Canadiens Add Two Defencemen As M**E K*******K Looks Elsewhere

Montreal signed two defencemen today with two different styles and two different sizes. Jaroslav Spacek moves over from Buffalo and is a 5’11, 200lb puck-moving impact defenceman who thrives on the power play. Habs also grabbed big Hal Gill, all 6’7″, 250 lbs of him, who comes from the Cup-winning Penguins.

Size we needed. Power play specialist we needed. These two could contribute greatly to the team. So I’m fine with these decisions.

Mike Komisarek, I’m not fine with. If and when he picks another team, I’ve got lots to say.

6 thoughts on “Canadiens Add Two Defencemen As M**E K*******K Looks Elsewhere”

  1. Enjoy Spacho. He was one of my favorites on the current Sabres. I could never understand a word he said in interviews, though. 🙂

    Also, I’m enjoying a new book about the Rocket that I just got – “The Rocket: A Cultural History of Maurice Richard”

  2. Yes Dani. It’s true. Beware our defence! By the way, was he really good in Buffalo?

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