Canadiens Buffaloed By Sabres

Sabres 5, Habs 3.

The Canadiens failed to score on a five-on-three power play in the first period and also should be ashamed of themselves for such boring hockey that left me with glazed eyes staring at the wall during this opening frame.

The only interesting thing about the Habs-Sabres first period was the intermission that followed. And even that was only mildly interesting. Bob McKenzie said the Canadiens could slide right out of the top eight teams in the east. “I like Carey Price,” said McKenzie, “but I don’t think he can duplicate what Halak did last year.”

Matthew Barnaby disagreed. “These guys are for real,” he said.

Thank you, Matthew. You were slightly nuts as a player but you’ve become a fine human being as an analyst.

In the second period, Ryan O’Byrne gave a nice little puck away to the enemy and the team fell behind 2-0. But they would somehow, in their slumber, tie it up before they fell into the penalty-taking routine. Buffalo, unlike Montreal, made the most of their own five-on-three, scored again, and presto, it’s 4-2 in the second.

Basically, it boils down to a lousy power play (0 for 5) and mediocre penalty killing ( 2 PPG against) for the boys in red.

So far, after two periods, the Canadiens have failed to punch the clock. C’mon Captain Gionta, stand up in the room and give them a pep talk.

During the second intermission we saw a new Alex Ovechkin commercial in which he’s a talking head stuck in a guy’s school locker and he gives off a laugh he must have learned from watching dubbed scary movies back in the old country.  Without really giving my opinion of this commercial, I’ll just say I think it’s………….stupid.

It’s now the third period and a 5-2 Buffalo lead just got narrowed to 5-3 when Tom Pyatt scored.

And then…. Kostitsyn scored…or did he? Yes? No?


Random Notes;

Maxim Lapierre looked fine in his little fight with Mike Weber. Both stand at 6’2.

Ryan White showed some jam and continues to not look out of place.

Saturday it’s the Habs and Islanders at Le Colisee in Quebec City.

4 thoughts on “Canadiens Buffaloed By Sabres”

  1. Habs PP is literally pee pee. McGuire was analysing the game as if it was a Stanley Cup final. Dave Stubb’s on Twitter – “until further notice PK stands for penalty kill.” Good one. PK has to calm down, the coaches have to rein him in. All in all a pretty dismal game. I’m anxous for the real season to begin.

  2. Dennis, we were up against a Buffalo team with almost their full regular lineup while we were missing quite a few key players including Plekanec, Cammalleri up front, as well as Gill, Gorges, Hamrlik, and of course Markov on the D.

    I suspect the outcome would have been different if we had our full lineup.

    Ryan O’Byrne almost redeemed himself by scoring a goal but then blew it immediately afterwards by shooting the puck out and over the glass. PK Subban committed a few errors too, but I think a couple of the penalties called on him and others were questionable as the Sabres appear to be quite good at embellishing things to draw penalties.

    And AK’s goal was good. So, at the very least the final score should have been 5-4. But the video review is not an option in preseason hockey. That’s just the way she goes.

    Maybe the refs see preseason games as a chance to practice their bad calls that so often go against the Habs.

    Auld, who was okay for the first period, was unspectacular for the remaining 40 minutes.

    And I’m glad Price didn’t get the start in nets in front of the Bell Centre’s fairweather fans. He would have been crucified by them for what (in fairness) should be considered the team’s loss — not the goalie’s.

    I was trying to find more positive points from this game but as they say — you can’t polish a turd.

    Now it’s time to regroup and start playing some real hockey. It’s just six days away.

  3. Hi Moey. That was one of those nights where I feel sorry for the paying customers. The Habs do this to us and I wish they wouldn’t.

  4. You’re right, Danno. But don’t forget, Buffalo didn’t have Ryan Miller. Overall it just wasn’t a great night, and you’re right, Kostitsyn’s goal looked fine. Oh well. Pre-season.

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