Canadiens Drop Game One But Show They Can Win


Okay, that’s not great. No one likes to lose the first game. And maybe if it wasn’t for a poor first period and a needless crosschecking penalty late in the game, they might not have lost this first game. But it’s all hindsight. Lousy, rotten, gut-wrenching %$&#@ hindsight. Habs go down 4-2 in game one.

Yes, it was only 2-1 Bruins after the first period, which usually means the other team is keeping it close. But the Habs, maybe reading in the papers that they didn’t stand a chance, came out and played like a beer league team against a bunch of ringers. They let the Bruins play keep-away. They’d looked almost sheepish and tentative. Only Georges Laraque made an impact. Georges probably played the most minutes of his season, and he made his stand against Boston’s roughnecks. And his message seemed to be taken to heart.

Players like Milan Lucic, Shawn Thornton, and Zdeno Charo started to think a little about should they or shouldn’t they attempt to fight Laraque. They decided not to, with the help sometimes of the linesmen. And you could say that these Bruins were just being smart and not being goaded in, but Georges still sent his message. Boston no longer had their way with the Habs.

The second period was different. Alex Tanguay came within a whisker of scoring. Glen Metropolit played well on this night against his old team, and broke in on a rare three-on-one to no avail. And finally, Alex Kovalev fired a laser past Tim Thomas and the game was tied. No more keep-away by the Bruins. No more tentativeness from Montreal. Maybe it was because of Georges Laraque’s presence. But all of sudden, Lucic, Chara and company weren’t so much in the forefront, and the Boston crowd began to think that maybe they needed another eight dollar beer or three.

Even in the third, the momentum belonged to the Habs, for a while at least. But everything changed when Josh Gorges took a cross checking penalty and Chara blasted one home from the point. After that, it was beer league against ringers once again. The game was decided when the penalty was called. And the Bruins iced it with an empty-netter.

Saturday night the Habs need a better first period. No unnecessary penalties throughout. And most of all, the Canadiens have to believe. Maybe because of Georges Laraque, they do now.

26 thoughts on “Canadiens Drop Game One But Show They Can Win”

  1. I hope this game doesn’t end up reflecting the whole series. Kept it close even got a sniff but ultimately had to go home and think about next year.
    I thought BGL played an effective game tonight but Id love to see him drill Lucy Lucic. How about that forearm elbow to the back of Lapierre’s head and neck at the end there? It reminded of a play in their last game against Mtl where Lucy jumped Komosarek but I can’t remember why…Oh yeah! An ffffnnnnnnnn attack from behind! What a putz!
    Cherry said this is the game Mtl had to win. It would have been nice but this isn’t over and I think we can play better. Taking Tanguay off the # 1 line may not be the best move as those three seem to be their most effective when they are together.

  2. Habs in seven, if not six. We are gonna get better but the Bs are maxed out. Mind you, the usual bias in favour of US teams (see the Flames/Hawks game) – oh yeah, gotta sell The Game down there – may prove, as it has in the past, to be the difference.

  3. didn’t watch the game but heard that the Bruins wiped up with habs, funny how people can watch the same game but have different opinions on how the game went

  4. Sandy, you were obviously talking to a Habs hater. Montreal was flat in the first but after that they were fine. Don’t listen to these people. They’re having acid flashbacks.

  5. How can you be up in arms with what Lucic did at the end of the game? The habs went after Kessel whos one of the bruins top goal scorers, you honestly think Lucic is just going to sit there and watch? if you want to talk about gutless maybe we should mention mike komisarek gouging at Matt Hunwicks face. You can say what you want about Lucic but he will beat the living shit out of 99% of your team ( we all know what he did to Komisarek in his first attempt at him ) , and what he cant handle Big Zdeno Chara can and will. All in all it was a pretty decent game, the habs being out shot 15 – 7 in the first period wasnt a pretty start, but they started coming on a little stronger until they forgot how to play disciplined hockey. Jim has lost his marbles if he thinks the habs will win in 6, and your insane if you think that calgary vs chicago game was bias. Calgary didnt even belong on the same ice as the Hawks, to be perfectly blunt they flat out sucked.

  6. Give me a break and open your eyes. Kessel was hardly even roughed up by Lapierre certainly nothing like the elbow to the back of the head that Lucy gave him! As for Komisarek, he’s not the best fighter but Lucy won that fight after Komo hurt his shoulder. Tell me Lucy doesn’t run from BGL, even Chara won’t dance with him. On the other hand Tom K. will back up any player on his team regardless of weight class. Pass that on to Lucy. How is Komisarek with the face wash worse than Lucy grabbing him around the head from behind or Chara throwing gloved punches while Komisarek is being held by a linesman?
    And I’ve wanted to say this to a Bruin fan for a long time. You probably think it was okay for that hack Bourque to whore himself out to Colorado to get a ring, something he couldn’t do in Boston. How about how he would always sign for less than market value and then the team would use that and his influence to get their players to sign for less because they couldn’t earn more than Bourque. How does a hockey fan reconcile himself to such things? How do you sleep at night? Boston Bruin fans are like mosquitos, is there really any point to them?

