Canadiens Can Win If……..

Anyone who says the Canadiens don’t stand a chance against Boston is a negative bastard who won’t be invited to any fun things I may have going in the future such as owning the team blowouts and making sure the players wives are comfortable extravaganzas.

You’ll be shut out, listening to the merriment from the other side of the door. Is it worth it to say the Habs can’t win?

The Habs can win. But they have to be sharp in a few areas. Carey Price will be fine, I’m sure about this. In a pressure-packed series like this upcoming one, he’ll be cool as a cucumber, as is his nature. We don’t have to worry about goaltending.

What we have to worry about is scoring. Montreal never seems to have it together here. If a few guys are hot, several others aren’t. Tomas Plekanec can be one of the league’s best but he has to do it game in and game out. We see someone like Andrei Kostitsyn go good for a few games, then silent for way too many. Benoit Pouliot is still on the team, isn’t he? Or is that an automated mannequin?

We need these guys to be at their best now.

If the Canadiens want to go deep, everyone has to do at least a little chipping in, and we never saw this across the board very much this year. If they want to show they are proud Montreal Canadiens, they have to help out a little in the playoffs. Don’t you think?

How do guys score if they’re not Guy Lafleur? Accept the punishment and get in deep and dirty in front of Tim Thomas. Take the abuse and go back for more. Let Zdeno Chara throw you around. While he’s doing that, maybe he’ll be out of position or distracted enough to let another come in and pop one. When a team wins in the playoffs, the sting of missing teeth, lumps and gashes evaporates like magic.

Travis Moen, one of the few guys who doesn’t mind approaching enemy territory in a bad mood, has sat for the past few games and I don’t know if he’s healthy or not. Ryan White won’t take any guff and could be an extremely valuable guy in the next few weeks. PK Subban will get his hands dirty and so will Wiz. Even Brian Gionta plays big and will lead his team with his actions.

Scott Gomez will be there in some capacity.

Let the Bruins get stupid and nasty. Brad Marchand and Milan Lucic can score but can also lose their minds. So shut them down and trash talk them and give them a couple of jabs after the whistle and watch them hurt their team when they reply. And work hard and don’t let the Krejci’s and Bergeron’s of the team loose in front of the net.

So, we need to have scoring from more than just a few, we need to cause problems in front of the Boston net, and we need to goad the greasers into stupid penalties. Then we need success with the special teams. No sense goading and having Marchand do something silly if we’re not going to score when the bugger’s in the penalty box. And shutting down their power play is equally important.

We need to sit back and watch steam rise from Claude Julien’s head, Bruin fans looking glum and pissed off, and Price to see Chara’s shot without being screened. And if he is screened, maybe we’ll get lucky and and a few of Chara’s 110 mile an hour shots will crack ankle bones of his own teammates. A big guy who’s gun shy is a beautiful thing.

Montreal won four of six games this year against the Bruins, but if the hockey world wants to label the Canadiens as underdogs in this round, then that’s fine. In fact, being told you’re going to lose can be a mighty powerful rallying cry.

13 thoughts on “Canadiens Can Win If……..”

  1. i think we match up well with boston……………….. the one thing that bugs me is the cowardly performance they delivered in boston right after the chara incident.

  2. I’m worried, both PJ and Cherry have picked the Bruins over the Habs. They are experts on hockey and winning the Stanley Cup. After all, each has captained or managed their teams to almost as many Stanley Cups as Richard or Beliveau.

  3. Dennis,

    Astonishing facticle of the day:

    It’s Roman Hamrlik’s birthday – big Czech with talent

    It’s also Ron Maclean’s birthday – big cheque without talent

    Pretty much knocks astrology on the head as far as I can see.

  4. Dennis,

    Depending how the series is going we must all hope that there is at least one game in which Montreal can take the “Don Cherry Memorial Too Many Men on The Ice Penalty”. They’ve seem to have been practicing for this most of the season.

    Perhaps the whole bench could just hop over the boards for a moment, wave to the crowd and hop back.

    I’m sure Don would be moved.

  5. Blue Bayou, it would bring tears to our eyes to see a re-creation of the TMMOTI penalty. Tears of joy forn us, tears of sorrow for Bostonians. How sweet it would be.

  6. Dennis, you keep rallying the team and tell them, “It’s not the size of the dog, it’s the fight in the dog!” Every one can be beaten! Go Habs Go!!!! 16 wins to the victor.

  7. I, for one have been pretty critical of our team this season. I give them credit for getting us here.

    The parity in the league is pretty high right now so no one is running away with things in the east. Montreal can beat anyone on any given night. Habs do stand a chance although all the idiot experts are picking the bruins.

    – AK46 has been better lately, Benoit pretty invisible (why is this – he better contirbute); Pleks will be there; as will Gionta, Gill, PK, Spacek, Hammer.
    – Our depth will be a factor no one seems to be considering. That is what got us here with all our injuries. The bruins have been healthy all year and did struggle. This will hurt them.
    – bruins also have no championship rings (1 – Recchi’s barely counts as he is almost 75 years old) compared to us (6 – Gill, Gionta, Gomez (2), Sopel, Moen). Bruins fans will be important too and it is critical Gill et al calm our youngsters down
    – Our specialty teams are not being counted but will hurt the bruins. Keys will be staying out of the box – even though the bruins PP is pathetic. Bruins are expecting us to be physical. If we are, we will lose. We just need to stand up to them without fighting our losing our focus. Just be mature.

    If these things fall into place, we will steal one in Boston and win in 5 or 6. We have a better goalie. Our D isn’t as good but we are better on the PP and PK. We also can match Chara’s shot with PK, Wiz and Spacek’s shots. I think once the bruins see these chinks in their armour, they will fold like the cheap tent that they are.

  8. Dennis, you said:

    “…it would bring tears to our eyes to see a re-creation of the TMMOTI penalty. Tears of joy from us, tears of sorrow for Bostonians. How sweet it would be.”

    This might make you smile…

  9. Danno, you made me smile and the first thing I did after getting home from work was put up the video you sent. And so great to hear Danny Gallivan.

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