Canadiens Find A Way

From start to finish, the Habs and Winnipeg Jets gave us a humdinger, with just about everything thrown in – goals, pucks off goalposts, fights, nastiness, great plays, close calls, a see-saw battle. and the G-Force rising fans out of their seats. And in the end, Canadiens win 4-3, their fourth straight and the fourth time in a row they’ve scored four goals.

It’s good right now. Early but good.

Two more power play goals for a team that a year ago couldn’t score into a soccer net. But things are different all round now, beginning with Andrei Markov leading the charge, notching two assists tonight, both on the PP, for a nice total of four goals and three assists thus far. He’s the key guy, and has been outstanding so far.

Tomas Plekanec, Rene Bourque, and Brian Gionta were dangerous all night, with Bourque opening the scoring with a big blast from far out, and Plekanec finding the back of the net on the power play in the third, which was the winner. Gionta chipped in on Bourque’s marker.

Carey Price seemed shaky for awhile, and made things a bit nerve wracking in the early going. But as things carried on, he settled in and came up big often. Price was an important reason the gang skated away with two points on this night.

And then there was the G. Force – Galchenyuk and Gallagher. They’ve injected youthful spirit and charm into this team, and they’re getting their points to back up an energy you don’t see often in the NHL. In the World Juniors, energy and enthusiasm like this abound. In the bigs, not so much. As the season unfolds, things may calm down with these two, but for now, all they do is catch our attention, create all kinds of excitement, and produce timely goals and assists. They’ve been a joy, and with them on board, along with a sensational Markov, this season has promise written all over it.

But I can’t get carried away, it’s only five games in. Then I say too bad, because I like it.

Random Notes:

Shots on goal Montreal 26, Jets 22.

The Canadiens blew a two-goal cushion, then rallied from down 3-2 to come back and win it. It was one of those fine nights when the team got it done and folks got their money’s worth.

I still can’t get over that play late in the game when Brandon Prust was smashed into the boards, a dangerous play that could have seen Prust injured, and instead of giving the Jets player a boarding penalty, Prust was sent off for diving. I didn’t get this at all, and I strained to understand any explanation from the RDS guys but my French is lacking somewhat. I still don’t get it. Am I missing something?

Raphael Diaz now has no goals but seven assists. Galchenyuk is at one goal and four assists, and Gallagher two and two. Erik Cole finally got his first, which has to be a relief, and Tomas Plekanec sits at three and one. Now we wait for David Desharnais to get cracking.

Onwards to Ottawa for a tilt tonight. Habs fans will out in full force for sure.



10 thoughts on “Canadiens Find A Way”

  1. The Canadiens found a way is right, and our Gals are doing great! Kudos to Therien as well, he appears to be a good leader and cheerleader. Aren’t we glad we don’t have Hartley? Flames at the bottom of the barrel…

  2. These guys do not quit! Last year, the Habs would fold after giving up a 2-0 lead. I love the physical nature of play (we might get our Marchand nose job after all)! Bourque’s hustle is still amazing, Prust and Moen leading the physical play, CP31’s play… man, they are just fun to watch.

    I know it’s early in the season, but we might have something going on beyond April 27…

  3. Dennis, Gallagher and Galchenyuk are my new superheroes.


    G Force!

    Protecting Earth’s entire galaxy.

    Always five acting as one.

    Dedicated. Inseparable. Invincible!!!

  4. Marjo, had almost forgotten about Hartley. Darn right I’m glad we don’t have him. Therrien’s been good in different ways. Just another smart move by Bergevin, who seems to be doing everything right.

  5. Great fun to watch, Mike. Things are going great right now and Prust has been a big part. And even though Price seemed shaky early on, he came up big. And those kids…

  6. Danno, what a perfect intro for our G-Force.
    This short season could be a blessing for the kids. A long drawn out 82-game season could wear them down, especially playing against men much stronger than they’re used to. 48 games might be perfect. They’re sure fun to watch.

  7. I am still pinching myself about how good these Habs are playing.

    When will the alarm go off and wake me from this pleasant dream?

  8. Danno,

    I don’t think the alarm’s going off. When the Jets went up, it was the perfect time to fold tent and get blown out. These guys play like they “get” wearing the bleu blanc rouge, something a few of the recently departed (Goatmex) failed to understand.

    I’m a week late, but it very cool to Mike Ribeiro’s smirk disappear as the Habs ran him! From the GM to the rookies, this is a new day for our team.

  9. Mike, I’ve loathed Ribeiro ever since he faked a serious injury when he was playing for the Habs in a game against Boston. Everybody thought it was serious, he writhed in pain, then he got up and laughed and mocked the Bruins bench. |t really turned me off.

  10. Mufferaw-Joe!!!! I get to see my second game tonight [ bahum bug the season opener was] Trusting my prediction were almost closely accurate. Enjoy folks. Dennis hope you get the nite off– will your raft make it to the pub @ the marina?

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