Canadiens Continue To Roll


A tidy 4-2 win in Boston, and the Canadiens continue their smokin’ hot October, sitting atop the Eastern Conference with nine points in five games.

A great start, like last year, and which is why I won’t mention it anymore.

Montreal would score twice in the second period, the first coming when Gally one-timed a nice pass from Max, and Phillip Danault converted a beautiful feed from Alexander (Sasha) Radulov.

In the third frame, Paul Byron burst in alone while shorthanded to make it 3-1, and Torrey Mitchell notched his team’s fourth goal after creating a big turnover in Boston’s end.

A big win from this red-hot bunch, and always extra fine when it’s the Bruins involved.

Random Notes:

Canadiens outshot Boston 29-21 and their four goals scored per game average remains intact.

They also went 0/5 on the power play, which is about normal I suppose.

Misha Sergachev was a healthy scratch, replaced by Greg Pateryn.

Next up – Monday, when it’s the Flyers’ turn to get pummeled.

At the moment I’m under the weather, and my nose is dripping on the keyboard. Then I get the drippings on my fingertips which will touch loose change in the near future, with the change being touched by the clerk at the 7/11 who will give it to unsuspecting customers who will then pass the change on when they leave a tip on the table at the pub, and pretty soon all of the Powell River region will be under the weather, all because I was dripping on the keyboard.

So I have to cut this short because at the moment I’m feeling hot. Like the Habs, only different.



7 thoughts on “Canadiens Continue To Roll”

  1. DK, maybe you could send your ailment to “the DONALD!”.
    Well like Thursday & now Saturday it’s been perfect nights, Laffs lose HABS win, it doesn’t get much better than that!!!!!!
    GO HABS GO!!!!!!!

  2. Hey Dennis, Well here hoping that you can beat this bug like the Habs beat the bruins, you need to put a jock under your nose to catch the drippings.

  3. You bet, Mike. Habs win, Leafs lose. Perfect! Along with the Habs beating Boston! Now a thumping of Philly would be great.

  4. Hi Dennis…the team looks quick so far this season but I am nervous. Can’t get last year’s great start out of my mind. They don’t look as tough as many predicted but certainly a bit more than last year. Max has picked it up the last couple of games. Hope you feel better soon. I am staying away from any 7/11 stores for awhile.

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