  7. dishonest john,

    you are nothing more then a homer, you only see the game from a montreal canadians point of view. Tom K is just as big a panzy as komisarek, how about the elbow he tried to throw last night? and if hes so tuff like you claim and weight class doesnt matter to him why doesnt he drop his purse and fight Lucic or Chara then? you dont mention any of the cheap things your habs do and that just proves how much of a blind homer you are, maybe you should open your eyes pal. I can understand your bitter because your team is in way over there head. And say what you want about the bruins, they arnt my team, Im only pulling for them in hopes that they silence the loud mouthed fools like yourself. You need to brush up on your hockey knowledge because your clearly have a huge lack of it.

  8. jordy. jordyjordyjory. jordy. It’s okay. We understand. Hey, who are we to judge? It’s not your fault Lawrence punts you from deck to deck. It’s not your fault Sandy is disdainful of your hockey knowledge. It’s not your fault jan’scanuckleheadedhouse thinks you’ve got a screw (or two?) loose. If nothing else (unlike west-coast canuckleheads), we Habs fans are compassionate. We understand when somebody is, well, challenged. Yes, jordy, we accept that you are a closet Habs hater, that during your formative years you fell though (got dunked?) and almost drowned in the toilet while wearing a Habs jersey (#22?), that your apparent support of the Canuckleheads is merely camouflage designed to direct attention away from your tortured inner self. Yes, we Habbers understand conflict, on ice or off. So, it’s okay, jordy, U can be yourself. It’s alright to be passionate about things you don’t comprehend. It’s perfectly acceptable to be who you are: are you a cross-dresser? Gay (whom do you luuuv – Kessel? Chara? That bad boy Lucic?) Transexual? WASP? Secret Leaf fan? Whatever. jordy, we understand.

    p.s. not only do I not have a rocker (yet), I gave away all my marbles a loooong time ago and, I confess, I feel much lighter certainly less hard-headed.

  9. Jim,

    your obviously a guy who hasnt followed hockey for long, i’d bet you started watching 2 or 3 years ago and did your research on the team whos won the most cups and decided to cheer for them. You have nobodys respect, most would find you to be nothing more than a complete idiot, actually poor choice of words your a maggot of the lowest degree. I would put money on it that you never played the game either because nothing you say makes any sence what-so-ever. You dont know your hockey so do everybody a favor and stop your stupid pointless rambles you scytsophrenic non-knowledgeable scum bag pig.

    ps. I also understand, understand theres institutions for mind poisoned freaks like you.

  10. Oooh! Jordy has issues. The worst kind of fan is the guy who takes on a psychotic hatred for a team with a passion that he can’t even match for his own team. That’s you Jordy. You question my understanding of the game yet you don’t refute any of the examples of Boston’s thuggery. So here I am. Show me that the things I said about Chara and Lucy were wrong. I would also question your conclusion about Tom K. If you have ever watched a Mtl game you would not question his courage and willingness to stand up for a teammate. The attempted elbow? Yes not a good move nor typical of the man. I was going to ask you who your team was but I decided I don’t really care. By the by I’ve been a Montreal Canadien fan for about 38 years and lastly do you know what spellcheck is?

  11. jordy,

    Right now you’re making der Habinator look real good! Only, unlike him, you’re all revved up with nothing to say. But, so what? Just as some of us are short and some not, some of us are coherent and some not. And, if you’re gonna get into a smackarama, remember that the goal is to be inventive, to come up with creative spins on hackneyed themes. Simply tossing out epithets makes you look worse than childish, you come across as, hehe, creatively-challenged. If you can’t come up with some respectable trash-talk, how can U possible know your hockey? So, jordy, stick to what you clearly don’t know, i.e. hockey, and leave the rest to us. Sigh, you canuckleheads – closet Jekyls and Hydes, the lot of you. Or, is it Heckyles and jordies? Hehehe.

    p.s. I didn’t kow that maggots came in `degrees’???

  12. Jim if you want to talk about people who have nothing to say read every post you have ever made on here. Your a proven moron that knows nothing about the game. Thats all i have to say to you.

