Canadiens Leave Their Game Back At The Hotel

There was a bright side to the dismal display in Dallas Tuesday evening. The cameras at the American Airlines Center in Dallas seem to be lower than in most rinks, the players were closer, and the view reminded me of telecasts out of the Forum and Maple Leaf Gardens instead of the eight miles high sightline we get on most nights now.

I even wrote a letter to the Canadiens after the new Molson (Bell) Centre opened, complaining about the cameras being too high, but I guess the letter somehow got misplaced.

Forget that Montreal outshot the Dallas Stars 29-17. They lost big, a 5-2 spanking, and have now racked up five losses in six tries. Stop the madness. They never dominated, were sloppy, Carey Price wasn’t Georges Vezina, and if there was ever a time for Jacques Martin to swear like Bruce Boudreau, it’s now.

The team was simply out of sorts for the most part. Passes were off, pucks were bouncing, Dallas seemed bigger and stronger, and Brian Gionta once again missed the net a bunch of times and I’m getting tired of listening to myself go on about the guy doing this. Hit the net for goodness sake.

I think if he was a little more accurate he’d have about twenty goals right now.

I’m also not a fan of sloppy passing, giveaways, and shorthanded goals, and you’re not either. What discriminating Habs fan would be happy with the bleu,blanc et rouge on this night and many nights lately. In fact, one of the more satisfying displays by the team was in Detroit, where they also happened to lose, but at least they looked good losing it. 

But looking good wasn’t the case with the Stars and Avalanche and a host of other teams, including the sad sack Leafs who appeared to be world-beaters ten days ago, thanks to Montreal. Leaf fans shouldn’t hate the Habs, they should love them for what they do for their team.

On a more upbeat note, it’s good to get a lousy, stinking slump out of the way before Christmas so they can buckle down for the big ride toward the playoffs. That’s the theory anyway. The power of positive thinking once again giving 110%.

Random Notes:

Mathieu Darche and Brian Gionta were the Canadiens goal scorers. Josh Gorges also scored on a beautiful deflection. Unfortunately, it was into his own net.

Stars coach Marc Crawford had this petrified look on his face whenever the camera zeroed in on him. I don’t recall him looking like he’d just seen a ghost when he coached in Vancouver but he does now. Maybe the job’s getting to him.

Maybe the job’s getting to Jacque Martin too.

On to Carolina where it’s time to sort this mess out.

13 thoughts on “Canadiens Leave Their Game Back At The Hotel”

  1. Hey Dennis,How many breakaways does it take to win a game?Three or more,actually the Stars had five I believe after my last count.Give aways must have been the theme of the last practise,as the Habs executed this part of the came perfectly.I love the way Josh Georges plays the game ..except for tonite,he wasn’t there at all,was there drinking allowed in the dressing room before the puck dropped?I just couldn’t see any plan to win this game at all,time for Kirk Muller to become head coach.

  2. Hi Derry. Maybe the Dallas nightlife is exceptional. Whatever, you’re right, there wasn’t much from the team at all. This can’t go on too long or they’ll fall hard in the standings. And if it continues for a few more games the heat will be on Martin and he’ll look terrified like Marc Crawford.

  3. Never did like Martin but gave him credit the last few weeks but now the wheels are falling off. They have to stop this now on this trip. I think it’s a lack of leadership. The leaders need to step up and demand consistency. I think we need a Scott Stevens / Messier / Muller / Gilmore type leader and we are far from that right now. FFS our D-men are slow-footed! We need younger nimbler, fighting D, not the plough-horse type. I think a trade is necessary. Coaching change and D-man addition. Can’t believe we pay Hammer $5M plus. He’s more the $2M variety like Gill. At least Gill is honest. We know what we’re getting with him. Hammer can’t keep the puck in the zone, takes stupid penalties and gets embarrassingly burned by younger skaters. Sorry for rant. It’ll pass.

  4. And another thing, Subban looked pathetic in his first fight. He’s lucky the other guy was sportsman-like and let him up. I am sure Avery would have put him in the hospital. WTF’s with Subban? He’s not the same performer we saw in the playoffs. I think his confidence is shot and needs psychological help. F**king Martin screwed this up too. Maybe time to bring in Weber and sit Hammer or Spacek.

  5. And another thing, I just notice AK47 wasn’t in the line-up. How bad is that I completely missed him last night. Too funny. Doesn’t bode well for AK. Maybe JM should sit himself in the press box for a few games too. Now rant is over FFS.

  6. Some random thoughts:

    Gio misses an open net a lot, but then again so do almost all of his teammates.

    Predictions for the hot-dog munching pressbox dwellers next game: PK Subban and Benoit Pouliot.

    Can we get rid of everyone on D, except Gorges & Subban? Gorges can rest until he heals, Subban can get paired with a veteran until he learns. I want the rest of them gone. Yes, all of them.

    I’m sure Jacques speaks to his team about all of their stupid play as of late. I’m almost just as sure they’re ignoring him.

    When Kirk Muller goes Bruce Boudreau on the Habs, with the out-of-character F-bombs during practice, and they respond with this kind of craptastic performance, it hardly makes me believe he’d be a better head coach than Jacques Martin. But then again, I don’t believe Jacques is a good head coach anyway.

    Habs need a Christmas miracle, cause the repeated butt-kickings aren’t doing it.

  7. Tyg, for me I’d keep Hal Gill too. He’s great in the locker room, keeps things loose, he’s won a Cup, he’s a vet, is popular, and is huge. These are important things. And I’d have Subbab take boxing lessons. I also wasn’t crazy about Subban making a display of his knuckles in the penalty box after the fight. The young fellow needs to work out a few things for sure. And why does this team look so listless sometimes?

  8. Mayo, I think we’re all getting a little tired of Kostitsyn showing good things, then going to sleep for far too long. He’s almost like Kovalev in this regard.

  9. watched 24/7 pens/capitals. kinda felt sorry for capitals but quickly snapped out of that dumb frame of mind. Not a bad show. Too many ‘F’ words – after 200th time. Players have to be more creative especially on national TV. Not a bad show but it would have been better if it were Bruins/Habs 24/7.

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