Canadiens Almost Commit Hari Kiri Against Atlanta. What The Heck Is Going On?

Excuse me for a second while I say a little prayer before I get down to pondering the game tonight.


Dear Lord. I promise to love most of mankind. I’ll take in stray animals, give to the needy, clean up garbage on highways, even make the bed. Whatever You ask.

I’ll be as good as I can be. I promise.

As long as You make sure Sean Avery never wears the sweater of the Montreal Canadiens.



Now, pondering the game.




They blew a 3-0 lead in the third period to one of the worst teams in the NHL, then went ahead 5-3, then allowed another goal but won by the skin of their teeth 5-4.


How bad is that? And Robert Lang, even though he scored the fifth goal, missed a close-in empty net which you, me, Elisha Cuthbert, and my three month-old grandson could’ve hit.


Mixed in with the ugly was some fine stuff. Matt D’Agostini scored his very first NHL goal. Alex Kovalev played well and notched two assists, but still no goals in 14 games. And Andrei Kostitsyn grabbed a goal and two assists on a night his younger brother Sergei cheered on from the press box. (I’m assuming he was cheering. Maybe he was moping.)


But man oh man, they’ve got to start looking better than this. This is going on for far too long. Yes, they’ve won three of four. But yes, they’ve also stunk while winning.


It’ll turn around when Alex Kovalev starts scoring. That’s my official line, which I’m sticking to.


Game Note:


Throw Sean Avery right out of hockey. I hope Dallas sucks up his salary, drops him like a bag of cement, the NHL suspends him for the rest of the year, and the league and Player’s Association band together to block him from even playing in the minors with any NHL affiliate.

You heard his rehearsed comments. They were stupid and immature. He crossed the line. He offended Elisha Cuthbert, Rachel Hunter, Dion Phaneuf and Jarret Stoll while the cameras were rolling. Why, I’d like to know.

This guy is a real nut.

Surely his family is embarrassed by him.


          Elisha and Rachel, in separate interviews with the World Star-Globe Enquirer, admitted they have big crushes on me.      



12 thoughts on “Canadiens Almost Commit Hari Kiri Against Atlanta. What The Heck Is Going On?”

  1. Gads that was brutal. This team is so fragile. A mistake-goal, followed by a penalty well you know the rest. Does anybody expect this team to really challenge for the cup in June? And here is another thought, there are some bodies down in Hamilton that are going to need spots soon so who has to leave? Maybe BG isn’t so dumb having all those UFAs next summer. D’Agostini looked like he might hang around for a while. Hello Sergie were you watching?

  2. Naw, Dennis, things won’t turn around when Kovy starts scoring,it’ll mean that things have/are turning around. He mirrors the team, enhances it but he doesn’t pick it up by the scruff of its sloppy collective neck and shake it a la Lafleur for example.

  3. Last week I left a little comment on Habs Inside/Out saying Sergei Kostitsyn isn’t playing well and did I ever get slammed by others. They said Sergei was playing great and what a stupid comment etc.

  4. RE Avery: don’t forget he also insulted Komisarek with his comments, as Komo date Elisha Cuthbert right after Avery.

    On to more interesting stuff, I think the game last night wasn’t all that bad. True, the monumental and stagering breakdown in the third is scary, however the for 2 full periods and parts of the other one, the team played very solid and most of all, played as a team. There certainly are still things that need to be worked on, but compare this to games 10 days ago and I’m seeing some major improvements.

    As for Kovalev, I think the team will take off when he is traded. Did you see how Plekanec and Andrei reacted the minute they were separated from him? To me that’s very revealing.
    Maybe, and that’s a big maybe, Lang can figure him out and they can play together with no detriment to the rest of the team, but please for god’s sake, never again with Pleks/Kosts.

  5. Great points James. I still don’t know what to think about Lang. I remember him laughing and smiling when they were losing in the third period a while back, and deep down I thought he maybe should’ve let Kovalev claim that goal last night that no one was sure about who scored. Anything to get Kovalev going, for the good of the team.

  6. I completely disagree with the suspension of Avery. I think they should of let him play last night so he could of faced Phaneuf. I would of loved nothing more than see Dion mop every inch of the ice with Sean Averys disgusting face, Than after the game I would of seen nothing wrong with the suspension.

  7. I agree with jordy. Leave dion and sean to duke it out (like in real life haha)

    As for his salary, I have a lot of student loans to pay…

  8. What Avery said was puerile and downright stupid but the only harm done was to himself. Clearly, Avery is a problem child and it therefore seems to me that the girl must be heaving a sigh of relief that she managed to get away from the pathetic little boy before she was trapped into something that she would soon learn to regret for the rest of her life. As for Phaneuf, why in the world would he waste any time on the boy let alone risk a broken hand on Avery’s unnaturally hard head? Well and fine to be upset when honour is besmirched but I see no sign of virtue here other than the fact that both the girl and Phaneuf have chosen to not respond to it which dynamic inaction more than adequately deals with Avery’s silliness. Ha, maybe Avery has some equally childish pseudo-intellectual pretensions, has convinced himself that he isn’t a jock but a nird-negghead-in-drag engaged in the heroic war against the bourgeois oppressors, and by this act striking a blow for freedom by `culture-jamming’ norms of politeness thereby shocking the benighted smug bourgeois into outrage over a violation of one of their beloved tenets. I doubt it, but hey, the potential for stupidity is not restricted to the realm of hockey, eh?

    But two issues of far more import and interest have been tossed into the arena by this non-issue: 1)that of the jock/nird – bully/jock dichotomy which the `nirds’ have successfully hijacked to present themselves as always and only the sensitive and intelligent but sadly weaker victims of the big bad coarse jocks; 2) the power of the press to create `news’ often banal news as was this and then assume a posture of indignation whereby they get to cast themselves in the self-righteous role of oh-so-honourable and caring and respectable judges, the noble defenders of poor victims unable to defend themselves against the brutal baffings they receive at the hands of their tormentors – a typical cheap and self-serving tactic employed by real bullies, in this case the press. Hmmm, perhaps I can convince Dennis to let me do another guest-blog on this subject? Hehe, to my mind the object of not only Cuthbert’s and Phaneuf’s ire, if any, as well as the lot of us should be the `goon’ press corps.

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