Canadiens Get A Point


Never mind that the Canadiens somehow came back from a 2-0 deficit to take the lead in the final frame.

Forget that the Ottawa Senators then tied the game with just 2:33 left.

Don’t even think about the up and down, tense 3-on-3 in overtime which didn’t solve a thing.

And try to hide the pain from the face palm you planted on yourself after David Desharnais completely fanned in the shootout which gave the enemy the win.

They didn’t play well, but it won’t do us any good to dwell. We could end up angry and bitter like Donald Trump if we dwell.

Ottawa 4, Montreal 3.

We care, us Habs fans, and we definitely can’t go through major misery like last year. And although the gang squeaked out a point, it was a lousy point that also ended in embarrassing fashion.

I hope the sports networks feel our pain and DD’s frustration, and not show the shootout fanning.

And because most of the boys were lousy for three quarters of this game in Ottawa, it stings a bit more than usual to see them play like they’d gone in back in time to the previous year. We made it, we have scars, and we don’t need to be reminded.

Of course it’s only game two, with another 80 to go, but it doesn’t matter how many games because we have big expectations, and we’ve been waiting all summer for a new dawn. And in this game two, the new dawn was dark and downright miserable, and showed there’s a lot of sorting out to do before visions of going deep into the playoffs next spring dance in our heads.

Thank goodness for Al Montoya, in nets once again for Carey Price, who might have the flu. That’s what they say about our star goalie anyway.

Montoya had 38 pucks fired at him and was steady, while the shaky team in front of him managed just 24 on Sens goalie Craig Anderson. The Canadiens first period was sloppy, disorganized, and downright pathetic, as was much of the second. And although they clawed back and made a game of it, overall it was reasonably sad, but at least there’s a point racked up.

Come to think of it, we don’t want them to win every game out of the gate because that’s what they did last year in their first nine. So that’s sort of a positive, isn’t it?

It leaves a sour taste, though. Even though it’s only game two.

Random Notes:

Jeff Petry, back in the lineup, scored a pair, while Habs rookie Artturi Lehkonen banged one in that tied things at two apiece, with the goal being his first in the bigs.

Habs biggest few minutes of the night? When the score was even at two, the Canadiens killed almost a full two minutes with both Paul Byron and Max Pacioretty in the box.

Next up, Tuesday, when the Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins visit Montreal for the Habs home opener. Will Price be in nets? Who knows. Maybe if he takes enough cod liver oil.

New guy watch –

There were moments when Shea Weber, especially on the power play, blasted a handful of scary shots at the Sens net. But he often missed, and he didn’t score.

Alexander (Sasha) Radulov was quite a force, worked hard, and was one of the better players for his team.

Andrew Shaw wasn’t a factor, and Mikhail (Misha) Sergachev was in the press box.

Old guy watch –

None of them were much good.




10 thoughts on “Canadiens Get A Point”

  1. Shit game!…i’m still trying to figure out what these guys do at practice?!…well it’s early in the season…hopefully this was not a preview of things to come…and things will greatly improve…Al Montoya played a great game!..glad he’s around when the Price ain’t right!..and Radulov’s shoot out goal was a beauty!..Counting the days to PK’s appearance when Nashville plays Montreal in Jan. 2017…until then keep those updates coming and thanks!

  2. Come to think of it, we don’t want them to win every game out of the gate because that’s what they did last year in their first nine. So that’s sort of a positive, isn’t it?”

    You nailed it right there far as I saw.

    great the season’s back on the beam! But thisDavy D has gotta be hiding his head in shame! poor little fella! hahaha

  3. Well two games three points, normally I’d say great start: But.
    We were out played by the Buffalo but managed to win, out played by Ottawa and snuck out with a point. To me at least not the best of starts. Now we get to Price, the rumours are already starting in good old Montreal. I guess he’s out with a middle body injury. I like most on this site could not suffer through another season like the last one!

  4. Disappointing to say the least. What happened to that good feeling in my bones? It’s only two games in but I was expecting so much more. Maybe they’ll get their collective poop together to face the Pens. Here’s hoping.

  5. I just saw Davey’s fan again, on the morning news, Bill, as soon as I turned the TV on. They were lucky to get a point. And Weber has to hit the net more.

  6. Hi Moey. We expect more from these guys and last night was as dismal as can be. But they’ll turn around and be a force to be reckoned with. I’m 50% sure. ?

  7. Game three should be interesting, Mike. And I like your comment about the middle body injury and it’s the brand new Quote du Jour.

  8. Montoya was solid, Ed, while most of the guys in front of him were gooey mush. I’m starting to wonder about Pacioretty, if maybe the captain’s role has screwed his head up. It’s early for the team and Max but we’re Habs fans and we expect wonderful things right away, but I see nothing wrong with that. Hoping they’re not bums on Tuesday.

  9. So, you seem to be facing the next 80 with some trepidation. And I as well, It’s the same numb hands holding the reins! Oh Carey how Habs fans pray for you.

  10. Thanks GFK Waiting for the day they look fantastic. And that includes the power play, along with the vets, most of whom seem asleep.

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