Canadiens Conquer Kings


They’ve been mediocre at best lately, but they’ve still been winning just about every night.

We’ll take that, I guess.

Tonight they not only won again, but they were also quite excellent, at least in my tired, old eyes, as the Habs proved too much for the great big L.A. Kings and their familiar goaltender, Peter Budai.

Another two points banked, to be withdrawn during desperate times.

A convincing 4-1 over the Californians, and the Montreal Canadiens roll along, even though we get mad at them.

We get mad at them and they’ve won their first nine games at home, four of five games in November, and sit 12-1-1 overall.

We’re a tough bunch. Hard to please. Harsh critics. Possibly a bit silly about the whole state of affairs. But we need that Cup contender. It’s only natural.

The Kings did try and make a game of it in the third period, beginning with an Anze Kopitar shot that Carey Price miraculously gloved, and what left the captain shaking his head. But it’s not the first time Price has left a shooter shaking his head, and it won’t be the last.

With Brendan Gallagher serving four minutes in the box for high sticking, the Kings narrowed things to 3-1, and we were mad at Gallagher.

But after Montreal’s penalty killers held on after Andrei Markov was sent to the sinbin for high sticking (which we were mad at him about), Alex Galchenyuk found the empty net and we were happy about that.

We were happy, except for hearing the news that Leonard Cohen had died during the evening.

Probably every time I’ve ever heard a Leonard Cohen song, I’ve wished I could put words together like that.

Random Notes:

The Canadiens were outshot 24-23, which is way better than having 40 shots sent their way, which has been the pattern lately.

Scoring for Montreal were Paul Byron, Daniel Carr, Phillip Danault (who was great on this night centering Max and Andrew Shaw), and Galchenyuk with his empty netter.

Chucky leads the team with 6 goals and 8 assists.

Next up – The Detroit Red Wings hit town.





8 thoughts on “Canadiens Conquer Kings”

  1. Something sure lit a fire in the team. They came out and completely dominated the first period for the first time this year. They let up slightly in the second, but what happened in the third? Did they run out of gas? Once again they seemed content to let Price handle it. He better not run out of gas.

  2. Despite the final score…Montreal did lose last night…not the game but the author of “the Favourite Game”…Leonard Cohen…the book BTW has nothing to do with hockey.
    Dennis thanks for mentioning the death of Leonard Cohen in your recap…i only wished that he would have sung the National anthem at one of the Hab’s game.
    Go Habs Go!
    Mr. Cohen RIP.

  3. Dennis I wasn’t ready for this game as it unfolded. I was certain that our once glorious team would get pushed around and demoralized. Quite the contrary actually. They looked determined and full of energy. I have been on the fence and coming down on both sides for the first few games. Recently I noticed the team reminded me of last year’s roster both in effort and heart. Last night I got back up on the fence but leaned to the hopeful side again. There is something I don’t trust about this team and hope it goes away soon and I will just enjoy the team. This game looked to me as never in doubt in the third period even though it was within striking distance for the opposition. CP adds a huge wall against teams coming back from a deficit in the third as long as our team doesn’t fold up their tents.

  4. Cliff, they’ve reminded me of last year’s team too, but definitely not last night, when they played possibly their finest game so far. They let the Kings back in it in the third, which is too bad because otherwise, it would have been perfect. But at least we see what they can do when they’re up for it.

  5. Ed, that would have been historic if he had sung the anthem. I only have one of his albums, More Best Of, and it’s an album that I play over and over again on long road trips. This guy wrote like no other. He was amazing and I wish I could’ve seen him in concert.

  6. Christopher, I guess we can almost expect them now to let up at some point in any game, which is a habit they have to cure, like quitting smoking or biting fingernails. They actually could have lost last night, even though they had played great up to a point. And if they had lost, we’d have every right to be pissed.

  7. Well DK, I have to agree that’s the first game this year they started as though they were into it from the get go. Let’s hope that trend continues as we play the DeadWings a division rival Saturday! GO HABS GO !

  8. Yeah, Mike, if they could put together a string of good games, even if they lost the odd one, it would show that things are coming together. Young Danault has been great, as has Byron. But I remember last year when, in the middle of being pretty bad, they looked like Cup champions against a great Chicago team, and then went back to being bad again. We never know with this team.

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