Canadiens Pay A Visit To Kirk’s Place

The Habs are in Raleigh tonight to face a team run by the bench boss we all know and love, Kirk Muller. The Canadiens let this guy go, it’s too bad, and although he’s not bilingual, he’s only a six month course away from being so.

Oh well. It’s not the first time our Habs have blundered. And we certainly can’t blame the guy for moving on and landing the head role somewhere else.

I hope Kirk enjoys a long and successful career as a big league head coach, (although his first year at the helm sees him out of the playoffs), and if he wins tonight, good for him. We don’t want the two points anyway, but regardless.

Today, in Raleigh’s, there’s a little feature on the Man Who Got Away – Canes Hockey Fans Winning Over Muller

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