Canadiens Come Through In Fine Fashion

Through the turmoil of recent days – the dismal losses, George Laraque being released and calling Bob Gainey and Jacques Martin “classless”, big Jean Beliveau suffering a stroke and taken to hospital, and Mike Cammalleri and Maxim Lapierre jawing at each other in practice, the Canadiens went in to New Jersey in a miserable state of mind.

That’s an understatement if there ever was one.

And as long as big Jean is okay, which reports say is the case, then maybe the recent string of bummers was a blessing in disguise. Because the Habs, although not flawless, played a solid, hard-working game and were full marks for a 3-1 win against Martin Brodeur, Jacques Lemaire, Mario Tremblay and those, yawn, New Jersey Devils.

It didn’t start well. Almost two weeks ago when these two met in Montreal, Zack Parise won it for the Devils when he took a long pass, went in alone, and made no mistake in overtime. In this Friday night tilt, Parise once again took a long pass, once again waltzed in, and once again scored. Deja freakin’ vu.

(Zach Parise is a beauty of a player, a swift and dangerous young stud with an incredibly bright and star-studded future.  He was born 12 years after his dad Jean-Paul threatened to decapitate a referee in Moscow during the 1972 Canada-Russia Summit Series.)

But the Habs persevered. Benoit Pouliot’s stock continues to rise, notching his 11th and doing what we thought Vincent Lecavalier would do in a Canadiens uniform; newcomer Mathieu Darche scored the winner- his first for the Habs; and Mike Cammalleri iced it. Hopefully Max Lapierre gave him an extra high-five shortly after.

I don’t mind saying it: I’m proud of the team tonight. They played like they wanted it and in the end, they got it.

Wouldn’t it be a beautiful thing to see something good come from something bad?

Random Notes:

Habs host the Rangers tomorrow night. Who knows what we’ll see. I’m thinking big thoughts, though.

24 thoughts on “Canadiens Come Through In Fine Fashion”

  1. Hey Dennis;Great to hear about Jean’s improvement,the only reason he will have a hard time getting out of the hospital is their unwillingnes to part with this gentle giant.I hope all goes well for him.
    The Habs faired pretty well too,I listened to the game and as is with most Devil’s games it was pretty slow paced.I am very happy with the victory though,a win against these guys is paramount.Bring on the power Rangers

  2. Derry, for me the big thing is they played with some passion. They weren’t asleep like we’ve seen lately. So although they weren’t earth-shattering, they were still good. I’m very happy about this.

  3. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Pouliot makes us forget Vincent Lecavalier.

    Is O’Byrne injured or healthy? He shouldn’t be watching Mara play.

    Hopefully Darche will keep a spot in the line-up even if Sergei makes it back tomorrow. So does D’Agostini sit again or is it Lapierre’s turn?

  4. A win I didn’t expect but more than happy to take! I really hate how so many of our hockey blood lines end up playing for the States like Parise. I also wasn’t too thrilled with Andre Roy’s comment about hitting anything in a Hab’s jersey ’cause who was going to stop him, Moen? I like how Moen sticks up for his team mates but he doesn’t scare anyone and there are too many players in the league who will think like Roy.

  5. I like pouliot!! This guy has soft hands and not afraid to go in front of the net. I thought the boys played really great. And this coming from a pessimist. I expect good things tomorrow. Our big guns played well as especially Gomer. He is surprising me. I gave up on him the moment I seen the $8 m price tage. But he is making me think he is worth maybe $6 m of that. Good to see Cammy, Gionta and even Markov come to a bit of life there, considering the horrible give-a-way. Halak I hope starts tomorrow. A good part of the win was seening price genuinely congratulate Jaro at the end. I hope these two go on a cooperative mission and do it for the team. It would be in their both best interests.

  6. Pouliot is becoming a new favorite of mine.
    Both sides won with the Pouliot/ Latendresse trade.

    We played fiercely, it was nice to watch, plus it’s always gratifying to beat Marty Brodeur.

    Although Cammy did score, I’m disappointed that it takes such a long time for one goal. He can stack up way more points than he is right now.

    All in all, we won, and that’s what matters.

    Keep the pace up, boys!

  7. Cammy has 24 goals now, I think he’s doing very well as far as points go. Lets not forget that he has had different line mates all year and didn’t even score a goal for Montreal until their 6th or 7th game.
    Great game tonight as the good guys won. Halak was great and should get the next start for sure.
    Pouliot is a monster. Great pick up by Gainey. Looks like he could be a steady 40 to 50 goal man. If he can do that then we have 2 players that can score 40+ counting Cammy, Nice.

  8. Puckgone, Imagine if Pouliot became that big French-Canadian all-star centreman we’ve been dreaming about? Wow!

  9. Hi Mayo. I’ve grown to appreciate Gomez much more. He’s an important player and I wouldn’t doubet if he ends up leading in points.

  10. Dis John, I hadn’t heard that from Roy. Yeah, that’s not good. We’ll see how it turns out. Maybe they’ll get really close because they have to watch each other’s back more now. I’d take Carcillo from Philly.

  11. Chris, I think there was just no room for O’Byrne. And at least we saw D’Agostini in a fight. I also think it’s time Lapierre took a coffee break. And yes, it would be great if Pouliot became Vinny.

  12. Dennis, that wild and wacky roller-coaster ride the Habs have us on is officially back on track again.
    Rip those Rags tonight and we can get back to planning the parade.

  13. It’s back on, Danno. I really feel the parade should go by the old Forum. I’m also thinking an errant stick in Avery’s mouth would be a terrible accident.

  14. The comments Bob made about BGL have stuck in my mind, “we have a better chance of reaching our goals without him”. After watching the team last night, it makes you really wonder what BGL was up to in the dressing room. Interesting.

  15. It is interesting, Moey. Maybe he really was a distraction. And for sure, he didn’t help on the ice. Nothing, zero, zip etc.
    And they looked different last night. They weren’t half asleep, they played with some passion. It looked like they meant business. Yay team! Do it again tonight.

  16. they need to bring someone up like Stewart or Belle. Cant believe Avery dropped the gloves with Carcillo. Says a lot about him. Wish Lapierre or a few other guys would show same spirit. Whats going on with Plekanec. I love the way he hits opponents when least expecting it. He isnt playing bad, just not on scoresheet. What do you guys think of d men? Hard to read gill. Hes big and slow but is physical presence in front of net. I think mara should be odd man out as he never does anything that sets himself apart. Lets give Obyrne a shot. He’ll be full of piss and vinegar.

  17. Mayo, I think the difference is, Avery can fight a little but Lapierre can’t. Plekanec has cooled off which is unfortunate, and Gill is so slow, for me, the jury’s still out with him. O’Byrne began the year really improved but seems to have regressed somewhat. Wonder why. But I’m sure he doesn’t like being bounced around, and he’s no forward, that’ for sure. I think maybe Gill, because he’s so slow, would be the one to sit if it were me. But’s it’s a difficult call, that’s for sure.

  18. I think Gainey did a heck of a job putting these pieces together,
    Jacque’s gotta make them work.
    Puckgone mentioned Cammy’s had different line mates all year,
    Can’t help but question some of the head scratching moves Martin has made. Dags is still in the lineup…etc.

  19. I agree, Marc. I’ve backed Gainey all through this mess, and I’m still not sure about Martin. A few games back with a couple of minutes to go and the Habs down a goal, he had the grinders out there. O’Byrne as forward is another.

  20. Dennis, since the Habs need an enforcer, would you be willing to travel and drop the gloves? Your team needs you! Might not be owner or stick boy, but you have to start somewhere.

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