Canadiens Come Within This Much Of Winning

The puck rolled just out of Andrei Markov’s reach and slid by a sprawling Martin Brodeur and into the corner, and the crowd at the Bell Centre and in Habs fans’ living rooms throughout the land screamed and oohed and awed. And four seconds later, when we were still shaking our heads, suddenly Zach Parise found himself wide open down at the other end, and, as they say in politer circles than this…Bob’s your #%^#& uncle.

2-1 Devils in overtime and it’s a tough one because we were oh so close. Montreal could have won this game on this night. The skaters skated. The defence played hard. And Jaroslav Halak was once again fantastic and his stock continues to rise. It was a nice, solid effort from everyone. Except they lost.

I hate to say “could have” in describing this. It’s sounds like it’s almost a good thing. But when I say “could have” I mean that the Canadiens played a sharp game, outshooting New Jersey 30-28, and they had, off the top of my head, a half-dozen great chances to send everyone home giddy and lightheaded. Of course Montreal allowed the Devils to take their pot shots too, but that’s nothing new or unusual. Canadiens allow this every night. 

And it’s the same old song and dance. Martin Brodeur loves to play in his old hometown, and he shows his brilliance pretty well every time he suits up there. Maybe he thinks he’d better look good because he knows his dad Denis is hard at work just behind the glass snapping hundreds of award-winning pictures of him.

The chances were there, it didn’t happen, and Canadiens lose. Case closed. End of story. One lousy point. It could’ve been a great night.

Random Notes:

The guys get a well-deserved break before greeting the Dallas Stars on Thursday. Please, Habs wives, be gentle.

Scoot Gomez scored the lone Canadiens’ marker.

9 thoughts on “Canadiens Come Within This Much Of Winning”

  1. Nothing to feel bad about. We was robbed that’s all – by one of the best goalies of all time. It was Montreal’s best overall effort in quite some time. And Parise was lucky. He was only in position to score that goal because he broke his stick and went to the bench.
    Those Devils are good to be lucky and lucky to be good. They always seem to have the knack to get the job done – even if it’s ugly or boring.
    Halak played great too.
    It will be interesting to see who is in nets on Thursday against the Stars and Saturday against Ottawa.
    We’ll get another chance against the Devils soon. We play them in New Jersey on the 22nd.

  2. Hey Dennis;Well a person can’t upset with an effort like that.Thats the way the puck bouces some nites,your way or there way.I listened to it over he webcast(they have to get some new announcers there,these guys are horrible).I’m very impressed with Jaro Halak,this guy is for real let me say.Well you dont have to let me i’ll say it anyways..
    Reading the Dave Hanson book in between periods,what a hoot .I recomend this one to anyone who enjoys stories of humor and hockey.

  3. Derry, when I had my little restaurant the Hanson Brothers came to town for a thing at the arena and afterwards, two of them, Steve and Jeff Carlson, came down, I locked the doors, and we drank beer and talked hockey until five in the morning.

  4. Hey Dennis;That must have been very enjoyable,I can just about imagine how the conversation went,I admire this and wish that I had that chance.I know some of these stories are just incredible,reminds me of some of the road trips that I’ve been on.

  5. Derry, Steve Carlson went on for about an hour that night about how Jaramir Jagr was the best in the league. And for a few years around that time, maybe he was. In some ways, anyway,

  6. I just like how Dave Hanson goes on about the things that took place in the minors,his dealings with goldie goldthorpe and other legends from the movie,what a life.

  7. Good effort, but things just didn’t go well for us.
    Brodeur stacks up a 1.97 GAA against us in his career. He truly does hate our Habs.

    Sooner or later, we’l get Marty and the last laugh will be ours.
    But those bounces are really killing us.
    Halak played amazing yet again.
    He’s definitely stirring some attention for the Trade Deadline.

    My quote is dead now.
    By the way, I never said thank you for putting it up, so thank you, Dennis!
    Well it lasted longer than it should’ve anyway, i’m surprised it lasted 2 days.

    Win the next game VS Dallas!
    It would have been grand if Mike Ribeiro were to play.

  8. Phil it won’t be the last time we’ll see a quote from you there. And I’ve been changing them up every couple of days. You’ll be back

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