Canadiens Acquire Sopel and Dawes.

The Canadiens have traded Ben Maxwell and a fourth-round draft pick to Atlanta for veteran defenceman Brent Sopel and forward Nigel Dawes.

It wasn’t long ago that a TV broadcast featured a special on Sopel and his wife and how difficult it is for a player to be away from home so often and to be traded from time to time. Now it’s Montreal. Don’t worry, Sopel family; if you’ve ever dreamed about being in the hockey market to end all markets, it’s now about to take place.

Welcome Brent and Nigel. May you fit in nicely.

You can see the press release right here

7 thoughts on “Canadiens Acquire Sopel and Dawes.”

  1. Brent Sopel is a solid trade which addresses a need for more depth on the D. He’s a big veteran and has Stanley Cup experience which will enhance what we already have there. The really good thing is that Pierre Gauthier was patient and smart and because of that he didn’t have to give up much to get him.

    Here he is hoisting the cup for Chicago last season…

    I know what you’re thinking. Wouldn’t it be nice if he did it again with the big CH on his chest?

    Stay tuned…

  2. Danno, it would be nice to see him hoist it again and I’m sure he dreams about it too. We can never have too many guys who have won the whole thing. They’re really important, and maybe Sopel will help Gill in furthering PK’s blossoming career. Sopel’s wife has a blog somewhere that she started when Brent was away so often, and it’s about how a hockey wife goes about things.

  3. Not a bad trade. Jury still out too. Sopel is only 34, at least younger than Hamrlik and Spacek. With Spacek gone, this does help a lot. I am reading lots about Dawes size. He is only 5’9″? But he is pretty stocky. There are tons of 6’+ players out there who play 5’5″ (and shorter). In todays NHL, it doesn’t take much to play bigger than you are. DD is an example. At least he has cajones. I think give Dawes a chance as it does look like he can play.

  4. I like the trade, my only problem is that it shows how much we overspent for Paul Mara. Hopefully Sopel and his wife will appreciate Montreal and want to stick around. He is now our 6th UFA defencemen at the end of the year.

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