as we need to be if we hope to compete with Detroit/San Jose/Calgary and, yes, Boston.

  4. Anyone else recall last season how Huet played a bunch of games in a row, then got traded?

    Wonder if the same thing will happen this year. If the Habs are looking to make a big move, Halak will be pretty attractive to some teams without a good goalie. Montreal can have Denis back up Price, and make a push for the cup.

    But Halak is increasing his trade value, that’s for sure.

  5. I think it’d be pretty tough to give up Halak now, but you’re right, he’d make awfully good trade bait. I just don’t know how good Denis is.
    Everyone now is thinking the Habs are poised to make a move. It’s said they need a puck-moving defenceman. But to sacrifice some good players, I’m just not sure. Everyone’s been doing the job so well.
    Can’t wait for Tuesday. Boston Bazoomies.

  6. It’s still early in his career but didn’t Price go down for a time last year due to injury? That kind of thing forces you to have a better than average back-up. I love Sergie “Billy the Kid” Kostitsin when he has that “F-You” attitude towards the opposition.

  7. I was just happy to see Yvon Pedneault on CBC. The two other guys were just bashing the habs all night about their clumsy miistakes and then Yvon just pops up with a pro-habs attitude. I missed him.

    oh yeah, Breezer sucks

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