Canadiens Lose To The Sabres. But Everything’s Fine.

A loss is never a good thing. It kind of goes without saying. So Montreal losing 4-3 to Buffalo in a shootout isn’t a good thing.

But fans at the Bell Centre sure got their money’s worth. There was on-ice nastiness, hard hits, chirping, and good goaltending, especially by Buffalo’s Ryan Miller. Montreal’s big line of Koivu, Kovalev, and Tanguay had lots of chances once again. There was a big scrap between ex-Hab Craig Rivet and Tom Kostopoulos. And there was lots of shots – 37 by the Sabres to 35 by the Habs. And for the rest of us watching on RDS, we also saw a lovely lady behind the net in a low-cut red dress, and a little boy about two years old having a moment with Youppi.

Carey Price also showed he can perform in a shootout, and this is just another big sign his confidence is returning.

So I’m not treating this as the end of the world. The team got a point at least. They managed 35 shots on Miller, which is nice to see. They showed grit and played well. In fact, for me anyway, they played as well as I’ve seen them in a long time.

Random Notes:

Patrice Brisebois has had a good, long career. Over a thousand games, with a Stanley Cup ring in 1993. You can’t ask for more than that. He’s been making good money for years and probably has a nice big nest egg. Now I think it’s time he retired and carry on racing cars and doing the other things he loves.

I think I finally became convinced about this when he and Roman Hamrlik both backed in with an incoming Sabre swooping down, and Breezer, for whatever reason, slid over to Hamrik’s side and the opposing player simply skated in free as a bird. Or maybe it’s been a combination of all those passes up the middle that get intercepted on a nightly basis. Or possibly, it’s those times when he gets outskated. I like the guy, he’s personable, and so I’m only saying quietly that maybe the end is near now.


Alex Kovalev had two goals, while linemates Alex Tanguay added two assists and Saku Koivu managed one helper. Chris Higgins had the other goal. Canadiens were down 2-0 but stormed back and took the lead. But in the end…..

Tuesday, Chicago’s in town.

7 thoughts on “Canadiens Lose To The Sabres. But Everything’s Fine.”

  1. We did NOT lose the game! We tied it! The Sabres scavenged a bonus point from that stoooooooooooooooooooooopid shootout.

  2. I’m a little nervous about the fact that in the last two games they played much better in the first two periods then they did with the lead in the third. The Habs seem to lack that killer instinct and the ability to play one level higher when they know that the other team is going to. They seem to be caught by surprise every time their opponents come storming out of the gates to start the third period. I must say though that after the last few months, a competitive team is a real breath of fresh air.
    By the way, Barry Melrose was asked in an hockey chat what he thought the issue with the Canadiens was the last couple of months. His answer? “I think goaltending is the biggest problem with this team. This team could be one of the top in the NHL if they would be getting better netminding.”
    Um… what are you smoking, Barry? Do you not see the boxscore every game? The Canadiens getting outshot by 20 every game and giving away the puck 15 times minimum? How is this guy ESPN’s official hockey insider? Better yet, how did he last a full 16 games as Tampa’s head coach earlier this season?

  3. Of course I’m frustrated as should all honourable and right-thinking fans and we should continue to be so as long as that abominable shootout is inflicted on us. Donne said: Death be not proud for thou shall die ( or something to that effect); I say: Shootout be damned for thou shall be shot (metamorphically speaking). I also say: Sandy, you’re such a canucklehead.

  4. Melrose doesn’t know what he’s taking about. I agree. Sure the goaltending had some terrible stretches, but the team was also being outshot 37-20 every night. And you’re right about the third period. I should’ve mentioned that. They changed tactics and let the Sabres come on. It’s too bad. They deserved to win. Miller played well, though.
    And Jim, I agree with you about not losing, the Sabres grabbed an extra point in the shootout. But now, either you win or lose, and they didn’t win.

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