Canadiens Close Out The Road In Fine Fashion

Several things jumped out as I watched this Habs-Panthers game at the ungodly hour of quarter to two in the morning. This is the time of night when songwriters pour some whiskey, light a cigarette, and reflect about lost love. It’s the same here only I’m not crazy about whiskey, don’t smoke, and am happily married. Other than that, everything’s the same.

I realize as I begin typing that this may be the worst writeup of a hockey game in the history of hockey game writeups.

The good guys won 5-4 in what was a freewheeling affair with way too many Florida breakaways and 2 on 1’s. But Jerry Halak was there when it counted and stopped the big stops. (Do the last five words or so make sense?)

Andre Markov has taken this team from quite lousy to quite good with his return. Three assists for the great defenceman tonight. He’s the difference, the straw that stirs the drink. And if Tomas Plekanec isn’t careful, he could win the scoring race. Imagine. He notched a big goal tonight and sits eighth overall, nine points behind the leader, Joe Thornton. What a guy!

Random Notes:

Hal Gill scored. This is one of the more unusual random notes so far.

There was a guy in a Habs jersey with one of those white paper helmets on sitting behind the Canadiens bench. And he had the same sort of seat in Tampa the night before. Who is this guy and how come he gets great seats?

The Panthers TV crew just may have the best camera locations in the league. They’re down close, and we saw great close-up action all night. Other rinks could learn from Florida.

That long road trip produced six wins in seven games, and if they hadn’t blown their two-goal lead in Ottawa, it would’ve been seven straight. Now they’re home for a Sunday tilt against Buffalo and then head out to Washington for a game on Tuesday. So in general, the team is overcoming both referees and schedule makers as they get the job done in fine fashion.

4 thoughts on “Canadiens Close Out The Road In Fine Fashion”

  1. Amazing game, but I was a little disappointed Andrei Kostitsyn was held pointless in this one. especially that there were 5 goals.

    M-A B’s goal was incredible. We have two power shots on the point now Markov and him.
    I’m very satisfied right now. Let this momentum continue till the end of the season.
    And hopefully result into a Stanley Cup.

  2. Hey Dennis;The Habs were victorious while Dennis toiled in the bowels of the queen of something or other.I didnt listen to the game last nite ,watched the young guys against the yanks,now that was exciting.The americans outplayed our lads for the first two periods,even though the shot clock was pretty even.The Canadians didnt seem to put it all together until early in the third period. I was wondering if we couldn’t just do a football move and decline the penalties called against the americans.Two shorthanded goals agait,I thought we were done,BUT we got a short handed goal of our own to tie .The shootout will never replace a win in o.t.Sorry it is exciting but not the same as watching a real hockey game.
    I’m happy for the Habs,6for 7 on the road ..very good,glad to see they are all gelling at this point of the season.What a way to bring in the new year.

  3. Phil, AK46 got injured by Ballard hence why he was held pointless. That’s why Lapierre went after him.

    The price of tickets for these games is like 20$ and it include food and drinks from what I hear.

    Happy new year, Dennis!

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