Canadiens Blank Buffalonians

Habs win 2-0 against Buffalo at the Bell and the beauty of a game like this is that because not much happened, I don’t have to babble on and on and I can go to bed.

The Canadiens just didn’t have much in the way of fire, coming off big games in Toronto and Boston, and it’s understandable. These guys aren’t machines. The emotion was spent.

Two big games and then a third one in four days against a team lower than J.J. Daigneault’s hairline. It was like watching a violin recital after a Little Richard concert.

But they got the win, Carey Price played well and nailed down a shutout, and the boys have now won six of the last seven. It makes my heart soar like a Red Footed Booby.

It took two and a half periods before the Canadiens’ first goal was scored against Matt Hackett, Jeff’s nephew playing in only in his second NHL game, when Max converted a nice passing play involving linemates Vanek and DD.

Six minutes later the team struck again when Daniel Briere beat Hackett, and that’s how it ended up.

Oh, there was a brief disagreement near Price when the game ended, but it was quickly snuffed and two points are in the bag. Now it’s Detroit on Thursday to start thinking about.

Random Notes:

Shots on goal – Habs 35, Sabres 24

The Leafs lost their sixth straight, 5-3 to St. Louis.


11 thoughts on “Canadiens Blank Buffalonians”

  1. Hey Dennis, Now there was a game that was a 0-0 affair for most of it but I found very exciting. There were parts of it that were slow but that is how hockey goes. My hat goes off to Matt Hackett, good goalie that will be as good as his uncle Jeff was. I love it buddy, Grandson born and a Carey Price shutout all in the same day ,hard to take.

  2. I see by the S.H.I.T.S. that the Habs have won six of their last seven games. Not too shabby at all!

  3. Hardly an artistic success, but the team didn’t need that. It only needed the two points. Interestingly, the Habs shut out the Sabres in their last two meetings this season.

    As a side note, the Habs’ odds of making the playoffs at this point are just about a virtual certainty. Essentially, they would have to lose all of their remaining games in regulation in order to miss the post-season.

  4. DK, like I said before I take gleeful joy in a Canadiens win, but I also take sinful joy in a Laffs lose. They both feel great and lift my spirits as high as a soaring Golden Eagle! By the way Derry I wish you congratulations on the new addition. Maybe I can convert you all into birders like me, just look up & see what you’ve been missing.

  5. Mike, I find it funny as well. Don’t forget, they had the Bruins on the ropes in game 7 of the playoffs last year and leading 4-2 in the last minute of the game when they blew it. They really are great at imploding. If I was a Leafs fan, I don’t think I could stand it.

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