Canadians Get By Yanks

Way to go, Canadian ladies, for the confidence-boosting 3-2 win over the Americans on Wednesday.

I watched the evening replay even though I knew the score, and I wanted to see that disputed goal that Pierre McGuire was talking about on the radio when I was waiting to go through the car wash.

The puck slid on or over the line as the whistle was blowing, and the replay wasn’t conclusive. But the referee went upstairs and deemed it a good goal for Canada, which put them ahead 2-1 at the time.

Pierre said it was a goal, it wasn’t even reviewable, and then he slammed the lady in stripes for being in over her head.

He gets very serious about his hockey, and even went as far as saying she won’t be working many more games. But from my couch I didn’t think she was all that bad.

In my mind, the ladies (players) have really picked it up several notches in recent years. In the past they were good, but they reminded me more of good midget hockey. And their shots for the most part left a lot to be desired.

Not now though. These ladies can not only motor, but most of them, it seems, can really fire that biscuit. It’s very impressive.

Also impressive is the job everyone, including new coach Kevin Dineen is doing, after recent head coach Dan Church suddenly quit just a couple of months ago.

What timing for a coach to quit. Close to Olympic time. But apparently players or management didn’t believe in him and he felt the vibes.

“In the end, I just decided if I’m getting in the way of where the team needs to go, I need to step aside and let them continue on in the process,” said Church, and now it’s ex-NHLer Kevin Dineen behind the bench.

And they carry on nicely, blanking both the Swiss and the Finns,  and now winning a big game against the Yanks.

Kinda feel bad for Dan Church. I wonder if he’s been watching.



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