    Dishonest John,

    Im not trying to get personal with you, if you read what Jim said to me in his post i think i had just cause to say what i said, anyways I think I will nip are convo in the bud before it gets heated also. We will let the habs and bruins settle the rest on the ice. I never questioned Tom K’s courage though, all i said was the attempted elbow was dirty, and he was making no effort to fight Lucic. I know hes affective in his own way though, he brings it every night and you need guys like him on your team if you want to win. I do watch the habs play though, probably around 20 games this year, Im sure you watched all 82 but the habs arnt my team. Anyways Im sorry are debate took a turn for the worst, your entitled to think what you want of me and I would be the first to say I could use a little help on the spellcheck.


  13. Well Jordy no problem. After all it’s just a game. Enjoy the rest of the games, hopefully there will be lots of Mtl games this spring for us to “chat” about. Good luck to whatever team you cheer for unless they’re playing against us!

  14. Heheheh, amazing how I come out the bad guy. jordy, I’m not your dad or your uncle or Gaston or whoever it was who did whatever it was to you so please, get some help and vent your repressed anger on the real perp and not me, your designated 100% innocent surrogate. Of course, in your fevered thoughts I suppose I am guilty of the heinous insult of knowing my hockey better than you …. but, then, who doesn’t? Ah well, at least you know stuff about maggots that nobody else does.

  15. Jim get a life, if it wasnt for you coming out and getting personal like the immature idiot you are we wouldnt be here you fool. Have fun living your lonely life and making your retarded masks you loser. Go get help because you need it.

  16. jordy jordy jordy. How, well, sad that you should be so lacking in maturity, in perspective, in any capacity whatsoever to be aware of your infantile urges and surges. Suddenly, out of the `blue’ li’l jordy decides to go postal, to drop his `mask’ and reveal his true self. LOL. UH? What? Li’l jordy isn’t such a nice sweet jovial feller? You’re secretly jam-packed with self-hatred and violent impulses? How, well, sad. You open your silly mouth, you say insulting and smarmy things, you get your own back – oh, yeah, little fella, you got personal first , I simply followed your lead & you failed to get past your low maggotty `degree’ of awareness and rather than making the effort to raise your stuinted self out of the dirt you chose to burrow deeper into the bs you generated – and you are utterly incapable of holding yourself accountable. Instead you lash out like the child you are instead of taking the time to `think’, to actually try to understand what is being said not only literally but metaphorically and contextually. Hey, li’l fella, you were simply outclassed – an easy thing to do, obviously – and rather than dealing with that fact (and perhaps demonstrating even a smidgen of creative imagination) you chose to regress into grade school vitriol. Hey, do I feel somewhat `abashed’? Of course. This is waaaay too easy, too one-sided. I actually believed you were at least semi-sentient. LOL. How foolish of me.

    p.s. They aren’t `masks’, they’re `juggheads’. Not art, but hey, they are a cut above the mud pies you make .

  17. Jordy, really why even waste your time with Jim, I think when he doesn’t take his pills he talks jibberish, which is apparently quite often

  18. lol i got personal first? how about the shovanistic pig comment you made you idiot? every time you leave a post on here you make yourself look more like a clown. Once again you wasted your time on another pointless ramble. You havnt outclassed me in anyway, if anything i’ve exposed you to be the complete idiot that you know you are, and i guess that hurts a sad lonely old man like yourself. Jim you were born a loser , your a loser still today and you’ll die a lonley loser. Good ridence you old hack.

  19. This thing between Jim and Jordy has degenerated into a ridiculous name-calling act that I won’t have on this site and if anymore personal attacks between you two come up, they’re deleted right away. So you might as well not waste your time. You guys were getting along just fine talking hockey. The nastiness has become extreme and like I say, I’ll delete any more of it. I liked it a lot more when the two of you were expressing intelligent hockey thoughts.

  20. Dennis,

    I apologize for my part in what took place here. I feel foolish for sinking to that level. But I wasnt going to sit back and have him call me gay and attack me with all the slanderous remarks he made to me and say nothing. It turned into a battle of who was going to get the last word and it shouldnt have. Im just tired of jim saying whatever he wants on here and thinking he can get away with it. I would also like to apologize for all of the people who read everything that was posted, I think i have been on here long enough for everybody to know this is out of character for me and it wont happen again, I enjoy debating hockey with everybody on here and would never start anything like this, I know im opinionated and blunt but I do not take personal stabs at anybody. Sorry to all for sinking to his level, it wont happen again.

  21. Jordy! Thanks for that. No problem. I can understand how things can get out of hand sometimes. It happens. Shit happens. Your hockey thoughts are really excellent and I’d hate to lose that. You’ve become a valuable part of this blog.
    Luongo seems unbeatable, and when you get goaltending like that, you can go a long way. Things are looking good for your team. But my team is coming back, starting tonight.

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