Canadiens Nail Leafs

A sweet pass from Tomas Plekanec to Andrew Shaw in overtime, and the Habs skate off with a 3-2 win in Toronto, thus ending Leaf fans and the HNIC crew’s dream of their beloved team crawling within two points of the boys from Quebec.

If only they could’ve won, sighed Leaf fans as they left bars or turned off the lights at home and tried to sleep, and the HNIC crew wrapped things up at the rink and sadly shook their heads and looked broken.

It was a back and forth game, one that had extra purpose considering the standings and the built-in rivalry, and for a change, one that probably kept many fans on the edge of their chairs and couches throughout.

Of course I don’t know for sure about the edge of chairs and couches. I’m only guessing.

A fast-paced affair which could’ve gone either way, and I could say that folks got their money’s worth at the ACC, except a bunch of lower seats probably went for a grand or so, so maybe the people sitting there didn’t exactly.

Depends on what a grand means to them I guess.

But it went Montreal’s way for a change, they keep their distance from a bunch of pretenders, including the Torontonians, after two sharpshooters and one Shaw raked the Leafs into the ditch.

A struggling team gets it done against a good young Toronto team that gets TV announcers’ libidos doing the watusi.

The Leafs would open the scoring in the first period when Habs rearguard Nikita Nesterov not only had the puck go in off him, but played his man in front so softly it was like he was up against Betty White.

Greg Pateryn sat while Nesterov dressed. Next game, in New Jersey on Monday, maybe that’ll change. Softness isn’t cool, unless it’s toilet paper and a few other things, like women.

In the second frame, with the man advantage, Max would bury a beauty pass from Alex Galchenyuk, and nine minutes later, Galchenyuk would bulge the twine with a great shot that gave the boys a 2-1 lead.

In the third, again with poor defensive coverage (this time by Alexei Emelin), Leafs super-rookie Auston Mathews would tie things and send it into overtime.

And that’s where Pleks and Shaw worked their magic.

This final photo shows the Rocket scoring his final goal, his 626th, on April 12, 1960 during the Stanley Cup Finals against the Leafs. I wrote to a Toronto paper after it happened, asking if they’d send me a photo, and they did.

12 thoughts on “Canadiens Nail Leafs”

  1. Hey Dennis, A very intense game I though…well the last period was for sure. The defence continues to be softer then a front tire after driving through a field of roofing nails. They had big trouble clearing the puck from their own end …for most of the game. They were out shot once more..a good stat for Carey if they win. I hope Claude can plug up some holes before the end of the season.

  2. A ton of holes to plug, Derry, but there’s still time. Like I’ve said all along, as soon as the playoffs start (if they make it), we’ll forget completely about the regular season. Hopefully this win will kick start them.

  3. Yes Dennis!
    Beating the Leafs never gets old.
    And with this win Julien has the team playing .500 hockey since he took over – which is an accomplishment in and of itself. Some of the players who have been invisible have finally showed up so maybe there is hope after all. Even Shaw played a tough but smart game and showed us he is actually capable of using his head
    💡 💡 💡 💡 💡 💡 💡 💡 💡 💡
    All I know is the Habs roller-coaster season is a long strange trip leading to who knows where?

  4. Seems like every year is a roller coaster, Danno, and with this one, maybe it’ll start climbing back up again. This was a big win for sure and I’m feeling much better. Wouldn’t mind seeing a scoring explosion, though. So many guys in slumps it’s nuts. And I sure hope Gally can find his game again.

  5. Nice, and it’s a big effing relief, otherwise! hell to pay! hahaha. Happy they won, and did the job. Lots for the team and new coach to work, but they are least resemble a team which wanted to win, and doodle daddio they did. Good for Shaw, he was awesome with the Hawks and now that MT is gone CJ is letting get some work done!

    So after yesterday’s rant, no rant about money tonight!
    Best as always Dennis, keep up the good work, and let’s hope Habs win the next one as well.

  6. So we never landed Crosby, Wendell Clark or Bobby Orr…..But we got some grit, sandpaper AND pushback type guys….not goons, I’m told. Julien knows how to use these type guys better than Thornbush ever would. Now the others can play their game and skate some circles and such. I’m glad we kept our youth and Big Mac#34. We may not get pushed around so much anymore, and give others a bit more courage to go to the boards to lay a THUMP!! Or what if Emelin started to horizontalize guys like yesteryear ….I , for one, would enjoy a rowdy 3rd and 4th line with the odd goal and/or opponents laying on the ice. High energy, High octane, no goonery. Picture Gally #11 heading for the front of de net, knowing someone has his back.Yeah I,m a bit optomistic seeing how it unfolds.

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