Canadiens Fall To Falling Leafs

It could’ve been a beauty of a night.  A glorious night to make life even more miserable for the Toronto Maple Laffs.

The Canadiens could have added a serious blow to the Leafs hopes of playing in the post-season, with Toronto coming in with a 1-9-1 record, a record that got coach Ron Wilson fired, and everyone feeling quite lousy about themselves. Randy Carlyle’s debut behind the Toronto bunch could’ve been deliciously ruined. It could’ve been a nice night for the paying customers, who haven’t seen a ton of wins at the Bell Centre this season, and it would have given Darth, who was at the game, something to cheer about.

And hell, I’ve always loved seeing Montreal stomp on the Leafs on Hockey Night in Canada.

Yes, it could’ve been a beauty of a night. Instead, it sucked the big one.

Ex-Hab Mikhail Grabovski scored the winner and the insurance goal for Toronto to once again rub salt in the nose of his former employer and the Habs, in losing 3-1 on this night, have their own pitiful record to worry about. Never mind about the 1-9-1 record the Leafs had going into this. Montreal has two wins in the last 10.

So tonight it was the battle of two teams in freefall.

It just wasn’t to be as the Canadiens scored one feeble goal and allowed Toronto to score three, two of which were in the third period, a period when Montreal usually blows it and once again they did. Overall this season, the Canadiens have been outshot by a margin of 71 to 48, and of course It’s been one of the giant achilles heels in the Habs story this season, letting things slip away in the final 20 minutes. How come they can’t play 60 minutes?

Random Notes:

Erik Cole opened the scoring on a nice play between him and linemates David Desharnais and Max Pacioretty. Such a great line. One of the few things, along with the penalty kill, that we can boast about.

Brad Staubitz got into a dandy scrap with Mike Brown, and I give the edge to Staubitz for more punches thrown, although I didn’t count them.

Shots on goal were a ridiculous 42-22 for Toronto. I have no words for this.

Don Cherry on Coaches Corner was all worked up over Brian Burke not having any players from Ontario on the team. It was a lively rant and I agree, a few local guys are always a nice touch. The other Ontario team, the Ottawa Senators, have five players from the province in their lineup. But maybe I should stop here. I don’t want to get into the issue of Habs and Quebec-born players.

The Canadiens now start their annual Western Canada swing, playing in Calgary on Tuesday, Edmonton on Thursday, and Vancouver Saturday. As far as I know, Luci and I will be at the game in Vancouver.


15 thoughts on “Canadiens Fall To Falling Leafs”

  1. Well Habbies I’ll take the win … pretty solid considering my Leafs swan dive..We both should be looking to the summer draft ..Its suppose to be pretty deep especially on defense talent…

    Got to say that Subban is quit piece of work….

  2. I sent you an email Dennis about the game. This game was essentially a piece of crap. The Leafs looked like SC Champions compared to us at some points!

  3. The turning point was the Staubitz scrap. The Habs were dominating early, up 1-0. After that fight, the Leafs started coming back.

    With all the momentum our way, it was the wrong time for a fight for the Habs, and the perfect time for the Leafs.

    It changed the game.

  4. For once I fully agree with Cherry. Furthermore, too many Americans on our team as much as I love them.

    Watch out Canada, the Americans are trying to beat us at our number 1 sport…

  5. AND there’s nothing wrong with Quebeckers wanting home-grown on their team either. We spend years raising them, cheering them, countless hours in arenas, some are our neighbors so WHY not?!

  6. Good point, Tom. It did change after that. So it’s a fine line between deciding whether ot go or not.But also, lots of guys didn’t play well and very few earned their money on this night. I think they need professional help.

  7. I just noticed this post…….. I totally disagree with cherry. Since when do we start distinguishing between Canadians? Isn’t it bad enough that for years he has driven a wedge between French and English Canadians without trying to divide the rest of the country too? The leafs have 10 Canadians from west of Ont. They are still Canadians. They are not Canadians prefaced by Manitoba- Canadian, BC-Canadian etc….. They are Canadian. Do we start regulating how many nationalities each team is required to carry depending on area? ….. You better rethink this Donny boy. It sounds awfully commie, pinko socialist coming from a conservative dinosaur like you.

  8. But Hobo, isn’t it a nice touch to have some local boys in the lineup? And Cherry was going on about how Burke had all these US college boys and nobody from Ontario, which I think is valid, I suppose. As long as it’s the best talent available.

  9. it is a nice touch, i agree….. i don’t think it is a conscience effort on burke’s part to take u.s. college players over any other. the leafs drafted more ontario players than any other team last year. not his fault they can’t cut it. i guess they have better luck drafting else where….. i would love to see the flying frenchmen of old, but it is a 30 team league and the good quebec players get spread out pretty thin. how many quebec born players are in the top 30 draft picks anyway? i don’t know, i’m just asking………. i think cherry has a bone to pick with burke, who doesn’t give him the time of day because he is an asshole….. life is more global now than ever and hockey is no different. hard to take for an unenlightened soul like donny boy………. hey leaf fan from ottawa, i’m comin’ to join you at the back of the bus……………. i would rather have burke running my team than MR.GOAT

  10. Hobo, I think Cherry and Burke are big enemies. And yes, as muchg as I think Burke can be an arrogant bastard sometimes, I’d take him over Gauthier. Gauthier has done nothing to win us over.

  11. everything….he is privileged because of what he represents, not where he was born, which is fine. if you win, no one cares what passport you carry, the same should be true if you don’t win. the important thing is the sweater you wear…..i’m just sayin’ ……. if the leafs were winning, cherry would be singing a different tune, still out of tune tho.

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