Canadiens Crush Bruins


Brendan Gallagher finally returned to the Habs lineup, notched a goal and an assist, and never missed a beat with his mind blowing work ethic while getting clobbered in and around the crease, usually by an aging skyscraper named Zdeno Chara.

Gally’s a huge difference maker, a leader by example with balls the size of a large planet, and we saw at this 2016 Winter Classic in Foxborough what we already knew. This guy has to be healthy in the playoffs.

Without Gallagher in the lineup, his coworkers lacked fire, but with him punching the clock they’re a different bunch. Today showed a team with character and confidence, as they did when they won nine straight in the beginning.

Not at all the boring and stagnant bunch we came to know and dislike in December.

The Canadiens bombed the Bruins 5-1 at Gillette Stadium with nearly 70,000 fans in the seats, and it was Gallagher leading the way after missing 17 games with a hand injury. He added passion, grit, and will, things lacking during the team’s big slump.

The rest of them should be ashamed of themselves. They can’t play well unless inspired by a smallish yet shifty and feisty right winger?

Why can’t Max or PK or anyone else pull off that sort of inspiration?

And every time he banged it out in the crease against guys like Chara, I was worried he’d get hurt again. Teams will surely go after him even more now, because it’s obvious he’s the straw that stirs the drink.

Do we have some protection for Gally? Not much at all, unfortunately. PK and Eller, both of whom dropped the gloves in the past couple of games, won’t exactly be relied upon, to say the least. And then there’s…….

And the Winter Classic? I’ve never been able to fully embrace these outdoor games. For whatever reason, it upsets me to see fans in seats so far from the ice. Even those in the first row need binoculars.

Often the games aren’t up to scratch, especially when it’s snowing or minus-30 or the ice begins to melt.

And who can be sure about anything that Gary Bettman loves?

But this game was good, the weather was fine, and the right team unleashed a throttling.

Random Notes:

Mike Condon was excellent throughout, including a lightning quick glove save on Ryan Spooner in the dying seconds of the second period.

The Canadiens jumped into the lead just 1:14 into the first period when David Desharnais scored his first in more than a month (which is what Tomas Plekanec did on Monday in Tampa Bay), while other marksmen included Paul Byron with a pair, Max, and of course Gally.

Dale Weise was injured in the third period and didn’t return.

Max’s arm hit a camera stuck through the glass, and if I had a say in things, I’d be telling camermen that when players are skating near you, pull your friggin camera in. How hard can it be?

Canadiens outshot the Bruins 30-28 overall, including a dominant 14-3 in the first period. But the Bruins would close the gap and outshoot Montreal 11-5 in the third frame.

Next up – Tuesday, the final game of this eight-game road trip, when the boys hit Philly. The Flyers know from this Habs-Bruins game  that the secret to success is to maim Brendan Gallagher. So zebras (and teammates), it’s up to you.

Gally artwork by Wade (Darth) Alexander. Thanks Wade.

9 thoughts on “Canadiens Crush Bruins”

  1. Quite the game Dennis…I am surprised but pleased that we won and deserved the win more importantly. I am not convinced that little Gallagher was the reason but if they could clone him we would be able to plan the parade. He is one of a kind. The team still needs a young tough guy to protect the Gallaghers on the roster. We are getting pushed around way too much after the play. The refs either won’t call anything or they don’t see these things as a penality. There now I’ve said it…I want a youth tough enforcer to take care of the unnecessary mauling we are taking.

  2. Finally a well played game that was fun to watch. I think we won for three reasons.

    1) Heritage Classic against the Bruins. Beating our arch rivals is expected and in a game with classic in its name, it’s mandatory.

    2) Gallagher’s heart and attitude. He takes a beating to stay in front of the net and fights to tip in the point shots or any rebounds.

    3) Sensible lines. Without Gallagher, Therien seemed to randomly choose and shuffle his lines. The common sense approach of putting the most skilled players on the top lines and giving them the most minutes was lost on him.

  3. I’ll just add….i hope that’s the last time we see those jerseys…
    It was if they all got ugly sweaters for Xmas.

  4. Whatever happens in future— this was one heck of a performance!!! Am over the hill happy for Condon!!! He wasn’t just in goal on the winning team— he STONED ’em. robbed them!! In his backyard in front of family and friends and his dad’s police buddies. Should he get traded to the California Seals tomorrow—–no one’s gonna take away THAT high octane memory!! So happy for him. Now about Gally. I hear it said his return allowed coach to go to line combos from their early season success. me no capich why he had to dismantle ALL the lines just to replace one player. NOT doing any discredit to Gally’s effect on the team here either. What a game. What perfect weather conditions, allowing for good ice conditions for our boy style of game. What a fan base they have on this site!!! THANKS TO ALL here for keeping my hopes up when
    I get discouraged with my Habs!!!!

  5. what can i say about one player. I cannot believe how important Gallagher is to this team. Wow. Talk about work ethic.
    where was the passion in the last 17 games. Gally comes back and all of a sudden Pacioretty can score????????
    Anyway on out door games; I could take them or leave them. i know it’s a gold mine for the league especially for exposure to the game in the States. How do people enjoy the game sitting so far away. THEY COULD DO AWAY WITH THE MOVING CAMERA. FEELS LIKE I’M ON A ROLLER-COAST RIDE.

  6. I’m in shock, listening to the Toronto centric media go on & o n for 3 periods & post game about a Habs player was straight out of DK’s Twilite Zone. Then again Gally is or must be from a different zone than our remaining cast of pretenders. Hope our guys paid attention that with determination & a win at all cost attitude good things do happen!! I just love the little shit disturber. 🙂

  7. That brown blob on Boston’s sweaters looked just like a big piece of poop.

    I thought that was very symbolic especially when Clown Julien sent his goons out in the dying minutes of the game.

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