Canadiens Grab Metropolit

Montreal claimed Glen Metropolit off waivers today from the Philadelphia Flyers. Not only is Metropolit a good, honest, hard-working forward, but he’s also a kind of human interest story as well. Metropolit grew up in Toronto’s harsh inner-city in a crime-ridden neighbourhood, where welfare was the bread and butter and gangs ran rampant. Metropolit fought his way through this, and against way too many odds became a success story. And he readily admits that it was only a fine line between growing up to live a normal life, or growing up with drugs, violence, jail, or worse.

Welcome to Montreal, Glen Metropolit. If you can make it through the harsh reality of inner-city life, you can make it through the harsh reality of the Montreal Canadiens pressure cooker.

4 thoughts on “Canadiens Grab Metropolit”

  1. 1st, allow me to welcome to Dennis to the HockeyBarn Community. It’s a real pleasure to have someone with a great knowledge of the famed Montreal Canadiens contributing to our site.

    As for Glen, he seems to be the guy to replace Begin. A real hard worker who puts his hard hat on and gets to work. Great addition of some grit to a team that really needed it.

    Launy “The” Schwartz

  2. Hey Dennis;Habs were outshot tonite but Jaro kept them in there,great to see.We beat the slimy flyers once more ,keeps the team up,hope the trades workout

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