Canadiens Even Things Up

The Canadiens evened the series  on Friday night after Tomas Plekanec, a player Habs fans have almost given up lately due to his lack of fire power, scored with just 17 seconds left in regulation time, and Alexander Radulov, with his marker at 18:34 into the first overtime frame, gave the Canadiens a 4-3 overtime win in game two of the Stanley Cup opening series.

A big win. Huge.  Life is worth living again!

Now that’s hockey!

Things now stand at a game apiece going into New York on  Sunday evening, and for the Canadiens, it’s now time to grab the series lead.

I just can’t say enough about this big win tonight, I feel like shouting, but I’m a bit drunk. I’m also worried that I’ll wake up Lucy and baby Lyla.

I was out with my buddy Homer and his lovely lady Corrine tonight, and Homer likes the Habs, only because he listens to Chris Nilan on Nilan’s radio talk show every morning. Basically, Homer’s a Canucks fan because he grew up on the west coast, but because of Nilan he’s cheering for the Habs,  and whatever,  he’s a great guy.

I missed a lot of tonight’s game, but it’s not my fault. I love the result, that’s all.  Now the series is tied. Go Habs.





14 thoughts on “Canadiens Even Things Up”

  1. A total freaking maniac.
    That is one Alexander Radulov Esq.
    After scoring what undoubtedly is the most important goal this season, he looked like a pit bull chasing an epileptic rabbit. He just didn’t know which way to turn. A gritty determined bunch stepped up and got ‘er done. I’ll stick with my argument that garbage goals will be the end of one of these teams. I’m hoping we score more than them. The King was amazing but any great goalie is going to be beaten by crap, look at the Rangers go-ahead goal. Again, the name of the game is to shoot it at the net. Let the Gods of pinball decide the rest.

  2. That overtime period was something else!!!!!Radulov seems more happy for the team and fans than for himself.
    Oh how a man can be a kid at heart. That’s what The Bell does to it’s loved ones. How sweet to see the two midgets team up for a goal..Gally11 and Byron. Someone get a bird-net to bring Dennis back to his perch…..and a few of the regulars on this blog who tend to soar after a big win. Happy Easter everyone.

  3. Hey Dennis, That was one great ,leave you sitting on tge edge of your seat hockey game. I always liked Plecanec and think that Therrien never gave him tge chance to play like he could. It was a nice deflection to send it ot and Radulov tied the series for us…looking forward to game three.

  4. Friend of mine said during the game “Not exactly a star studded team, eh?” in reference to the Habs. I agreed but told him it’s just as much fun watching a less talented team overcome adversity and their own limitations to finally prevail than it is watching , say, the 70`s Habs of Dryden/Lafleur/Robinson/Lemaire et al power their way to a Cup. This team is fun to watch. I do wish they had a true, no doubt about it, No. 1 center though. ONe guy could really change the way this team is viewed.

    Radulov had a huge game in this one. Gallagher plays likes its sthe last minute of a seventh game in I am not surprised at his inspiring play in this first round series so far. Wonderful.

    Some are wondering if it was wise for Weber to fight in this one. I believe it had to be done, since the refs were letting so much mayhem go on ( the crosscheck to the face of Shaw in the early going for starters) it was time for someone to show the RAngers where it stops. Now they have to wonder if Weber will go off on one of them again. He’s an intimidator. He took some big shots last night and I believe it got him into a foul mood. Hope he carries that mood over for the rest of the series. He’s a superb defender.

    Price? Fewer saves than the so called “King” but he absolutely saved the series and we wouldn’t have won this game without his focus and excellent positioning and anticipation. We’ve got to stop giving up near breaks near the end of periods..yikes..Nash was very dangerous all night long.

    OK..sorry for the ramble..that game scrambled my

  5. Whew! That was such a great OT!

    Thank goodness they tied it all up.

    By the way, I have the same full set of Sherriff hockey coins hanging on my wall, mounted on the shields and framed between glass.

  6. Great comments Rob. I’ll take Weber fight anytime. The team won’t go anywhere if they’re not tough and don’t show the opposition that they can’t be messed with. Thanks for the nice ramble!

  7. Derry, that was Pleks’ best game of the season. We need him and hope he has a few more like that. Like 15.

  8. Happy Easter Peter. We didn’t need them going down two games to none. And not that I’m greedy, but I want two wins in NY next!

  9. Right on, Billy. Yep, I’ll take garbage goals anytime. Cherry pointed out how our guys took too many long shits in game one, easily handled by Lundqvist. Last night they moved in closer and was one of the big adjustments they made. Let the Gods of pinball decide! Excellent!

  10. Hey Dennis I’m in Orillia right now visiting the boy and his special lady! Went and saw the Gordon Lightfoot statue down by Lake Couchiching the other day. Really liking this little city. Anyway wasn’t that a huge win? Hope they can play like that in NY!

  11. Awesome, D-John. Orillia! And yes, a huge win indeed! Enjoy my hometown! Wish I was there too.

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