Canadiens Kick Things Off

Three unanswered goals by the Canadiens give the boys a sort of fine 3-2 win over the visiting Providence…er…Boston Bruins, thus getting things off to a fine start in preseason action.

The lineups of both teams were filled with players who won’t get a sniff of regular season action, and somehow it doesn’t seem right (at least to me) that fans at the Bell paid whatever it was – $100, $125 a seat. (Just guessing).

I checked and saw that Hamilton Bulldogs gold tickets will be $26 this year, so in a fair and just world, tickets to see players mostly destined to not be Montreal Canadiens soon should be only slightly higher than $26.

How about doubling it and making tickets in the reds an even 50 bucks or so for preseason action when only Tomas Plekanec, Andrei Markov, Rene Bourque, newcomer Tom Gilbert, and Jarred Tinordi  were the old guard suiting up, with the slack picked up by prospects.

There were moments though, both good and bad. Boston opened the scoring just 1.17 into the first when young Nikita Scherbak blindly passed behind himself, only to have the puck intercepted by the Bruins’ Ryan Spooner who then proceeded to fool Greg Pateryn, a fellow trying to win himself a job on the Habs blueline.

With just two seconds left in a Rene Bourque penalty, it became 2-0 Bruins, not that it mattered all that much I guess.

But then the Canadiens little by little began to scratch and claw and things slowly paid off.

Jiri Sekac, who played a poised and impressive game, fired one home from the circle with ten seconds left in the period, and it was 2-1.

In the second frame, Christian Thomas, son of Steve, tied the game with one second remaining in his team’s power play, with a little help from Bruins goalie Niklas Svedberg, who happened to bat it in while flailing away, and the game got livelier.

And in the third period, Drayson Bowman converted a Thomas pass with 48 seconds left to give the Canadiens their 3-2 win and earn Mr. Bowman the game’s first star.

Random Notes:

Jiri Sekac looked great at both the rookie and main camp, and never lost a beat tonight. Sekac’s rookie camp sheet has him listed as 6’02”, 182 pounds.

Habs 2014 first round draft pick Nikita Scherbak floundered for half the game, then began to find parts of his game and slowly came around. Scherbak is listed at 6’02”, 189 pounds, but appears leaner and lankier than Sekac, who truly looks like a mature hockey player.

Right winger Nick Sorkin (6’03”, 196), skated well and had several chances.

Big 6’5″, 240 pound Michael McCarron, after three or four solid wallops on unsuspecting Bruins, was driven into the goal post and at this point, it appears his arm took a serious beating, even possibly broken. It certainly didn’t look good.

Shots on goal, Montreal 28, Boston 24.

PK’s younger brother Malcolm was between the pipes for Boston in the third period and came up with several nice stops. PK in the press box looked proud.

Next game – Thursday, when the Avalanche (Daniel Briere?) pay a visit. How about doubling the regulars for game two.




19 thoughts on “Canadiens Kick Things Off”

  1. I think there be some talent on this here team! All the duffuss prognosticators going on about the scoring the habs lost with Gio and Bri gone aren’t taking into account that guys like Gallagher, Eller, Galchenyuk and maybe Sekac are still getting better and might cover the goal scoring that was not guaranteed to come from two aging players. Twits!

  2. So much frustration with Gio hitting the bulls-eye on the goalies gut almost every shot he took!!So he finally changed his shot—–TWO FEET OFF THE NET! May have been a good team guy and all but my heart did have room for him no more. Gonna have small players then look to Gally. Briere maybe was misused by coach but seemed a non factor many nites—considering how I cringed when he hit the ice as a Flyer, causing havoc for other teams. Georges– we lost a huge HEART guy; but his play making or lack there-of won’t be missed. Sorry to offend some folks with that thought. We’ll know a few weeks into the new season if Coach should stay or go. Personally, I don’t see him as a good choice to get the younger guys playing to their strengths. Seen enough D&C. [dump and chase the other guys who retrieved the puck] We got the makings of some ole time CH barnburner hockey, with a defence that can set the other guys on their butts now and again. And a 4th line with some zip. Be nice to have a shifty winger but the ole fart retired to journalism!! I’ll compromise with Weise. Happy birthday

  3. Peter, I had a beer with Dra58 and his friends yesterday, and he’s a guy who doesn’t like Therrien at all. But the boys did well last year, even though he seemed to play favourites and all that. I’m with you about Gionta. Too many shots into the gut.Time for a change. And Gorges will be missed in many ways. Who’s birthday is it?

