Canadiens End Things The Right Way

It only took 82 games but now we know exactly who the Habs will meet in the opening round of the playoffs. The team we figured all along. Sort of.

Bring on the Bruins, as the Canadiens finished off their regular season in fine fashion, taking out the Toronto Maple Leafs 4-1 at the ACC, and doing it front of some people with deeper pockets than me (but maybe not you), shelling out a thousand bucks a lower-bowl seat to see an age-old rivalry going at it in their final games of the regular season.

Ryan White opened the scoring for the Canadiens and got in a nice little fight with some gorilla (names aren’t important) that left White battered and bruised but looking good anyway. Except for the swollen cheeks and forehead.

But he got his licks in and he’s become an important foot soldier for Les Habs.

Brian Gionta notched two power play goals, and Tomas Plekanec scored a shorthanded goal late in the game to salt it away. And in all fairness, it appeared that Phil Kessel’s puck crossed the line but was ruled no-goal, and yes, maybe it wasn’t conclusive in two different camera angles, but it sure looked to be with a third angle.

With the contoversial Chicago goal the other night and now this one tonight, can we be sure the guys upstairs were actually upstairs? And I say this while being extremely happy that Toronto’s goal was ruled not in. I’m just wondering if these guys have beer in their war room or something.

Nice to see Montreal end things on a winning note. How much would it have sucked if Toronto had taken it to the Canadiens and made the good guys look bad? Instead, we go into the postseason ready to rock and roll.

Now we have to hit Boston where it hurts – and that’s on the scoreboard. Jump out to early leads and when Shawn Thornton or Nathan Horton or Milan Lucic or the slimy Brad Marchand start getting greasy, just point up to the scoreboard. It’s the perfect age-old jab.

Random Notes:

They were saying on Hockey Night in Canada that Kirk Muller is a much-desired man for the Sens coaching position. It would be a shame to lose him, but he needs to do what he thinks is best for his career. Of course.  But if he ends up in Ottawa my wife might not think he’s handsome anymore.

One other thing to be addressed. I didn’t see the clip of Scott Gomez laughing like crazy during the Ottawa game the other night, but HNIC showed it tonight, and both Mike Milbury and Kelly Hrudey couldn’t quite understand this attitude given that Gomez hasn’t scored since Georges Vezina was playing.

I’m in complete agreement with these two fellows. It upsets me to see a guy, with one of the league’s highest salaries and just 7 goals, who floats much of the time and avoids heavy traffic almost all the time, laughing like that. They say he not prepared to play, and laughing, as Hrudey mentioned, is completely unacceptable.

Rarely if ever in my years as a Habs fan have I disliked the play of a player the way I dislike Gomez’s efforts. If he wants to finally earn some of that big money and have Habs fans on his side at all, he needs to help his team dismantle the Bruins beginning on Thursday. Anything less and he’s a bum and won’t be forgiven.

Carey Price was, as usual, just excellent. He’s the guy who stirs the drink, the guy who’s going to lead his team, and us, to the promised land.

I thought the sign a kid in a Leafs’ jersey held up was hilarious. It read, “Nobody Likes The Habs.”

Jacques Martin recorded his 600th win as an NHL coach. And I’m serious when I say he smiled after game .

15 thoughts on “Canadiens End Things The Right Way”

  1. I liked it better when we were kids and did not know
    about salaries, if Gomez was making 2 mil. per season
    he would not get this flak.
    P.S. Sather is the jerk not Gomez.

  2. I didn’t think 4-1 really reflected the game as the Leafs played better then that score would indicate and the Habs not as well. Did anyone else read Price’s lips when during the goal review he appeared to say to Wiz “it’s a goal”? Anyway, we’re in for a tough match against Lucy and the Booins and you just know they’re going to go after Subban who by the way would have easily surpassed Lapoint’s 15 goals as a rookie D-man if Martin had realized what we all knew and had started to give PK serious time on the powerplay beginning back in November.

  3. Hey Dennis, I’m feeling a little delicate this morning but happy that the Leafs are tee’d off by their Fore! to one loss. The only cup they’re going to see in a while is the Tim Horton’s coffee cup you had up yesterday.

    The ticket gods were kind to me. I got a pair for game four in Montreal.

    They are way up in the rafters, but who cares. I hear they love to party up there!

    I’m taking my Dad again. It’s going to be great!

  4. i have an idea…………………. why don’t ottawa sign jm again and we
    keep muller……………. just goes to show, any jerk can win 600 games in todays nhl…………………. sorry, i was wrong. a few months ago i predicted that gomez would surely get another goal before the end of the season…. i’m sure luciena would still think kirk muller is handsome. the real danger would be her becoming a closet senator fan.

  5. DK, I agree with dishonest john, I to saw Price whisper “it’s a goal”. The 3rd angle shows the puck over the red line & onto the white paint but we’ll take it anyway!! Time to break out Anikin Slade & get the juices flowing again!
    GO HABS GO!!!!

  6. But Marc, does he really have to give a good, long laugh in the middle of a game they lost and when he hadn’t scored in nearly 30 games and ended up with seven on the season and the game was fairly important. And did he have to laugh on the bench when his teammates were getting beaten up in Boston the second last time they played and he was benched? And yes, Sather gave out the contract but does Gomez really have to stop short of heavy traffic almost every single time and wave his stick?

  7. Danno, good for you. And it’s great that you’re taking your dad.
    Who cares about the rafters. It’s all about atmosphere. And winning.

  8. Hobo, I too predicted one more goal awhile back but I guess it was just too much to ask. And yes, we have to figure out how to keep Muller. Let’s give Ottawa Gomez! He can laugh a lot there.

  9. Mike, I saw Price say somehting too. I thought it was either “it’s a goal” or “it was close.” I thought it was a goal, and you did too. Those guys have to get new TV’s. Or get up on the roof and fix the antenna.

  10. In all honesty I thought Kessel’s shot went in too judging by one of the angles they showed. It was at the same moment just as Price had his glove on the puck and was scooping it back.

    I think since it was first ruled “no goal” the guys in the war room have to have sufficient proof to overturn a ref’s decision. In this case while one angle sure looked like it went in from above it didn’t seem to. Maybe they didn’t allow it because the angle from the ice surface was inconclusive.But it sure looked like it was in to me.

    We’ll take this rare gift from the refs and hope they keep on being generous towards us.

    Only 16 more wins to go.

  11. Parallax– that’s the problem the review guys had to take into account on the one view that suggested the puck was in. That’s why I figured they’d have to let the call on the ice stand.

  12. I thought the refs helped us out a couple times in the 2nd period when the Leafs outplayed us. Besides the non-goal which could easily have gone the other way, I was surprised about the penalty on Boyce which led to Gionta’s 2nd goal.

    Danno, congrats on the game 4 tickets. The atmosphere will be amazing when we sweep the Booins.

  13. Dennis, let the games begin! This is the BEST time of the year. Good luck Habs and may the best team hoist the Stanley Cup!

  14. Hi Diane. Montreal just has to let Boston take silly penalties and be undisciplined. And we need to bother Thomas in the crease.

  15. DK, I think what subdoxastic’s is saying it was the angle of the dangle.
    Cheers from the East!!!!

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