Canadiens Come Up Big


I’ll try to contain myself. But it was the Habs’ finest game since they pasted the Boston Bruins 5-1 at the Winter Classic on January 1st.

On this day, it was a 5-1 blasting of the Edmonton Oilers at the Bell Centre!I almost felt like singing the obnoxious Olé song, but not quite.

The win gives me quivers down my backbone. I’m not shakin’ all over, but I feel faint hope. I feel like deep in the innards of the slump beast sits a good team.

And all we can do is wait until tomorrow (2:30 ET) to see if the boys can keep it going, or if they come up flat once again like they’ve been so good at doing. But for now, Go Habs Go!

Their losing has always been a matter of players relied upon not being relied upon. If key guys were on their game more often, they wouldn’t be in this pickle.

Today, Tomas Plekanec stepped out of his season-long slumber (although he does have the team’s second highest point tally – 39, which isn’t saying much), and supplied a goal and three assists.

The Czech enigma displayed some serious life, and maybe the rust and dust has been shaken free and we’ll see more from this key guy.

The team has needed Pleks during dark days and he hasn’t been there, but today he was the Plekanec of old. Maybe he remembered the tips I gave him last year in Montreal at an autograph signing.

Now it’s time for Max Pacioretty to shake his hangover and come through for us on more of a regular basis. And Galchenyuk and Weise and DD and on and on.

Guys need to show up like Pleks did today. Four-point nights might be asking too much, but regardless.

Fine goaltending from Ben Scrivens, who recorded his first win as a Hab in five starts, and goals from Gallagher, Eller, Pleks, PK, and Tom Gilbert of all people (his first of the season), and the boys were too much for Connor McDavid and the Oilers.

A beautiful sight. A clobbering of the team that had rolled over Ottawa 7-2 the night before, by a team in the midst of a struggle to recover from the most gruesome of slumps.

Today, it was the team we’ve been looking for after two months of pure mediocrity. They showed fire, but like I said, I need to contain myself. Tomorrow’s another day, but if they look good against Carolina, I just might be whoopin’ and hollerin’.

Random Notes:

Montreal outshot Edmonton 35-24.

It’ll be interesting to see if Scrivens plays on Sunday after his fine showing today.

Connor McDavid is some kind of young player. Imagine if he wore the CH?

Below –  Prust, me, and Plekanec, last year in Montreal. Gallagher and Max were there too. Sadly, their wives and girlfriends weren’t.



11 thoughts on “Canadiens Come Up Big”

  1. Well, I did sing that obnoxious song IN THE BELL CENTRE!

    I have done a 180 on Eller. He’ll do great things in the future as a Canadien, I took a long time but he’s a keeper. The only down side was that sack of manure scoring Edmonton… Is this the start of the turn around?

  2. mixed enotions. saw goals 3-4 and the play between. ’twas GOOD to see the guys play their game. But……. I so dread the line ” when dey play the system , good things happen”, etc. I’m scared a few games like this will be the excuse to keep Thornbush around. Other teams play and encourage their youngsters to go for the offensive game their capable of. They unleash the energy!!! Thornbush reins in everything and anyone creative. We had so much potential…. Kassian , Sekac, Tinordi, P.K., and more… ALL with Thornbush’s yoke of clay tied to their feet!!! Give a rat’s arse what lanuage, colour, age, political party choice or nationality he is—- bring someone who brings us grit, determination, and a willingness to bring up the kids to prepare for their turn to bring Le Glory back to the Bell. Any lanuage and nationality can read” Stanley Cup” I don’t want playoff hockey this year, only to get humiliated again. I don’t want too much sucess— MB will keep Thornbush around ’cause the “Process ” works and his system worked. Bulderdash!!!!! Sorry folks but Thornbush ruined most all their creativity, in my opinion. I’ll gladly eat crow if you prove me wrong

  3. It was nice not to have write another blues tune after another loss . Don’t get me wrong I love to write but this was a great Hockey day in Canada gift from Les Glorieux .

    Hockey day in Canada
    With my favorite game ,
    My eyes fixed firmly
    On the wall of fame .

    One , two and three
    Then four and five ,
    Habs lighting the lamp
    Keeps my hope alive .

    Let’s go Habs let’s go
    Onwards to victory
    All the fans smiling
    Such a sight to see !

    Cheers my friends
    Go Habs Go

  4. Beautiful, Joe. Hope your poem carries them through tomorrow’s game. I honestly don’t want them to tank for a high draft pick. Although the pick would be fantastic.

  5. Great rant, Peter. Thornbush won’t be sending you a Christmas card. I agree, some of the guys weren’t used right. Tinordi should have been used more. People say they should have lost today and kept tanking, but what, they want them to lose every game now? There has to be some pride from fans. I’m really shocked at what’s happened this year. It’s been a disaster. And I think that if one looked at coach firings over the years, they were fired with less of a losing situation than this. But MB wants MT.

  6. Eller’s been really good this year, Mike. Fairly consistent, and one of the better guys. At least we’ve noticed him, while on some nights w elder if Max or Pleks or Weise etc. even dressed.

  7. Some of these bums played good this afternoon only because they knew there were scouts in the building. We don’t need these kind of players who turn it on and off when they feel like it and I hope they get their wish and get the hell out of Montreal. And yes, I do hope the door hits them hard in the ass as they leave.

  8. Danno, do you think Plekanec wouldn’t mind a new team? Maybe that’s why he hasn’t put his heart and soul into it.

  9. DK, you can relate, did I take too much acid last night(2 purple double domes, peach & two strawberry dd’s but I think I saw the final score as cinq et une! Fond memories of Phillie Hanafords convertible(sorry about that folks it’s an insider but DK knows where I’m coming from) OLE-OLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Thank god they won! great writing Dennis. Today’s game’s about to start and let’s hope them hockey gods keep shining on this blow or bluster team! hahahah Habs=the manic-depressive team! that we all love.

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