4 thoughts on “Canadians Slip It To The Slovakians”

  1. Hey Dennis;Yes they did take it to the Slovaks,I’ll agree there but the Slovaks haven’t got a team to compete with Canada’s.There were alot of penalties in that game,a major no no in in todays hockey where it all comes down to the power play.I;m getting geared up for tommorow’s game against the Americans,I was going to try to get tickets to the pair of games here in Regina tommorow but will stay home and watch Canada’s game instead.

  2. That was a very good game, the play was much closer than the score indicates. Both sides took a lot of hard hits, but neither side let it affect their play. In the end our sharp shooting snipers were the difference. Those shots to the upper corners of the net were unbelievable. Way to go.

  3. Derry, sure, just keep making me more jealous. First I’m cut from the team and then I can’t even go to a game.

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