Canadiens Drop Another


And suddenly, hockey sucks.

The Canadiens fall 3-2 in Raleigh, it becomes a three-game winless streak, and the plan now is to nip this thing in the bud before it morphs into something truly ugly.

And something truly ugly means losing to Toronto Saturday night on Hockey Night in Canada and turning this adult slump into a grandpa one. Because four losses in a row is a nasty thought indeed.

Al Montoya has been between the pipes three times in November. He’s lost all three. We now have no idea if he’s an upgrade over Mike Condon or not.

The team was winning 1-0 in the second period with Jeff Petry banging home a rebound, but in the third, Carolina would score three consecutive goals while the Habs stood around scratching their asses and surveying the stands for cleavage.

A fine collapse. If you’re into collapses.

They almost redeemed themselves, though, when Andrew Shaw redirected Andrei Markov’s pass late in the game. But a bit later, like with a minute to go, no less, Shaw took a hooking penalty and the late-game comeback went down the proverbial toilet.

It’s now time to stop the madness, which means handling the Leafs. And then stomping on Mike Condon’s new team, Ottawa, next Tuesday,

Down with slumps.

Random Notes:

If you’re considering a comparison between this year and last, when they started like wildfire and then tumbled into the depths of hell, forget about it. Carey Price is healthy this year.

Habs outshot Carolina 33-18, with a couple of posts hit, including one by Brendan Gallagher that might have changed things considerably if it went in. But posts happen, so it’s not really worth mentioning.

Big game on the horizon.

15 thoughts on “Canadiens Drop Another”

  1. Demote Patches:UpMote either Radulov or Weber … move desharnais some where else ! please.. and Demand that they score one goal, at least, per period! Or Else!

    3 is not a slump but 4 Will be.
    and of course they need a big center which they gotta find somewhere

  2. Hi Bill. In my mind three’s a slump. They missed Radulov tonight and hopefully this flu he has is gone Saturday when they play the Leafs. He’s become a key guy. Max and Plekanec are quiet, and Gallagher can’t buy a goal. DD needs less minutes but obviously the coach has a man crush on him.

  3. it is obvious without Radulov , Weber is not the star everyone is saying he is..he has done nothing with Radulov out sick. Imagine if we had Radulov last year…no trade would have happened.. DD is just terrible.what is he doing on the ice with a couple of minutes left with the goalie pulled..he has no offensive abilities and another example of his adopted father MT playing him when he should not..he should be in the press box so the young/future stars can get some ice time.Galch can not develop as long as MT overplays DD…this love affair is out of control

  4. This is eerily similar to last year. When the losing started the team was often outplaying the opposition but couldn’t buy a goal. You outshoot the canes 30+ to 18 and you should win that game. Also giving up 3 on 18 shots isn’t getting it done either Al! Curious to see how they play against the Leafs on Saturday. Time for the leadership to step up and grab some guys by the short and curly and tell them to pick up their games! I’m just pissed they lost on my birthday, damn ingrates!

  5. Fearless prediction: they will smoke the leafs but lose to condon’s new team. They really need Rad to rock + roll but at least shaw and weber are plugging away as advertised.

  6. the problem is they need Price to win. since Radulov went out Weber has done nothing. what was DD doing out in the last couple of minutes of the game with the goalie pulled, he has absolutely no offensive abilities at all.Obviously Therriens love affair with DD will not end. I thought we wanted to win but unless you put out a lineup that can we have no chance. Gallagher’s slump has to end soon as he is giving 110% just can’t buy a break right now. Shaw mouth and his borderline playing is hurting the team, so far he is not worth what he is getting paid. bringing guys up from AHL and putting them in the press box does nothing for their developement. Giving DD prime time minutes can not help us win but slow down other players chance to improve their game…DD and MT need homes somewhere else…it is time for both to go…Therrien just is not on top of todays NHL.

