Canadiens File Off Some Sharks Teeth

I didn’t see the game because I’m in the middle of nowhere that took me a while to get to. But when it got dark and headlights began to give me headaches, I found a motel and stopped. And I asked the lady at the front desk, “do you have internet?” and she did, and so I plugged in, went to the scoreboard, and there it was. The Canadiens beat those mighty San Jose Sharks 3-2.

So it means four in a row. It means Florida and Buffalo both lost. And it means Josh Gorges scored another goal, his third of the campaign. Jaroslav Halak stopped 46 shots and deserves a raise. And the Habs are now only one point behind the fourth-place Flyers. Life is good. It’s a fine Saturday night on the road to somewhere.

I’m sorry I can’t say more. But I didn’t see the game. I can’t say much if I didn’t see any.

Random Notes:

Canadiens don’t play again until Wednesday when they travel to Buffalo. I’m sure the guys are feeling much better about things, although they continue to be outshot in a slightly embarrassing fashion.

If Josh Gorges can score 43 more goals in the next 19 games, he will tie Bobby Orr’s 1974-75 output of 46 goals.

6 thoughts on “Canadiens File Off Some Sharks Teeth”

  1. Love the last line. The first period was great, the rest was terrible for anyone who had pre-existing heart problems. I’m sure the papers will be reporting multiple deaths due to heartattacks. Further research will show that all the people who died did so while watching this game.

    Hope you’re enjoying being in the middle of nowhere!

  2. Thanks EP. I think, even with four in a row, there’s still a ton of work to do. But with Josh lighting it up, things should get better. But geez, four in a row. Sure is nicer than a nine game losing streak.

  3. I’m happy my Canadiens are winning, but Guy Carbonneau really, really has to learn how to coach with the lead. I wasn’t able to watch Friday night’s game, but the game against Vancouver as well as last night’s tell me that the one who’s being saved by Halak isn’t Briseboise or any other player. It’s the coach. I still don’t think, and probably never will, that Carbonneau is meant to be a head coach. He’d probably be a good assistant coach, even great at times, but he’s simply not the right guy to have everything on his shoulders. And yeah, I’m still ticked that Julien was fired.

  4. I don’t know if it’s just me but what kind of hits now constitute a penalty being called ? I’m refering to the interferance called on Komiserik to begin the 2nd period. The SJ guy crosses the blue line & fires the puck in, the pucks just left his stick & Komi stands him up & takes him out & they call that interferance. Thats just a good D-man taking his man, it’s not like he waited 5 seconds it was a shot, a hit whats the problem ! The good news though we weathered the storm & earned 2 valuable points !!
    Cheers fom the East GO HABS GO !!!!!

  5. I watched the entire game on your behalf DK. The 1st period was definetly one of the finest of the season. It was really sweet to see the Sharks loosing throughout the whole game–hope they can keep that up, at least ’til next weekend’s HNIC is over. Your Halak has been fairly stellar of late and I agree with you — he should be in for a nice raise. Hope you’re closer to ” somewhere” by Weds. gametime. Cheers.

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