Canadiens Get ‘Er Done

Canadiens win their third straight game by edging the Pittsburgh Penguins 3-2 at the Bell, the team’s third straight win, and the second time in two nights they held a 3-0 margin and managed to hold on and win 3-2.

Excellent. And as a coup de grace, I watched it in Punjabi. My brother’s TV only showed lesser, unimportant affairs, like the Leafs and such.

I had no problem watching it in Punjabi. In fact, I welcome the time I get to do it again. I thought Harnarayan Singh and his buddy Bhola Chauhan were excellent, even though the only words I recognized were “power play” and “million dollars”.

Harnarayan and Bhola – the Dick and Danny of Punjabi broadcasting.

Max Pacioretty scored twice to lead his team, and it’s fine thing to see Max getting it done, firing seeing-eye shots, being the productive power forward we all know and love. Good things happen when Max is on his game.

Sidney Crosby has seen better nights. He seemed out of sorts, had disagreements with P.K. and Pleks, and with his helmet off looked like he was suffering from a hangover.

His buddy Evgeni Malkin was dangerous though, and his rush in the third period that led to James Neals’s second goal reminded me of Malkin when he played in the World Juniors seven or eight years ago. Malkin was unstoppable back then, and he was unstoppable on that rush.

Although having said that, some defencemen might have stopped him. Just not ours at that time.

But whatever. That’s too much nice stuff about the enemy.

Carey Price was once again solid, stopping 29 of 31 shots. The guy at the other end, Fleury, wasn’t so hot.

Tomas Plekanec also lit the lamp. And Brian Gionta was often a force to be reckoned with.

Brendan Gallagher once again got the old nose dirty, created havoc, crashed the net, riled up Kris Letang, and continues to transfer distinct energy to teammates. He did all this, even with a lousy moustache.

Three straight wins, with Max scoring five times in that stretch. The team now jumps ahead of Detroit in the wild card position, and are closing in on Toronto and Tampa Bay in conference standings. Surely they can handle Buffalo on Wednesday to keep this thing going.

Goodnight. Sweet dreams. Or as they say in Punjabi – nitinkurangale.








5 thoughts on “Canadiens Get ‘Er Done”

  1. I’m not a Crosby hater–rather I admire his talent—but oh did the boys ever shut down his game!!! Face-off wins, scoring plays,yap-yaps to distract him. And I’m NOT nervous as much when the other guys come into our end with the puck–even on a breakaway. Way to go Price!!![Budaj does his part too.] Does the new goalie coach have such an impact? Waiting for my Russian Train Wreck [#74] too derail some opposing freight cars.

  2. I hope that you had some lamb vindaloo with all of that punjabi dialogue, Dennis!

    Last night was a huge, huge win for the team, not just because it won a game against a conference rival, its second such victory in two days, but because of the way it won. I don’t think that anyone can deny that when you line up the players from both teams, Pittsburgh has far more talent than Montreal, starting with Crosby (the best player in the game right now, in my opinion) and Malkin (as skilled an offensive player as there is), and going to Kris Letang, who is every bit PK Subban’s rival in terms of offensive skills on the blue line. Yet, Montreal persisted and won, in regulation no less, getting two goals from a MaxPac who seems to finally be finding his form.

    Nothing to be unhappy about with that.

  3. Peter, maybe Emelin would have crunched fellow countryman Malkin on that rush that led to their second goal. I’d love to see him crunch Kadri at the end of the month.

  4. Awesome game, Ian. Awesome three games. Max is rolling, Price and Budaj are solid, Gallagher etc. All they’re missing at this point I think is a better stick boy.

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