Canadiens Dumped In Denver

Peter Budaj loses his first of the season, P.K. Subban has definitely seen better nights, and the Canadiens start the month of November by dropping their first two games.

Time to right the ship before they find themselves in a mess of trouble.

It began with a couple of first period fights, one between Ryan White and Cody McLeod, and two minutes later a heavyweight tilt between George Parros and Patrick Bordeleau, with the two big boys falling to the ice at the end of the tussle providing us with a split second vision of George cracking his head again.

He didn’t crack the noggin, thank goodness. But his wife must be in the habit of covering her eyes.

Quite a job George has. Fight for no real reason and risk another head injury. We don’t need this good Princeton boy to end up like Mohammed Ali.

Colorado opened the scoring in the second period, and then the Hab player most deserving to score, Brendan Gallagher, did just that on the power play in the third period to tie things up. But P.K. Subban left a man open in front of Budaj, and then gave the puck away behind the net which led to another, and that nice 1-1 tie that had us thinking they just may get it done vanished into thin air as it quickly became 3-1, and finally 4-1 with an empty-netter.

Now it’s the tough St. Louis Blues to contend with on Tuesday, and then the rival Sens on Thursday.

It won’t be easy, but you know the Habs. They love to surprise us with their Jekyll and Hyde routine. We may see a spirited club firing on all cylinders, or the winless November will keep rolling along.

It’s tough to be a Habs fan.

All in all the Canadiens weren’t terrible, but way too many guys are quiet now, and players continue to miss the net on great, close-in chances. It’s maddening. Hit the net, boys. You only get so many good chances in any game and when you do, at least make a rebound happen. Maybe you should try straight blades.

Random Notes:

Colorado edged the Canadiens 31-30.

Max played a fine game, skated like the wind, and rang one off the cross bar. He and the kids were the best Habs by a long shot. Gallagher especially was a Tasmanian Devil.

Good night. Did you put your clock back?



21 thoughts on “Canadiens Dumped In Denver”

  1. What struck me most of all was the multitude of scoring chances the Habs had but could not finish. It’s as if everyone had Gomezitis last night.

  2. They keep missing the net or trying to make the perfect set-up. In Gomezying fashion. One guy with a great shot is Bourque but he doesn’t seem to have the touch that others are born with.

  3. Hey Dennis ,I’d like to turn back the clock on that game last nite and delete a couple of hours from the day, what the hell happened after the Av’s first goal. The game was a good one,no really major advantage to one team although the Av’s outshot the Habs but only by a couple. I think the little miscalculation on P.K.’S pass sums it up.

  4. I heard on one “blog” that coach was point blank in pointing out P K was to blame for the loss with his miscue.Folks if I could reach him ,I would, in the mean time— we heard of the window put in crooked, the door wasn’t shimmed rihgt, the2x4 was in the wrong placeetc. etc.–all done by Peter; h Boss says”You boys may as well go home, seems Peter’s the only one doing anything here.” I’d sooner have P.K. going at his game and maybe making the odd miscue then a bunch of BUMS not putting up ANY effort!!!!! If any knows how to reach Coach , I’ll have some questions for him!!He’s trying to drain P.K. of what got him this far. Watch the movie” COOL RUNNINGS” about the Jamacian bobsled team. The NHL is in serious turmoil and ain’t got the know-how OR desire to fix it.”Course brain-dead gluttons in places of power will self destruct given time and no one to call their hand. Look at all the cases in sports even NHL of folks getting hammered & causing grief in public and/or private and hiding behind their fame as an athlete.P.K.’s zest for the game did more for the Habs then his odd blunder did harm!!! Thanks for letting me get that off my chest

  5. Another great comment, Peter. We went through this sort of thing for awhile last year too. And the year before. But then he won the Norris and I figured they were absolutely right the way they were handling him. Now I’m not so sure, like you. It’s going to be interesting to see how PK develops. If he begins to play tentatively because he’s afraid to make a mistake because Therrien will be all over him, it would be horrible. Hopefully the coaching staff, and Bergevin, know exactly what they’re doing here.

  6. Derry, they have to quit missing the net. It drives me crazy to see a fantastic opportunity squandered.

  7. About PK…

    I’m starting to think there’s something going on we don’t know about. How can he be limited the way he is on the CH team and be on the bubble for Sochi? There must be something we as fans are not privy to. How is he viewed by his teammates? I get a feeling he doesn’t click with them.

    As far as that goal that was made by the Avs after PK lost the puck behind the net, DD could have helped out. He was moving to the front of the net with no urgency at all. He could have skated faster, reached out with his stick, I don’t think PK was entirely to blame on that one.

    I have this crazy feeling PK will go to another team.

  8. Marjo, I almost hope PK does go to another team. I can’t believe the way he is singled out for criticism by his coach and other players are given a pass. This team does not, no this coach does not deserve PK. But he’ll puff out his chest and say how good he is working with talented young players.
    As well the talking heads on TSN call PK a high risk player defensively. Seriously? What’s his +/-? Look at how he can control the game when he has the puck. I’m getting really tired of the double standard PK has to put up with. And on another note, what a joke the NHL is with the way they did not punish Ray Emery for his thuggery on Holtby. Skate the length of the ice, fight a guy who clearly did not want to, continue to punch him when he is down and all with a ref standing there making sure a teammate did not intervene. Rabbit punches are against the rules in boxing and MMA because of the risk of injury so of course the NHL allows it. What a joke, a really, really bad joke this game has become and sadly the Habs under Therrien are not immune.

  9. THANK YOU !! Dishonest John–for your take on recent events.I ALMOST hope P.K. goes to Boston, and teams w/his brother to stone the Habs manegment for many years. Disgracefull jerks to say the least!!

  10. PK is unfairly singled out, that is true. He is one of the few players I see out there who cares whether the team wins or loses. I was not a big fan of the named of Michel Therrien as coach, but when the team got off to that great start, I had to give him credit. However, now he is seemingly justifying my lack of faith in him.

  11. DJ, what has me puzzled about Emery’s tantrum is why he would pick on a goalie 50 meters from him with whom he has no interaction?? Why not at least beat the crap out of someone who was screening you all night??

  12. Ray Emery has had substance abuse issues. What he did was just insane and the NHL should not allow him to get away with this crap. Of course, this is what sells tickets in places like Philadelphia and all that matters to Bettman and co. is the almighty dollar. It makes me sick.

  13. “Flyers goaltender Ray Emery will not be suspended for instigating a fight with Braden Holtby of the Capitals because there’s nothing in the rule book the NHL can use as precedent, says a source with knowledge of the situation.”…

    Dear Mr. Bettman, can you add a rule to the rule book NOW?

  14. That is an excellent point Marjo. Why did Emery go after Holtby? The guy least likely to be able to fight back? Why didn’t he go after someone closer? Could be they all had “dance partners” but even so how a league can let that kind of action go unpunished is so bush league. These two examples of where the league is today, Subban bashing, Emery, has made me less of a fan, more so than any lock-out did.
    Also Marjo someone at EOTP I believe cited the NHL rules that would have nailed Emery so the league can’t hide behind that lame excuse.

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