Canadiens Capped

The Canadiens fell behind 3-1 in the third period and refused to give up, which we’ve come to expect from them. They scratched and clawed until the final siren and it was almost another miraculous night.


The boys fell short, losing 3-2 to the visiting Washington Capitals, and maybe it’s a good time to pull out several tried and true excuses.

Let’s say the bounces didn’t go their way, they were snake bitten, the other goalie had horseshoes, the referee missed some calls, and the kids at home were noisy and interrupted the afternoon nap.

Lousy excuses but whatever.

Hey, wait a minute. This year there are NO excuses. They lost the game, everyone sucks it up, and now it’s on to Buffalo Thursday to redeem themselves. I don’t see a problem. Scoring more than two goals might be nice though.

There were a couple of positives. The Eller, Prust, Galchenyuk line made noise again tonight, with Eller notching both of his team’s markers, Galchenyuk adding two assists, which gives him a four-game points streak, and Prust having one assist.

And Rene Bourque, in his first game back after missing 21 games, registered six hits, which is six more than Scott Gomez’ career total.

Maybe Carey Price wasn’t sensational. A couple of long shots with seeing eyes found their way past him. A puck in close bounced up and probably hit Andrei Markov’s stick before going in. But aside from the first period when he was getting it done in fine fashion, he wasn’t tremendously sharp, even though the goals might not have been his fault.

A netminder on top of his game will come up with the impossible in situations like these. Leave fans gasping and the other team pulling their hair out. Price fell slightly short of this on this night.

The bottom line is, they should have beaten the Caps and didn’t and it’s not something to dwell on or be terribly upset about. They didn’t give up, and in the dying seconds nearly tied it. So in a way I’m proud of them. Not overly proud, but proud anyways.

Random Notes:

Shots on goal – Habs 29, Caps 27.

Nathan Beaulieu, called up from Hamilton, assisted on Eller’s second goal.

Next up – Thursday in Buffalo and then Saturday it’s the Leafs in Toronto.

7 thoughts on “Canadiens Capped”

  1. The Eller line was top-notch last night. The rest of the team? Meh…… They deserved to lose. The Capitals were the better team for about 75% of last night’s game. I know that there are some who will squawk about the refs, but it wasn’t the refs who got outskated in battles for loose pucks, etc. Now, as you noted, it’s on to Buffalo, where Montreal will hopefully end the strange hex that the Sabres have had over them this season. Working for Montreal: This team has rarely played two bad games in a row. Working against Montreal: This team is overdue to go through a bit of a downer, and maybe the loss of Emelin will take its toll. We’ll see………..

  2. The Sabres should not be taken lightly. Even though they struggling to make the playoffs, the Sabres beat the Habs the last two times they met. But Ian is right. The Habs almost always recover after a loss. There are only two occasions where the Habs did not win on the next game immediately following a loss – a two-game losing streak in March and a three-game losing streak in February. Let’s hope the Habs follow their pattern of consistency and bounce back in Buffalo on Thursday night to get things back on track again.

  3. Ian, even after Buffalo, who should give the boys trouble, there’s Toronto, then Philly, and then Pittsburgh. Things will be tough, and how they work their way through all this will be interesting. I’m trying to block out of my mind the thoughts of a horrendous slump. So the task at hand is to rebound in Buffalo and then trounce the Leafs.

  4. Danno, I see they’ve extended Budaj’s contract another two years. This has to make Budaj feel good, knowing that he’s appreciated for a job well done. I hate to say it but just a little speck in the recesses of my mind says he’s been playing a bit over his head, but I’m hope I’m just being silly. He’s had some great outings lately, really got the job done. Let’s hope this new insurance doesn’t change his solid play of late.

  5. Christopher, it’s very interesting. I should study my ultra-scientific tracking piece of paper closer. Washington just seems to be one of those teams. And without looking up the stats, I can that along with them, it’s also Philadelphia and Buffalo, not to mention Vancouver. But I’m saying this without looking up anything, so I may be way out in left field. It’s just how I feel.

  6. Buffalo has killed us this year and in a downward trend. We won our first meeting, then lost the next two getting the loser point, and then lost our most recent game in regulation. We better turn this around tomorrow.

    And your ultra-scientific tracking paper works better than what the best minds at Google offer me. My colouring can’t stretch beyond the one little box.

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