Canadiens Clip Wings

Maybe a tad too many giveaways and Carey Price has seen better nights, but no matter, the Canadiens win another, a 5-4 affair in Motown, and thus, the train keeps a rollin’.

Seven wins in eight games. Fighting it out in the standings with Tampa Bay for home ice advantage in the first round. A team more and more are thinking of as a bonafide contender in the east.

It makes my heart soar like a reawakened Avro Arrow.

They almost blew it though. Some inexcusable turnovers and some slightly off-kilter work by Price, but many of the guys showed up for work, like DD, Vanek, and Max line, and in the end, it’s two points deposited in the bank of Montreal.

Now we have a good sleep, make sure we wear our lucky socks for the next two days, and get ready for Saturday in Sunrise.

Tomas Plekanec scored two goals in the first period, his 19th and 20th, but beginning in the second and then into the third, Detroit would answer whenever the Canadiens lit the lamp, and the hometown team continued to keep it close.

The Wings made it 2-1 in the second before David Desharnais converted some nice work by Tomas Vanek in the corner and it became 3-1 for the good guys.

But in the third, P.K. Subban suddenly decided to do what no Norris Trophy winner should ever do – lob a softball up the middle, which of course was intercepted, and it became a 3-2 game at that point.

The Wings then took advantage of loose play in the corner, the puck skipped out, and the game was tied faster than you can say Alex Delvecchio.

The goal scoring onslaught didn’t finish there either. Max made it 4-3 on a slightly offside play, Thomas Vanek then deflected an Andrei Markov shot and it was 5-3, but just 21 seconds later, Detroit made it 5-4 and it was still anybody’s game.

Until it wasn’t.

The Canadiens held on and downed the Red Wings who are fighting for a wild card spot but these are the breaks. No one worries about the Habs, and we’re not about to worry about hurting others’ chances. At least I’m not. It’s dog eat dog out there.

And Detroit is still in the thick of it, although Washington, Columbus, and Toronto are really happy the Habs won and the Wings lost.

Random Notes:

Shots on goal – Detroit 30, Montreal 29.

Habs multi-point getters on the night were Vanek with a goal and two assists, Pleks with two goals, DD with a goal and an assist, and PK with two assists.

Vanek has 5 goals and 4 assists in his 11 games with the Canadiens so far.

Max notched his 33rd.

Habs hit Florida for a Saturday night tilt against the Panthers. It’s always interesting to see how many down low, center ice, primo empty seats there will be at the BB&T Center. It must drive hockey fans in Quebec City crazy.


11 thoughts on “Canadiens Clip Wings”

  1. Yes, Price was not his best tonight, but the boys pulled it off- love, love our HABS!!!

    Luongo left hurt in first period today..will heal Saturday is the question!

  2. The first period may have been the best 20 minutes our guys played this season. As much as I dog Bourque, he threw a tremendous check.

    Hopefully the Habs will atone for the stinker they threw up over Christmas in Sunset Saturday. Home ice would be huge for the first round…

  3. Hey Dennis, I didn’t think Carey had a bad nite, there were three giveaways that caused these goals and I don’t think he had much of a chance, othere then that the game was like a teeter totter, back and forth up and down. Great to see Vanek,DDand Max play another good game together.

  4. Certainly not the best night for PK and Frankie Boo (both on the ice for all four Red Wings goals), but the Canadiens held on for a win against a Detroit team that absolutely needed to have the game, which is a good sign. Unfortunately, the Islanders didn’t help the Habs out, losing in a shootout.

  5. Meant to write that the Islanders didn’t help the Habs out, losing to the Lightning in a shootout.

  6. Love ‘m too, Marjo. They’ve been just great in this final stretch. We need a few injured guys back though.

  7. They can’t shake those pesky Lightning squad, Mike. But they play them on Tuesday and that’ll be a big one.

  8. Derry, no he wasn’t terrible but certainly questionable a few times out there. He said recently that he’s not quite back into complete form yet from the Olympics but it’s coming.

  9. Ian, for sure PK has seen better nights. Bouillon too. But somehow, at this point, others are stepping up on different nights and it’s the mark of a good team when that happens. Just want to see some guys back from injury before the postseason kicks off.

  10. What I find most encouraging about this win is the following:

    Lately, when the Habs aren’t scoring the defense and goal tending come up big and the boys find a way to win. Conversely, when the defense and goal tending is subpar, the boys find a way to put the puck in the other net more than they do in ours.

    It means the Habs are dangerous and finding ways to win no matter what the situation is. And I like that a lot! :mrgreen:

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