Canadiens Bow To Bruins

You know what’s different between this year’s team and the teams of the last 17 years or so?

They play three hours later. On the Coast the games come on at 4 p.m. or 4:30. I could watch the Habs drive me crazy and still have several hours to spare.

But I grew up with eastern hours and I’m sure in no time flat I’ll be used to it again.

Bruins came to town Monday night and the Canadiens were virtually done from the opening faceoff. Their first period was abysmal, outshot 18-5, with as many scoring chances as the Hunchback of Notre Dame used to get.

The thing ended 6-3 for the Bruins and I could have said that earlier but I didn’t feel like it.

Carey Price was shaky but I’m putting that on hold at least until the season gets reasonably underway. Lumbering Douglas Murray makes Hal Gill look like Paul Coffey. And the penalty kill gave up four goals.

It’s only exhibition hockey. Nobody got hurt. I liked the way Darren Dietz skated with the puck, and I thought Stefan Fournier didn’t look out of place. Moen, P.K., and Max were the Habs marksman.

Now we wait until Friday before the gang plays again, this time at Le Colisee in Quebec City against the Carolina Hurricanes.

Random Notes:

Habs were outshot 40-20 on the night.

Bruins fans will be happy, which is the worst part about the whole ordeal.

I have to get to bed. It’s three hours later.

6 thoughts on “Canadiens Bow To Bruins”

  1. Any loss by the Habs to the Goons, even in the preseason, nauseates me. And yes, Boston dominated this game from start to finish.

  2. Vanhouse, Tinordi’s only going to get better too. And I’m pretty sure Murray isn’t going to get faster. Any slower and he’ll be in reverse.

  3. “Any slower and he’ll be in reverse”
    maybe that can became an advantage.

    There was absolutely no need for that signing. But eh, we need grit, big D, and character…
    Tinordi – Pateryn is way better than a Bouillon / Murray / Drewiske paring.

  4. Completely agree with that, Vanhouse. Pateryn looks impressive. I saw him at rookie camp and he was really poised. Bouillon I don’t mind so much. But Murray and Drewiske aren’t going to help much. We need more oomph. We need Emelin back too.

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