  4. Danno, I wouldn’t use my valuable Canadian Tire money to watch Sens prospects, that’s for sure. I need it for other more important things, like clothes pegs and coffee cups. And you’re right – preseason hockey should be free ( owners aren’t greedy bastards, right?)

  5. Dennis, I was casually watching the game and really didn’t give two shits when Boston took the lead. After all, it’s only pre-season.

    Then my inner Maurice Richard woke up and cheered loudly when we scored three unanswered goals against those dastardly Bruins.

    The passion never dies.

  6. Good one, Danno. I kind of felt the same way, especially after seeing the lineups. But a win is a win, especially, like you say, against those dastardly, and I’ll add rotten bastards, Bruins. Yes inbdeed, the passion never dies. (unless you’re a pissed off fan west of here who can’t get the games on TV and are now saying they’ll never watch NHL hockey again).

  7. DK, thought just might catch the game on RDS as it was shown as scheduled. Set the PVR for Canadiens Express but after the usual over run of the sports time slot low & behold up came the screen saying BLACKED-OUT!! Rogers BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Mike, I heard last night that people west of Ottawa and Cornwall were getting blacked out and it’s absolutely bullshit. Surely the Canadiens could arrange something themselves. It’s not right that so many Habs fans are getting ripped off like this.

  9. When I look at the preseason schedule, the thing that stands out for me is how many of the games are in Canada. We Canadians are suckers for being gouged when it comes to hockey ($259 for Platinum seats). But if we want to see a game live, being gouged for the meaningless pre-season game is a lot cheaper and easier than trying to get regular season tickets ($428 for Platinum seats for premium games).

  10. You will need to spend more than $2,000 on merchandise at Canadian Tire to accumulate enough Canadian Tire Money to buy one beer at an Ottawa Senators home game.

  11. It was nice to finally meet you last night. Hopefully next time we have a little more time. Glad you got to meet my pal Maurice. We are die hard fans and are not in total agreement on M/T. We both like M/B and what he has done. I guess I am the big dissenter in the group but I am worried that M/B may not be able to take us to the promised land. I still feel he has no real ability to make any in game coaching changes and if we are destined to play a D&C game our success may be muted because of possession time. We finally have defenseman that can move the puck so we should control play more but not with a D&C style. I could go on but long day at work after getting home late.

  12. It was truly enjoyable, Dan. All you guys are great.vAnd I forgot to thank you for the beer. I think you’re right that Bergevin has no say in the style thst Therrien wants. A coach is a coach. Maybe in the past the talent wasn’t there to do anything but dump and chase, but maybe with new guys and the look of the team changing, adjustments will be made. I can’t wait to see how things unfold. We can’t forget that the young regulars are older and more experienced now, and if they can produce and nobody gets hurt, who knows? I’ve yet to hear anywhere that the team doesn’t stand a chance in hell if going all the way, unlike previous years. We need a Cup, damn it.

  13. DJ, great point. The core of the team is better than before, and it seems we’ve got a few beauties coming up. It’s going to be quite a trip for you to come from Kenora for the parade.

  14. I expect to be suiting up in a few months with the team, Peter. It could be possible that they lost my phone number and I’m not in the phone book. Maybe I should knock on Bergevin’s door. You’re on the same page as Dra58 about Therrien. Maybe he’ll change. If not, when I’m owner I’ll fire him and hire you guys.

  15. That’s a lot of scratch, Christopher. And the beer is still overpriced. Stop the world I want to get off. Or at least win the lottery like the couple in Orillia who just won 50 million.

  16. Danno, I don’t know if this is a double post but what I said is they don’t have leaf lovers, they along with Ma Bell own the the Laffs, no wonder we here in what they think is the centre of the hockey universe are shut out screwed & tatooed!! I hate the the Laffs but both les Canadien & Leafs are Canadian Icons & should be treated as such! I hope that this situation with some proper insite on the fabric of Canada’s wishes includes the two Icons.

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