Canadiens Nail Four Of Six All Star Positions

The all-star votes are in and just released, and of the six starting spots in the Eastern Conference, Montreal has four and Pittsburgh two.


Montreal players selected are; Carey Price in goal, Andrei Markov and Mike Komisarek on defence, and Alex Kovalev joins Penguins Sidney Crosby and Evgeny Malkin up front.

14 thoughts on “Canadiens Nail Four Of Six All Star Positions”

  1. This just shows how much of a joke the all star game actually is. With the exception of Andre Markov there is not a single player on montreal that deserves to even be a stick boy in the all star game and some how they have 4 guys starting? This fan voting bullshit is stupid, anybody who would honestly rather see a plug like Kovalev play over a real talent like Alexander Ovechkin is teedering on the edge of stupidity and has zero sense of what a real hockey player is.

  2. Dennis,

    lol no i woke up fine this morning, im just annoyed by the way the all star game works, My comments weren’t directed at anybody so i hope nobody takes them personally, but the all star game isnt about seeing fan favorites or home town players, its supposed to be what the name says “all star” game. To see 4 montreal canadians starting over players who actually deserve the honor just doesn’t sit well with me. Andre Markov is more than deserving but Mike Komisarek and his whopping 2 points has no business being there whatsoever and neither does Kovalev, a case could be made for Carey Price. The All Star game is hokey no matter whos playing in it but being labeled as an all star is an honor and when stuff like this happens it really taints it. My apologies for the dramatic comments earlier though, I’ll have to plead ignorant and blame it on the captain morgans from last night.

  3. Aha! The Captain Morgan’s!
    Jordy, you’re right about fan voting. Except that the league says this is the one time where fans get a say in the NHL. So of course it’s off kilter and weird, but Montreal fans voted often and made sure their favourite players got in. Is it right? Not sure.
    Probably not. Of course Ovechkin should be there. But he will anyway. These votes are only for the first 25 seconds of the game. All the real all-stars will be playing anyway.
    Anyway, Jordy, glad to see you back. Wasn’t sure if you were out of town or just not reading anymore.
    Happy New Year.

  4. Dennis, I agree with you at least 95% of the time but jordy’s indignation, to my mind, is legit and, I bet if you put aside your very natural indignant(and mine, too) objections to the Hab’s factor in what jordy is saying, you’d agree with him – fan voting, like the, hehe, shoot-out is so much b.s. in that it is merely a cheap marketing ploy (that can and obviously was exploited) that detracts from the integrity of the game. Do I think jordy is a canucklehead? Of course I do. But sometimes even canuckleheads make sense …. I know, it’s an oxymoron but, heah, there’s a first for all things, eh?

  5. Whoa? As in what? Whoa Nellie? Hold your horses? Slow down to a canter or come to a full stop? Whoa as in stop delivering backhanded compliments to all Canuckleheads or just jordy in particular? Okay, I confess, jordy has made sense more than once which atypical canuckleheadedness informs me that he, like Hodgson, would be much better off in a Habs sweater. So, jordy, pump up the volume on Shania’s tune and Come On Over! The perks are worth it: a team that knows how to play hockey, fans who know their hockey, and girlsgirlsgirls a natural resource in very short supply in Canuckleland. Hehehe

  6. Jim,

    I appreciate the offer to jump ship on teams but doing that is against everything i stand for, I respect anybody who has grown up being a habs fan like yourself and Dennis and all the other loyal canadians fans on this blog but the way you guys have grown up with the canadians colors running through your blood, I’ve done the same with the Canucks. Its been a tradition in my family to cheer for the canucks that was started by my Grandpa and passed down to my dad and theres no way i’d break that chain in a million years. Its been a long and sometimes painful road watching them but im forever greatfull to the team that has given my grandpa my dad and myself so many great times together as we watched them play ( not to mention its the same team who gave one of my dads best friends and also a good friend of Dennis’ Gary Lupul a shot to live his dream ) We may not have a Stanley Cup yet or the amazing history the habs have but when the day comes that we do get are Cup I will know I stood by them through thick and thin and never gave up on them. I will definitely listen to that Shania song either way though

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