  7. Hi Dennis….I felt the game was extremely boring. Neither team played well and only in short spurts did our Habs outplay Carolina. Truly the game was boring in all respects. There is something going on with the stats people when they give out hits. Man there wasn’t 6 good hits in the complete game. I will say this after watching the team play this far in the season. They really look like last year’s team to me and yes CP will make them complete for a playoff spot and hopefully get there but the team lacks grit and I have watched hockey for so many years and can’t remember a Habs team so unwilling to check. Oh I am speaking of the past few years here. Their forwards look like a bunch poking rocks to see if there are snakes under them when trying to retrieve the puck…absolutely pathetic. MB’s first year they were trying to play with a bit if an edge. So I now expect they will be more tuned in for the Leafs but look out for the Leafs. They are fast and intense….they are also mostly young so mistakes will perhaps factor in but geez our Habs can’t score on an open net for God’s sake. It is profoundly discouraging to see DD out there with 2 minutes left in the game…what the hell is wrong with this management ? I am not a DD basher and think it great that the little guy had a couple of good years but he is really struggling to stay on his feet these past 2 years or so. He had the same ice time as Chucky. This has to have some trickle down effect on the team morale….it just has to. Sorry for the long rant.

  8. Happy birthday D-John! Time flies so pack as much as you can in. Maybe a trip to Orillia with a picnic at Couchiching Park and hot hamburg sandwich at Hill’s Lunch.The Habs need Price. At least if they make the playoffs he’ll play every night.

  9. We can’t expect Weber to be one of the three stars every night, Bay_Bay, but I agree that they really need Radulov in the lineup. He brings a lot to the table for sure, including leadership. I don’t understand this Therrien thing with DD either. I don’t mind the guy on the third or fourth line, but to use him in key situations doesn’t make sense. Hopefully by spring they’ll have a bunch of things ironed out. Another year like last year and I’ll start following cricket.

  10. They need Rad for sure, gfk, but I disagree with your prediction. Time to beat both of these shitty teams.

  11. Hi Cliff. I thought the game was boring too. Carolina’s just lousy, and the Canadiens tried to play one of those cautious road game where you wait for a break. Sadly, it didn’t work, and it’s been quite a few years now of seeing them sit back in the third period and let teams come back. I’m not a DD basher either, but I have no idea why Therrien uses him in key situations. It’s just bullshit. Just when I start to appreciate Therrien a little bit, he sets me back. We think the coach should go but Bergevin obviously doesn’t. Tonight’s game should be incredibly interesting. What if they stink again?

  12. These next two games will be a critical evaluation of Bergevin and Therrien. When Babcock was a free agent, I was hoping that Bergevin would spend some of those Molson $$$ and make a pitch for him. Instead he stuck with his buddy; scared that Babcock would reveal that the Laffs had better management. After the incompetence shown by Therrien last year, it was inexcusable that he passed on Boucher, continued to show faith in the loser and even doubled down on him by traded their best skater. Either of these coaches would have been accepted in Montreal.

    If we lose both these games Therrien must go immediately and it’s arguable that Bergevin should go too. Signing Radulov out of the blue is the only thing saving his ass. It doesn’t take a great hockey mind to follow the Therrien strategy of winning in the regular season by putting Price in net. If Muller wins in the playoffs, it won’t matter that he’s Anglais.

  13. Muller’s the choice, Christopher, and if they lose tonight and DD gets twice the minutes he deserves, then Therrien should be put out to pasture. Every time the Habs lose just once means they can lose a bunch in a row, which is happening now. It’s why any loss makes me nervous. Worse case scenario. – losses to both the Leafs and Sens. But it could be the only way he’ll get rid of the coach.

  14. Having just read the comments section I had to check the sports pages in the local paper to see if I’d missed something. Nope….there it was ……Habs the overall points leaders in the NHL.
    Chill out fans. The sky isn’t falling and over the course of an 82 game schedule teams may lose 3 in a row.
    With Carey Price in MVP form playoffs will never be an issue. And once you’re in the show come April the skies the limit.

  15. Thanks Jim. No, the sky’s not falling, but we see lots of cracks. We’re a tough crowd. If they don’t play well tonight, you’ll see the cracks if you watch it.

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