Canadiens Calm Columbus

They blew a 3-0 lead but won the game anyway. So it’s okay.

The Columbus Blue Jackets didn’t make things easy, that’s for sure. They deserve credit for the way they picked away at the Canadiens and finally tied it in the third on a power play. But Thomas Plekanec surprised Sergei Bobrovsky with a screen shot with the goalie going the other way, and all that hard work by Columbus that put a scare into most of us went down the tubes, salted away, again by Pleks, with an empty netter.

5-3 Canadiens. Four in a row. No way am I going to complain about the blown lead. In fact, I’ve forgotten already.

Another fine night for Carey Price, who was chosen first star and deservedly so. P.K. was amazing in the first half of the game, handling the puck like a Norris Trophy winner, springing Rene Bourque free with a beauty of a long pass, and dipsy-doodling to feed Markov who set up Michael Bournival for the kid’s first NHL goal.

But P.K. and his teammates calmed down, unfortunately, and the boys almost blew it.

But they didn’t. And P.K. now has ten points and showing every night that he’s the finest D-man on the planet.

Random Notes:

Andrei Markov notched a shorthanded marker to make it 3-0, which was good while it lasted.

Brendan Gallagher took a beating, even a stick in the mouth, but he carried on because he wouldn’t be Brendan Gallagher if he didn’t. If that’s the game plan for opposing teams, to go hard on Gallagher as much as possible, then we need George Parros to get back out there sooner than later.

This is a good example of why Parros was signed by the Habs in the first place. Gallagher will be completely beaten up come playoff time if something doesn’t change.

Daniel Briere was as invisible as can be and I guess we wait for Saturday when Nashville comes to town to see him break out. He has to soon. I used up all my good jokes on Scott Gomez.



25 thoughts on “Canadiens Calm Columbus”

  1. You could clearly see the Habs take their collective feet off the accelerator last night, and it almost cost them. Certainly, they were fortunate to benefit from what was not Sergei Bobrovsky’s best night. Hats off to Michael Bournival, with his first NHL goal. DD and Briere COMBINED for one shot, which I don’t remember at all, and looked completely invisible. Still, as you noted, as win is a win………

  2. Well, they proved they could win last night without Max. The media was really scared yesterday –or one certain individual– that there was no chance we would make it to the playoffs without him.

    Pleky was worthy of a star, in my opinion. Also, I loved each and every goal! The type that rockets you out of your seat as opposed to the usual scramble to the net with a puck rolling in. That’s hockey!

    PK, PK, PK! Give him all the money he wants MB, actually you better open your wallet pretty wide to the tune of 7 or 8m because, my God, IS HE WORTH IT OR WHAT?

    DD was not as good as the last game in my opinion but the guys on L’Antichambre and Boone didn’t seem to think so. Some say pairing him up with Briere and who again last night (??) was not a good match. I agree. I really liked him with Prust and Bourque and hope we see that combo Saturday night. One thing for sure is he’s not a one-trick-pony as some would think (Ian)…he’s very decent come face-off.

    All in all, love my team, love my coach and go habs go.

  3. Hey Dennis, Good game ,I only got to see the last period as I was at work till 630, but it was a good period I thought. I was already drawing comparisons to Gomez when watching Briere, I don’t really understand the motivation which compelled Bergiven to sicn this guy, he was overated in my opinion anyways, but as you say a win is a win and we shouldn’t be criticizing unless they are stuck in a losing streak. Max will be missed but the kids will fill in for him, ohh how I enjoy the depth of this team.

  4. Well in my humble opinion if the Hab’s had played with an opposing NHL caliber goalie that my friends would have been loss # 3. All four he should have stopped but can’t fault him on the empty netter!

  5. Mike, I thought he played well and several of those goals weren’t his fault. I think he’s been playing great for much of this early part of the season and I’m not nearly as nervous as I was in the past. I just hope it stays that way.

  6. Derry, you have to retire. You’re missing some good hockey. PK was awesome in the first part especially.

  7. Marjo, you and I are never going to agree on DD. I can live with that, but apparently, you can’t.

    Dennis, I’m throwing this out to you: I have no wish to engage in this debate any longer, or to start (or continue) a flame war.. If you wish, I will simply stop posting my comments.

  8. That’s right, Danno. You don’t need to watch these games. You have to think about the team. It’s like a guy who doesn’t change his socks while his team is on a winning streak.

  9. DK, I was not talking about Price but their goalie, & I should amend my comment saying no blame can be laid on him for the empty netter. If he had stopped the four softies he let in there would have been no empty net goal.
    3 zip for Columbus, loss # 3.

  10. Ian, I’m surprise. My comment was only to poke some fun and appear playful. As was my analogy with Dennis the stickboy but it seems it didn’t appear that way to you and perhaps others. I apologize if I insulted you; it was not my intention.

    I think this is even more evidence to me that I should leave writing to writers! But just know in the future, the only things I get really mad at are racist or prejudice remarks. Otherwise I’m kinda like a playful otter. I will respect the boundaries.

  11. Very well, Marjo, if you meant no offense by it, then I apologize for overreacting!

    Carry on, everyone!

  12. Ian, as we all know and been guitly of, we ALL often mistaken others tones in emails, blogs, etc…

    Back to hockey…

    I’m a little concerned. I was looking at the standings this morning and looking at the teams we played thus far and what lies ahead and gasp! Up until now, we played a bunch of teams that are low in the standings (thank God we beat them!) with the exception of Toronto, who we lost against. Next week we see the San Jose, Dallas and Anaheim. I think that will be more telling of our team’s strength.

    And what about Parros and Emelin…cannot wait to have them back but will they play the way they played??

  13. Marjo it’s true. We really haven’t seen the great teams yet. By all accounts, San Jose is looking fantastic this year. Then there’s Pittsburgh, Chicago, Boston and those others. We need Max and Emelin back, and Price has to continue doing what he’s been doing. We can beat those teams, but everyone has to be playing well.

  14. I would agree we haven’t played all the best teams yet. But Vancouver was a measuring-stick game and we came out of that one looking pretty good. Now with the infirmary giving us positive news on Parros, Emelin, Murray and Pacioretty I think we will be very competitive when we eventually face the top-ranked clubs.

  15. Dennis my studies dropped off because you came over from Park St Collegiate & “Triple Dog Dared” me to skip & shoot some pool, you rascal.
    I think I’ve got the answer to Marjos quiz z= Gomez! πŸ™‚

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