Canadiens Marvelously Mediocre

I’m convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Habs, almost to a man, need serious professional help.

To stink in a crucial game, against a mediocre team like Buffalo. How can it be explained?

It can’t be explained by me, that’s for sure. I’m a lover, not a genius.

Montreal falls 3-1 to the Sabres, and have almost fallen right off the map. They now sit about 16th in a 15 team eastern division. They were flat, sloppy, and puzzingly uninspired, in a game they needed so badly. Outshot 19-7 in the second period. Outshot 40-28 over the course of the night.

Pass the Bromo Seltzer.

Yep, they had us going all right. That 7-2 thumping of the Detroit Red Wings last week. Now that was a team, a Montreal Canadiens squad to make us stand up and cheer and find hope in. They led us on, the bastards, because they came out tonight and the smell of vomit filled the air.

I’m not going to go on and on here. My heart’s not in it. I apologize, and I’m sure if you want to read the gruesome details, you won’t have much trouble finding everything on other sites

Random Notes:

I’ve had a sore back today.

Found a dime.

Cleaned the litter box.

Bastards in NJ Thursday.

Good night.



21 thoughts on “Canadiens Marvelously Mediocre”

  1. Hey Dennis, Well I was thinking sloppy before I read your comments.Their passing in their own end is horrible,they remind me of the Charlestown Chiefs when they decided to play old time hockey,” Eddie Shore,Toe Blake ,Dit Clapper”.How can you depend on your goalie as much as they did,40-28 shots for the Sabres.Carey Price be allowed to pick which team he would like to play for,because he must be getting tired of this.

  2. Derry, what a bunch of bumms. There’s no excuse for coming out like that and sucking. If only I understood cricket.

  3. Good bye for this year people. These bums aren’t going to make it. I’m tired of watching. I give up and may be back next year. WHo knows, maybe I’ll become a Canucks fan. At least they aren’t LOSERS like us.

    All the bruins fans and canucks fans are right. We have a piece of shit team.

    Sorry for negativity guys …

    Good night and good luck.

  4. If Price gets to upset with this teams prospects for the future he may go free agent….I don’t think he wants to be on a team thats going to tank and rebuild from a lottery pick….If he goes you may wish to tank and get Nail Yakupov from Sarnia…

  5. Chirping going on at the end of the game – Gaustead to Pacs “Where’s Chara” (two times) other Habs to Gaustead “Where were you when Lucic ran over Miller” ?

  6. I’m getting pretty damn fed up with this team. For the last three, four years (before Martin even) this team cannot play consistently. I’d like to know why.

    They’ll meet a strong team and beat them. Then they go up against a team that the Timbits could beat and lose, sometimes horribly. Why is this so? I don’t get it. Where’s the logic in this? In what universe does this make any sense? Do they feel bad for the other teams and give them the points just so they’ll be loved or something? Are we afraid of hurting their feelings?

    I am so mad at them. My neighbour went to this game – his first ever live hockey game. God I feel sorry for him. What a waste. I just hope the poor guy didn’t spend a fortune tonight.

    PK gave another slewfoot. Just suspend the clown already. I’m really disgusted with him right now.

    This team that was once so great has become a pale sad shadow of what it once was. This is not the real Montreal Canadiens. No way. This is some expansion team run buy a bunch of people who have never heard of hockey before.

    The average joe on the street could do a better job with this team than the real “pros” running it!

  7. Said it before, I’ll say it again. The best thing for the Habs would be to trade players for picks/prospects, and get a top 5 pick in the draft.

    The worst would be for the Habs to go on a winning streak, and end up losing guys in the offseason for nothing, and wind up out of the plaoffs with the 12th overall pick.

  8. Did you see “COLE” last nite? Not just his spectacular play but the fact that he was the ONLY player o stand at attention til all the military people left the ice. Wow he really gets it and is someone to build around talent,fire,spirit… I have been lucky enough to atch him from his early days at Clarkson University and you could see the talent he had and new he would not stay 4 years. Why did we not find him years ago? But the respect he has and he will not throw any team mates under the bus no matter how hard the media tries to get him to do so.

  9. re: Tom

    You are right Tom.. loading up with draft picks is the classic rebuild. The other is the “rebuild on the fly” that Burke is trying with my Leafs in Toronto which is very risky as for example if Kessel ended up to be a bust and Boston has Seguin (#2 overall) and Dougie Hamilton (9th overall) both of which seem to have great futures. Burke then went and got Lombardi, Lupul, Franson for next to nothing and signed Bozak as an undrafted college player. This is just a small sample of the houdini stuff Burke is doing and god knows what else he is going to do to get that power forward he cherishes….Having said all this it might all implode on him….

    The safe route is to tank it and get a Crosby, Mailkin or Taylor Hall with a first over all …..Yakupov look scary good ….

  10. dano58, Erik Cole’s been the team’s best player all year and if others came to play every night like him, they wouldn’t be in this mess.He seems like a great guy, along with being a great player. I had no idea he could skate like that until he joined the Habs. This guy, once he gets going, is as fast as anyone in the league. He blows by people. Thanks for this. In my little rants about the team, Cole is one of the few exceptions. He’s a beauty.

  11. Can’t argue with that, Tom. Especially at this stage when they’re about to fall off the cliff. Drastic changes need to be made, and I’m fed up with the way things have been handled, and with about ten players or so. I was reluctant to agree with you in the beginning but I do now.

  12. Danno, I can’t recall, ever, a more sad season than this. How they can come out so flat at such an inmportant time just boggles the mind.

  13. Well put, Darth. It’s a disgrace. And if we put everything aside about management and all that, there’s just no excuse for the players’ lousy effort last night. They should have been playing like it was game 7 of the Cup finals. Instead, they played without heart and soul. I just don’t get it.

  14. Martin, have you ever seen such a disgrace of a Montreal Canadiens team? They played like it was just another game, and that’s so unacceptable.

  15. Number 31, we’re so lucky to have Price. Let’s keep him and the Cole line and a couple of others and change this team up once and for all.

  16. Leaf Fan, I’m sure Price is going nowhere. All we need is Dr. Christian Bernard to come in and perform some heart transplants on a bunch of other ones.

  17. Dennis no need to buy but I’ll greatly appreciate it if you brew me a few pints of DKRFSB to drown my misery.

    I agree that unless Gauthier really screws up his salary cap management Price isn’t going anywhere as a RFA which gives us I think at least 2 years. Problem with our rebuild is who will want our rejects? Especially our biggest salary cap sucking one.

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