Canadiens In The Zone…The Twilight Zone


I was watching one of my favourite TV  shows today, The Twilight Zone.

Have you seen any of this classic series? Ventriloquist dummies coming to life, weird things at bus stations, freaky little aliens on airplane wings.  George Stroumboulopoulos wearing shoes the length of a canoe.

Anyway, today’s episode was about a hockey team that one minute was one of the best in the world and a possible favourite to go all the way, and almost at the snap of a finger froze up like they were freaky aliens on an airplane wing over the North Atlantic.

Even the Toronto Bleeding Scabs thought they might be able to leap over them in the standings. It was that bad.

Sports writers were ruthless. Fans considered jumping off bridges. Little kids cried. Bloggers tried to think about what to write.

Why did Rod Serling screw with our minds like that?

Canadiens fall 3-1 to the Washington Capitals, their sixth straight loss, their tenth in eleven games, eleven in thirteen etc. No one’s scoring except Daniel Carr. The team has just six goals in these latest six losses. Marc Bergevin is making calls about Mike Bossy.

It’s enough to send me to the fridge where the brandy is, like a thirsty zombie in The Twilight Zone.

Next – Monday in Tampa Bay, where the boys can drop televisions and drive cars into the hotel pool if they so desire. They’re rich, pampered athletes. They can do whatever they want.

And frankly, dropping TVs and drowning cars to let off steam might be exactly what they need. Christmas at home didn’t help.

26 thoughts on “Canadiens In The Zone…The Twilight Zone”

  1. Something has contaminated the room and affected the attitude of this team which once looked invincible. Price and Gallagher being absent cannot explain the entire team being on strike. What the hell is going on? Pacioretty making vague little remarks is not what I consider leadership. If he has some kind of problem he should man up and spell it out instead of playing head games with management and the fans. I’m fed up with this crap and calling a spade a spade. Over and out.

  2. No one can explain what is going on with the Habs but we have a serious lack of leadership , scoring and team dedication . They are flat like pancakes and lost in a bad space . Make 2016 a year to remember not to forget please …

  3. I must say I am a bit surprised as well as disappointed in this extended slump. Unlike many fans I wasn’t thrilled about this team’s chances to do much because of their lack of toughness…….no not fighting toughness just a robust type of play. However I did think they would play decent hockey untill it mattered in post season as usual. MB has fooled many on here as a genious behind the scenes schooling other GMs and when will he strike next….well we are seeing when the going gets tough where we stand as a team. Not good is where we stand. I mean when you are paying 10 million a year to PK Subban well need I say more. I do apologize to the many PK deciples for that remark but it is true once you take a close look. Either he has takena step backwards or the coaches style has really madehim into a non factor in games. Oh I do agree he is talented and looks good making the cute little turns on the ice…resetting I think they refer to it as….just not effective for the money. In the interests of maintaining the really good quality of this site I will only add I hope they can get some winning ways back in their game when CP and B Gallegar return.

  4. Somehow the “Legacy ” remains in the dressing room and never makes it to the ice….and has somebody removed the
    “No Excuses” sign?….there definitely is a morale issue in that room…that requires a major kick in the ass….if the trend continues i am certain heads will roll…sorry for the negative vibe…. but as the sign says “No Excuses”!!!…and don’t play the Price, Gallagher card…it’s not a team of 2!

  5. if we are depending solely on Price to win games for us we will not win the Stanley Cup. Good teams, when they lose star players, still win half of their games or more. I live in Winnipeg and the Jets had lots of injuries last year but they banded together and worked hard every night and made the playoffs.
    There’s no grit or skill on this team. Period. Carr is outscoring Pacioretty. what’s with that. The Hab’s philosophy has been build small and speedy with little grit. It’s not working. they seem to happy that their top scorer gets 60 points a year. this is not the formula for a Stanley cup. The lack of skill is the one thing that constantly stands out. The reason Calgary is winning with less than skilled player is hard, hard, hard work. It’s time to part with Pleks, Desharnais, Eller. we need a couple of scorers.

  6. I’m sorry if I got a little carried away with my comments up above. But we are all running out of patience with this team and the torture never stops.

    This is how I felt after last night’s game…

  7. You didn’t get carried away, Danno, you told it like it is. We invest our time, heart, and money in being fans, and we deserve better than this horrendous slump.

  8. The thing about losing Price, Frank, is that it’s for a lengthy time. No team can do well when their star goalie is on the shelf for a long time and has to rely on a couple of guys who aren’t first stringers. What I don’t understand is the lack of points from the key guys like, as you mentioned, Max. No one has stepped up and I find it a mystery. Slumps are tough things. Tough to handle for all concerned, and tough to break out of. I want to see some real character from these guys during this time. Even a fight or two would be nice. These are dark days and enough’s enough.

