Canadiens Outshot Badly In Loss. Wow, What A Surprise.

I got in the door after driving 3000 kms. in three days, in time to see the third period of the Habs-Devils game. I saw a fast-skating, back-and-forth type game as I should. After all, hockey’s billed as the world’s fastest game, isn’t it? But what I didn’t see were shots on goal by the home team as they went down 3-1. And when I looked at the final shots tally, I saw that this poor excuse for a team was outshot  48-23. Imagine, 48-23. By a team, the Devils, that aren’t usually known for taking a lot of shots, only not allowing a lot of shots.

And it doesn’t really matter what I missed as I made my way though the last stage of my long drive. It doesn’t matter if the Canadiens played great, or stunk out the joint. What matters is whether they won or lost, and of course, they lost.

I could also care less that Martin Brodeur tied Patrick Roy for wins by a goalie. This means nothing to me.

I’m so sick of writing about how lousy the Habs have played. I’m fed up. Just once I’d like to report that the Canadiens outshot the other team by a wide margin and won the game 6-1. But that’s only a dream. It’s about as far from reality as it gets right now.

2 thoughts on “Canadiens Outshot Badly In Loss. Wow, What A Surprise.”

  1. Relax, Dennis. The sphinx ain’t slouching towards Bethlehem …. yet. Not to worry. We’ll know it’s arrived when the Leafs win the cup …. hehehe.

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