  9. I agree, Ed, that it’s a morale issue, and it’s time for the GM to step in and shake things up. It’s an unacceptable embarrassment.

  10. Hi Cliff. Right now PK isn’t earning his dough, and the two guys who usually earn are both sidelined. But Ed’s right, it’s not a two-man team. Right now scoring has dried up to the point of ridiculous, dumb penalties are seen every night, the pp has gone south, and guys are probably not happy with each other which can poison a room in a hurry. Maybe one win will get them going, maybe not. One thing’s for sure, most GMs would have pulled the trigger on some kind of shake up by now. But our guy remains quiet.

  11. Joe, leadership could indeed be the biggest problem. But I like Max, much more than I liked Gionta. I sure don’t have any answers.

  12. I agree with Dannos first post but keeping it in the same line of DK’s thoughts, I feel we’re Lost in Space with Captain Janeway. What we need is Jean-Luc Picard to take charge & issue the order Engage, make it so # 1 ! 🙂

  13. Hi Dennis….our team doesn’t check with any enthusiasm….there is something going on I think thast isn’t or hasn’t surfaced. they just can’t have fell this far off in talent. They were a soft team before the collapse but man this is serious now they have actually stopped hitting altogether now.. I tape the games so I can watch them over and really pay attention to individuals……Max is floating out there most nights………PKwhile solid on defense for him is less engaged I think in general……..all the goals being scored lately are being scored by AHL players. It doesn’t add upo to me this prolonged losing streak. We’ll see soon I think. CP and Gallager combined won’t change much if there are issues with leadership or coaching. Stay tuned I say.

  14. Lost in space, Mike, but I believe at some point they turn the space ship around. Unless they crash into Pluto or Jupiter.

  15. I can’t disagree, Cliff, and I think they need a shake up. I think it’s a decent bunch of d-men and forwards, missing one huge thing (aside from hitting and toughness) – they can’t beat any goalies they face. They’re making all of them look like Jacques Plante.

  16. A couple of things…

    – I think back to their season opening 9 game winning streak and thinking to myself….”these guys cannot continue to play with this incredible level of intensity and forechecking or they will be wiped out by mid season”. I didn’t realize I had such an influence on our Habs, so at this time I am approving a higher level of intensity starting with our next 2 Florida games”

    – as a Canadian living in Wisconsin, I am a big Green Bay Packers fan. There is an eerie similarity between our Habs and the Packers season. The Packers are led by last year’s MVP at Quaterback ..Aaron Rodgers. During preseason he lost his # 1 receiver Jordy Nelson. Just like the Habs it is almost inconceivable that a single player can have such a dramatic impact on a team. Don’t get me wrong, the Packers like the Habs are a good team but they cannot be considered a championship caliber team without their “stud” players. In our case Price is scheduled to be back, whereas The Packers lost Nelson for the season. Both are team sports, but man o man there are very special players out there that can just elevate a team!

  17. If the boys on skates had 1/4 the grit/heart/attitude of the folks on this site——-we’d be DOING FINE. Coach Thornbush– yes he’s regressed back to that—- doesn’t use his guys to their potential. Scotty Bowman preached defense, defense sure! But when you play defensive hockey, you end up with de puck—- then you get the blazes OUT of your end and pass de puck till you shoot de puck in their net—–not over or beside de net. Even Chris Nilan did that between doonybrookin’ why, why, why dump and chase the other guys. If there is a “cancer” in the room—–OUT!!!!!!!Oh, I respect the French culture, people and all that equation; but I’ll go on a limb here; if a non French speaking coach took us to standing ovations as ONLY the Bell Center crowd can—that issue would be laid too rest. So get with it Mr. Bergeron, ditch Thornbusn and bring a coach [either lanuage] to take this team to the next level. I give crap who’s in our net, we won’t win many games scoring one or at rare times 2 goals. Gally gets the hacking, slashing, whacking each and every game—NO ONE got the guts to stand beside him and horizontalize some of those guys. But Max did say we got each others back, so I must need new glasses. That felt good. Sorry it has to be this way for us again, thot we’d moved on to being a contender.

  18. Your last sentence says it, Pat. With Price in nets the team plays differently. They play with more confidence, are less concerned about making a mistake. Maybe it’s why they’ve stopped scoring. I want them to hit the net more often. Rebounds mean good things, but it’s like they go for small holes. Nice example about Nelson, Pat, and it’s true, teams need the special players. Man, living in Wisconsin, you didn’t exactly move to a warmer climate!

  19. A wonderful rant, Peter Hab. Thornbush, cancer in the room, Gally, Max, folks on this site. There’s nothing I can add. You’ve done a bang up job.

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